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Reported ‘safety concerns’ after calls for top cop to resign

Talk show host and public officer, Damian Grange.

Host of the Talking Point radio show Damion Grange has revealed that persons feared for his safety after he called for the resignation of Commissioner of Police Mark Collins.

Recently, Grange expressed his opinion that Commissioner Collins should step aside over a leaked email that he sent to two of his officers suggesting that they discard evidence in an internal matter.

And speaking on the Talking Points show this week, Grange said he was cautioned by some persons including elected officials who feared that his comments could put him in harm’s way.

“When I made that comment (that the Police Commissioner should resign) the media took it up and I had friends coming to my office telling me ‘be careful, we are worried for you’. I got calls from elected members saying ‘you need to be careful when you speak because people can’t be trusted’. That’s when I became concerned,” Grange stated.

He added that fear and lack of trust is one of the main reasons for the difficulties law enforcers are experiencing with policing the community.

“I thought to myself, if the people we’re depending on to protect us are the people we fear in this community then there is a problem. If I made a comment that is unfavourable to an elected official or to the Commissioner or to the Governor, part of our job is to hold power accountable. And if my safety is going to be compromised then that’s a problem,” Grange stated.

Eighth District Representative Marlon Penn who was a guest on the programme also agreed that many people aren’t comfortable giving information to the police.

With the recent uptick in crime, confidence in the police force has become a trending topic, as many continue to say the police need to restore the trust that residents need in order to share information needed to solve crimes.

While not denying that trust should be increased, the Commissioner maintains that the current level of trust that the community has is higher than it was when he first arrived in the territory a few years ago. He said evidence of increased trust is seen in the increased number of residents who are willing to give information to the police.


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  1. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    This sounds fabricated. How sad. We have greater fish to fry in this territory. These media types should not be clogging up media with this type of useless drama. Shame on you BVI News

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  2. WTF says:

    Shame on you for encouraging this nonsense, Damion. You know that the Commissioner of Police is not a threat to you note has he threatened you. This is pure attention seeking, hysteria driving, drivel.

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  3. Between the Lines says:

    Is this gentleman saying he and others feared the COP was going to do him harm because he called for his resignation? On what was this fear based? Was some threat made that someone or even these elected officials were aware of and reported to him?

    We need to do better especially as the ‘media” and stop with the fear mongering and trying to create distrust in the police.

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    • @ Between the line says:

      It is what is u think because he is top cop he would kill. And when he kill nothing will come out of it. I think he work with James Ford in the uk

  4. Watch out says:

    Both you and vino they coming for a set of wicked uk police officers

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  5. Deaf says:

    Sanity not safety

  6. Expat says:

    You people really surprise me. With all the corruption in the BVI that most elected officials are part of you pick on someone who took an oath to uphold the law and protect the people (all peoples) of the BVI. Your discrimination is the highest level I have ever seen. Clean up your government and corrupt officials first those that your native sons and daughters who rob you blind on a daily basis!!!

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  7. Malcolm x says:

    That top cop he Bill Moody . I feeling your pain stand up for your right he have to go.

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  8. Black panther says:

    Them politician knows how doing the killing. One of their body needs leaving on the spot

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  9. .. says:

    Them police working for west bank, killer bragged it them the same one give him up to the fed money can’t buy every thing,killer u blue never kill any thing u had to pay.

  10. Action says:

    You lie lie lie, Damion you Damm lie. Who is this guy, what’s his name àgain oh yea Ms D. Don’t ascribe more importance to yourself. Not one politician call you. Do you really think our commissioner of police studying you. Get real are you the person that called for his resignation Ms. You don’t have relevance in the bvi Jàmdown. Wheel and come again.

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    • @Action says:

      Yes top cop is studying him it doesn’t matter were Mr D from he bowl top cop wide open. That cop that died in the water no other could have kill him but his own he must have known something and going to talk up just like Mr D . That is why he could be afraid for his life. And u Action my be a cop like him his dirty work

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  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    Being Real. Nothing remains the same forever.
    I must say the level of Policing in the Virgin Islands has changed drastically and not for the better. I remember back in the days, the Police men and Women recruited were well respected throughout the Territory that scarcely any one would think of committing a Crime. Police would be well known in all Communities. The would visit Homes from time to time and converse with Families. They would visit Schools not when there is trouble but on any occasion. so the school Children knew who they were.
    Up to today those Police men and Women are respected by all who knew and remember them. Times have changed. Not being prejudice against any nationality BUT I don’t think a good enough job is done on Vetting some recruits from overseas. Its a fact that we had or have recruits that they themselves were Criminals where they came from. And most times they think they are never paid enough in salary so they do what they think they need to do to substitute. It’s a norm elsewhere. Same with the Security Officers.

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  12. @ Licher and Sticher Good says:

    That is what they do. That is their history since and how they became the domineering group.

    Along with a constant and long trail of blood from antiquity to present, they also utilize the tactic of division, lies, psychological warfare and policies that benefit only them. No surprise here then,..

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  13. @Expat says:

    Oh please stop the sanctimoniuus nonsense,

    There are good reasons why the narratives are what thy against the COP, as they are against UK domination of all high offices in the territory.

    Further, last time most read, thy learned that the UK, Usa and and other developd and developing have rampant corruption issues from top to bottom.

    Corruption is the way of doing and getting business done all over the world,

    So do stop the sacntified weeping of falsehoods.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Forgot Damion

  15. Lennon says:

    Fish from high Damion go luk a gal

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  16. Lol says:

    Why is this boot*licker even given the time of day?

  17. Dis guy done says:

    Blew his credibility out the endow with this nonsense. As useless as CSC.

  18. Interrogation says:

    Sir, now that you are bold enough to make that statement, please be bold enough to NAME THE ONES THAT BOUGHT THIS TO YOUR ATTENTION.

  19. Rubber band says:

    They coming for you and vino you watch

  20. Po ting says:

    Ha ha ha.

    Boy stop hanging yourhat higher than u could ever reach.

    Delusional sufferation of imagined importance

    Bold face pistarcle of a man.

  21. A nudder says:

    Must be a special place Tola harvests these imported dim dosks.

    In common their middle names each one…Delusional.

  22. are you says:

    You need not worry..your not that important..You lie or keep fretty friends…oh by the way now YOU mentioned it..I’m sure the police would be interested in which officials are convinced or know the police would do you harm.Surely these police should be asked some questions right?

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