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Reported complaints that some gov’t statutory boards victimising staff, VIP blamed

Members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

A major concern is being raised about the actions of some members of government statutory bodies following the 2019 elections.

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn raised those concerns while reporting that he and other members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition have been receiving numerous complaints about these statutory board members. 

Penn said the complaints are that board members from these statutory bodies are allegedly overstepping their authority and victimising employees.

“There is serious cause for concern regarding how our statutory boards are functioning … Chairman and members are getting involved in matters that are of the responsibility of executives,” Penn stated.

“We have received reports of board members interfering in the day-to-day operations of the institutions and intimidating and insulting general staff. This is a serious cause for concern,” Penn added.

Persons being victimised for party ties and opinions

The Opposition Leader said that these practices are unprecedented in the territory and that persons should not be treated in such manner because of their opposing opinions or political affiliations.

“Professionals at these organisations are being intimidated to resign, they are being demoted, reassigned, and in some cases, downright fired. These are young professionals with families, mortgages who deserve a right to earn a living in these Virgin Islands despite their political affiliations.”

“Up to this week, somebody was again released from one of the boards — a young professional Belonger. So, it seems to be a pattern that’s happening under this administration when persons don’t adhere to their approach or their way. It seems to be a level of victimization that’s occurring,” Penn said.

He was speaking at a press conference with members of the parliamentary Opposition on Wednesday, November 13.

Fear to express under VIP

Penn further criticised the new Andrew Fahie administration that a certain fear now exists among government workers in what they say.

“Persons are afraid to go even on social media to express their opinions. They get letters from their boards and their chief executive officers (CEOs) when they express their point of view on social media or any other platform,” the Opposition Leader said.

No victimisation under NDP, Penn claims

As the made the claims, Penn was asked to account for similar occurrences of victimisation that reportedly happened during the previous NDP administration in which he was a government minister.

“There was a free-range for persons to speak their mind and be opened in expressing themselves under our administration, we never victimised persons for expressing their opinions,” he replied.

That, however, is not entirely accurate. In at least one publicly known instance, the former Chairman of the BVI Health Services Authority John Cline was forced to resign from the post when he publicly criticised some actions of the previous NDP government.

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  1. Truth says:

    Mr Penn and opposition its the truth. The board members are who running the institution’s under this administration. Its a very sad situation . The chairman of the —– authority goes to work everyday with tie and briefcase in hand. I didn’t even know he had any knowledge of the —– operation and as a matter of fact i didn’t even know he had much of a brain to make him chairman its only time before something happen .you also have one chairman … that serve time in prison … under vip government. The people of this country need to take some action and it could be a march but again people would be scared to come out.what a state of affairs.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    It is alleged that party supporters are using people on the various boards to carry out their personal agendas e.g. making it difficult for their competition to function properly

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  3. Oh yes says:

    BVIAA. That is all I am going to say.

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  4. Enough says:

    I say to the employees, start f**cking up the bullies. Enough is enough.

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  5. You board members says:

    Are going to get your just deserts very soon. Keep F**king with people. It is only here you A**sucking niglets can get away with that type of behavior.

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    • Be very afraid says:

      You board members is going to get yours very soon. The same people who have you doing their dirty work is going to leave you holding the bag when the S**t hit the fan.

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  6. All bullies will be stopped soon says:

    To you bullies that continue to victimize employees, just a warning to day someone is going to flip out on you like they do in America in the work place.Don’t think you are immune from this.You uncle and auntie toms bullies need to think about that for real.

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    • Yes yes says:

      Keep thinking you bullies on the workplace is immune. One day someone is going to burst loose on one of your NIGLET behinds. The VIP is not going to always be there to protect your A**ES.

    • Sooner or later says:

      As bad as it may seem, someone is going to open up and do some serious damage in one of those work places. You cannot continue to bully,threaten,intimidate and force people out of their jobs.That America work place thing is going to reach these shores very soon.All it take is one person to set it off.

  7. Exactly says:


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  8. hello says:

    BVIAA staff are resigning in droves….

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  9. Hmmm says:

    BVIAA is a failure full stop! It need weeding out.

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  10. Hey says:

    That BVIAA is a bunch of low class uneducated ghetto thrash in suits. I agree, the NIGLETS NEED WEEDING OUT ASAP.BUT FOR REAL, ONE DAY SOME ONE IS GOING TO F**k them up real bad when they are no longer hiding behind VIP PROTECTION. IN DUE TIME,EVERY PIG IN ILL FITTING SUITS, LIPSTICK AND BAD WEAVES WILL PAY FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

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  11. That BVIAA says:

    Is the worse.A bunch of slime balls sitting back collecting a fat check and smelling the VIP a**holes like a stray dog smelling a female stay dog a** for a hump.

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  12. So where says:

    Is the VIP supporters on this.Quiet like a mouse sneaking in the cheese house. They have nothing to say because they know it is the truth.What they need to do is tell their bullies to stand down before they start getting F**ked up.

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  13. good to great says:

    One of fahie people dem on the board inside the port everyday like he works there on a daily basis…It got a next one walking around the hospital tripping up people, you will swear that he is some doctor or something

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    • Hospital says:

      The one at the Hospital is spying on people and carrying news so be very careful of him. One day his A** is going to mysteriously end up flying out one of those Hospital windows.The same way he is spying,and taking back news to his boss, others is doing the same on his A** for sure.

  14. You can says:

    Hit the dislike button all you will be one of the first ones getting your face cracked.

  15. Kitchen Table focus panel says:

    We were wondering when the VIP Uncle Tom and Auntie Toms are going to be issued white gloves, aprons and name plates saying yes MASSAH.

  16. @good to great says:

    He better watch his A** in the event someone don’t trip his A** down a flight of stairs.OOOOOOOPS.

  17. Who are on these boards? says:

    Who are the newly appointed board members? E.g. who is on the BVIEC board? What are their qualifications? Is this published somewhere?

  18. Post says:

    British Virgin Islands Health Service Authority.

  19. Chicken fan says:

    Them reached as far as HLSCC packing up people office stuff while they not there and tossing it in a storage room without telling the person. I felt so disturbed just watching it. A week later a Turtle Dove said me that the board “making space” for someone associated with the new government who “want a job”…

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    • Lol says:

      But is the same at the port. Port is horrible .
      My thing though, these ppl do not have regular jobs? Because them clocking everyday want to control the workplace and when you asking them questions them cannot answer. The port is a circus. Them firing to hire their own. Pier park … have a big position their. Port next board member have them niece working in a high position. Conflict of interest. we vote them in but best believe I going to help vote them out

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  20. Mr. Hodge says:

    Spoiled children! Ah set ah y’all on both sides. This happens whenever a government changes. Folks on the NDP side have been riding high for 8 years without checks and balances and accountability. Now that things are being brought to light it’s a problem?! Since when is asking for answers bullying! Guess what? The same thing will happen in 3 years. Govt. changes news boards appointed and you’ll hear the VIP repeating verses from this same book line by line, chapter by chapter. Let’s leave politics alone and look about good governance. Time for a NEW party without recycled politicians

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  21. :) says:

    I cant believe that one person would type up so many foolish comments publicly. Just because the comments are anonymous and you cant feel the embarrassment for yourself think about how foolish you make the BVI look before you type.

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  22. :) says:

    Thank you Mr. Haynes for fact checking Marlon and I do hope that you continue to do so when any article is posted. For too long these politicians would just talk out their @$$ and news site would just post it and gullible people eat it up. Sometimes we forget the past as well but it is the duty of any reputable media site to be the eyes and ears of the people and report the facts. NDP has been doing this for years. I guess when VIP appoints someone to a board they are bad but people selected by NDP are good.

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  23. says:


  24. Because i dont give hicky!?!??! says:

    Strupes this s**t happenning so long…..been happening under his watch too..somebody for him feel it or wa? Wha he saying is true vybes but da been happening along time.

  25. Please says:

    please be nice to all. Seems like there is a lot of hatred to the new BVIAA Board and Management on here. Please stop the bullying

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