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Rescuing ourselves from political treason

Alred Frett

Alred Frett

When their good ‘ol days become our bad ‘ol days:

With so many local issues begging to be addressed it becomes frustrating when international matters far beyond our control suck all the Oxygen out of the room… Nonetheless we can no longer block out the World by sticking our Heads in the sand… Whether Friend or Foe, Child or Adult, Local or International; we are not alone – The Shenanigans of Mr. Trump will affect us all.

We may wish to ignore him but as the Chief Executive of the most Powerful Nation he cannot be dismissed and even as we finally see through the deception it may be much too late to undo the Damage he has already done… Thanks to his daily Tweets of Lies & Malice we have entered the Bird Brain Era or what he sees as the Good ‘Ol Days when America supplanted Truth with Lies.

Consequently, instead of welcoming the revelation of Truth they teach us to punish those who would enlighten us… In his ‘Make America Great Again’ this same tactic was used to keep our Forefathers in Ignorance – He now seeks to use it on their Great grand Children and succeeds whenever we belittle ourselves and express gratitude that John Hawkins brought us from Africa.

Failure to understand whatever happens there affects us here is like thinking the Globe should be flat and the Sun revolves around Earth… This Mentality fails to reason that our Currency is the US Dollar and our Leaders are overwhelmed by the propensity to act more American than America… Many of us seem proud of this bogus association even if it retards & destroys our Children.

In the process we have copied their worst Principles, Policies & Procedures from the Days of Slavery until now… We may deny this but their mal-actions dictate every facet of our lives and the Policies & Practices of their Governments is reflected in our Governments’ Education, Health, Environment, Energy, Law & Arm Forces, Religion, Labour and Immigration Policies.

Seeing ourselves in the mirror of Trumpism:

We may be quick to deny this but the following comparisons will show the unnatural similarities:

Whereas it is natural for Education & Knowledge to be increased with every successive Generation they are focused on scaling back Public Education and thereby deprive the less fortunate a chance to progress towards Equality through the Power of Knowledge – Our Local Governments continue to degrade Public Education from High Schools and Colleges by their Policies and Underfunding.

Whereas access to Good Health Care should always be a priority they have focused on replacing ObamaCare with TrumpCare that costs more and delivers less – Here at home NHI was created to generate Government Revenue by destroying Private Providers and Insurance Companies and although we managed some improvements in the Patient’s Interest the struggle continues.

Their own Scientists constantly warn of damage being done to Earth’s Environment by Human Carelessness and Fossil Fuels but they are removing Regulations as fast as possible – Meanwhile we use the Environmental Excuse to sell Plastic Bags and sell off our pristine Land & Water Rights to the highest Bidders & Political Puppet Masters even if this kills our Ecology and Country.

While it is common knowledge that waste & abuse of Energy threaten the World & all Mankind rather than act Responsible in the production & consumption of limited Resources they abuse Oil Reserves, promote Coal Mining and threaten to steal from other Countries – We neglect making our Suppliers accountable for Costs & Availability so the price of Crude drops but not for us.

Governments have always use the Police & Arm Services to do their Political Bidding and the US has intensified this in all forms with Frisking, Unreasonable Seizures and unnecessary Deaths – Here at home the Public Opinion is already seeing this trend where equality is not equal and Police Harassment appears to be used as a means of generating & collecting Government Revenue.

As America conflates and weaponizes Labour, Immigration and Religion, in contradiction to their own Constitution, they promote Religious Discrimination against Muslims and others – Here at home we have discriminated against Rastafarians and used Visas for Profit and as a Tool of Discrimination against selected Countries – Another classic case of Collective Punishment.

Accepting reality & harnessing our own power for the way forward:

These are just a few of the negative linkages – You can likely think of many more but just like our Mentor, we profess to be keepers of the Highest Christian & Moral Values while basing our very existence on the ‘love of Money & lust for Power’… Very often we cannot see our own Hypocrisy but by seeing it in Mr. Trump we may recognize reflections of ourselves and seek to correct them.

We should all acknowledge that the New World and our Territory were built on Slave Labour and the help of others… Unfortunately, Traditional Practice is for Societies built on the sweat & blood of Blacks & Poor turn around and ostracize them – This is wrong… As Slave Descendents we are all Family & Citizens with Special Moral Rights simply because we were brought here against our Will.

We may be driven down & out by the most Powerful People & Offices in the World but we must understand that when one is victimized all are victimized and when one is driven out all are driven out… This may be the only home we know and we should not live in perpetual Fear or go along with known wrongs just to get along… Besides if we keep running there will be no where left to go.

Harnessing your own powers for the way forward:

Standing our ground and breaking Chains that shackled us for so long will not be easy for we have been well conditioned to believe that we can accomplish nothing on our own… This is designed to make us fail because, while no one wins all the times we are guaranteed to lose every time we fail to try… I prefer if you use your own examples but I can tell you from experience it can be done.

I again refer you to the New Hospital, Free College Education, Beef Island Bridge, UK Passports and others I have told you about over these past years… Bearing in mind, that it is not uncommon for Leaders to take credit for achievements they actually opposed, you can always ask those who should have fought alongside me but did not… It was you the People who made it happen.

Of course it was not easy – The Stuff I tell you may sound Rough & Impossible but time shows it to be right – Please re-read the Article “ Did Russia, WikiLeaks, FBI & GOP Steal the US Elections?” – Let’s not forget that I have been fired and demoted for standing for my principles but at no time could they ever show where I lied, deceived or failed to work in your Best Interests.

History may show that you have often failed yourself but Fact is – though you may not have known it – I would have accomplished Nothing was it not for your Support in these Efforts – You made it happen… Today we are at another Crossroad where you need yourselves more than you ever needed anyone in your Life – Today, only you can make that crucial decision to fail or succeed.

PS: I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programs

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