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Residents banned from festival grounds

Festival grounds in Road Town used as a staging area for containers of relief supplies.

The Ministry of Health has said the festival grounds in Road Town is not a distribution centre and is telling residents to not visit the location for relief supplies.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Tasha Bertie, said the location is being used as a ‘staging area’ to offload containers of supplies donated to the territory.

A number of residents have been visiting the area for handouts, Bertie said.

“I suppose people are seeing that there is something going on so everybody is inquiring what is happening… We are trying to control it. The situation is not necessarily ideal as we’d like right now. The intent is to have the fencing up and to have security where we don’t have persons coming in on this area to look for supplies.”

“We’ve been sending the messages to those that we’ve seen straggling along here and encouraging them to just check at the distribution centres for supplies,” Bertie said.

Distribution centers have been announced in each district. They are:


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