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Researchers predict ‘above average’ hurricane season | Governor tells residents to start preparing

Governor Augustus Jaspert has urged residents of the British Virgin Islands to begin preparations for the upcoming 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season which researchers predict to be very active.

In a statement on May 8, Governor Jaspert said despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, every passing week brings the season closer.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to start preparing now. I know you will be very familiar with the steps you need to take and will likely have plans in place, but this year will be different. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by COVID-19 and should review our existing plans to ensure COVID-19 measures are factored in,” he stated.

Governor Jaspert said a lot of work has been done from the government’s side and these will be revealed soon.

In the meantime, he said, the United Kingdom ‘continues to stand by the territory’.

Recently, the UK launched a 24/7 support centre for medical professionals in the BVI and other Overseas Territories.

“The UK is also helping us prepare for hurricane season, with RFA Argus in the region. I am sure many of you saw the helicopters flying over the other week to identify possible landing sites that could be used to deliver relief during the upcoming hurricane season should we need it,” the Governor noted.


Meanwhile, hurricane researchers at the Colorado State University have predicted an ‘above-average’ Atlantic Hurricane Season for this year, pointing to the likely absence of El Nino as a ‘primary factor’.

El Nino is a climate pattern that describes the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, online research explained.

The researchers said: “Tropical and sub-tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures are currently warmer than their long-term average values and are consequently also considered a factor favouring an active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season.”

Due to the ‘somewhat warmer than normal’ sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic, it provides more fuel for tropical cyclone formation and intensification, the researchers further said. 

Named storms

The university’s tropical meteorology project team has predicted 16 named storms during the upcoming hurricane season.

Of the 16 storms, these researchers are predicting that eight will go on to become major hurricanes with categories of three, four and five strengths and winds of 111 miles per hour in some cases.

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  1. How????? says:

    How do you propose we do that when we’re brokers.

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  2. YOUTH says:

    We do not trust this man.

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    • V4 says:

      Hello there ‘youth’ I hope you do not mind me asking but would you like expand and give a specific reason you do not trust this man? Just wondering

  3. Breath of Fresh Air says:

    The governor has his job to do but he is a breath of fresh air in telling us to break curfew in the event of an tsunami, or other natural disaster.

    The current government leadership is coming across as less for the people than this governor.

    Hurricane season is coming and the economic stimulus package consist of waiving stamp duty on land sales.

    Kill our business and give us economic stimulus lip-service.

    Free stamp duty for the rich when they could instead waive SS, NHI for everyone.

    Price gouging will be treated seriously, no tolerance!

    Yea right.

    But we will put you children back in time out if you dont listen to big papa.

    You snooze you lose! Beach time 6 – 1 AKA 10 – 12!

    Oh no everyone and their mom are on the beach at the exact same time! How unpredictable!

    Naughty children no social distancing!

    Hold out your hand!

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    • Please says:

      The Governor is the same old 400 years stale air. He needs to go. We are on to him.

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    • Disinterested says:

      The BVI needs a constitutional review. Is it really a self-governing territory? Saved for finance and it still has controlling and reserved powers over, it controls all the functions that control the BVI, ie, RVIPF, internal security, jail(partial), civil service and the courts. By the way, BVI taxpayers fund all these services yet have no say in how they are managed. The whole thing is a damn archaic frig. The governing structure needs unity of command. It seems like there is a competition between the Guv and Premier are in competition. The Guv is a young turk punching his ticket.

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  4. E. Leonard says:

    Hurricane season is not coming; it is here. The VI is barreling towards a perform storm; it is battling a Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic, grappling with a tanking economy and riveting with anxiety and fear of a major hurricane(s) slamming into and catastrophically damaging the territory, ie, monster hurricanes Irma and Maria of September 2017. Now is the time to put finishing touches on the strategic and tactical preparation and readiness plans.

    Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis, a disruptive and unexpected event that posed and is posing a threat to the length and breadth of territory. A crisis demands strong, commanding and effective leadership. IMO, Premier Andre A. Fahie, if a midterm grade were to be assigned, would attain a passing grade. Crisis management is at the apex of leadership.

    Moreover, risk management, planning for a potential emergency situation, event…….etc, though not crisis management, still needs that same leadership focus as crisis management. Preparing for the potential hurricane(s) onslaught is risk management; the damaging effects of a hurricane can turn into a crisis.

    Thus, the Premier has the unenviable task of simultaneously managing a pandemic, a tanking economy and a heated hurricane season. Nonetheless, the territory is expecting strong and effective leadership from him in corralling the perfect storm. However, he cannot do it alone; he needs the energy and support of the whole territory to navigate through this unprecedented and perilous time. Be safe and stay safe.

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    • Class Mate says:

      Mehson, you are a cagey fellow always leaving an escape hatch: “ IMO, Premier Andre A. Fahie, if a midterm grade were to be assigned, would attain a passing grade.” Lol. Wonder what teacher Mac would say?

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  5. I am sure says:

    This governor needs to go. He has no good intentions for the BVI.

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