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Residents dishonestly obtain food, vouchers! Premier says they wore disguises and leveraged votes

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Some residents in the British Virgin Islands dishonestly obtained food and vouchers during the three-day stock-up period that government had commissioned ahead of the territory-wide 14-day lockdown.

Premier Andrew Fahie said government had allowed the Family Support Network (FSN) to shop at supermarkets such as OneMart to be able to assist needy families with food and other essential supplies during the lockdown period.

However, some individuals opted to take advantage of the situation.

“We have seen persons who have already got food from the FSN, left and came back in other clothes [and] with wigs to get more food,” Premier Fahie told the House of Assembly on Thursday.  

Fahie, who is also Minister of Finance, said the FSN ended up exceeding its account limit with OneMart. He, however, said the government still intends to honour the bill and continue to feed families in need.

Vouchers too!

Premier Fahie, in the meantime, said the deceitful residents did not stop at fooling the FSN. He said they went a step further by attempting to defraud vouchers from various district representatives.

He said: “We have seen persons who we gave the voucher try to play other representatives to get another voucher.”

Premier Fahie said these persons were leveraging their votes to attempt to get their own way. 

“They say ‘you have to help me because I voted for you’. And, while all of us as politicians may want to banter to it, this is not one you could put a life over an ‘X’. Rather, we should call it a dash versus an X,” he stated.


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    To FSN, Red Cross and Social Security as it is clear that BVI cannot do anything properly without abusing and defrauding the system.

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  2. smh says:

    Despicable but not surprising. A lot of wickedness in this little place.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    How them went 2 times if they have to show an ID??

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  4. Jo says:

    How them when 2 times if they have to show an ID??

    • Daffy Duck says:

      Lots of these BVIslanders in high places are morally dishonest, political prostitutes, pathological liars, kleptomaniac, fraudsters, just a basket of deplorables.
      Damn shame, corruption in high places.
      This place will fall just like the Berlin wall but with either another strong Hurricane, an Earthquake or the Ebola that is coming.
      P.S I born right ya, at Peebles Hospital, raised in Baughers Bay, so all you no good born here free to start.

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      • Dede says:

        @Daffy Duck: Do you plan on being here when any of these events take place? Just asking for a friend

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      • Just saying says:

        This happens all around the world not only Tola. We make it sound like only the BVI is corrupt. Most migrants leave their countries because they have no other choice due to the corruption, crime and seek better lives. But not only the good and honest people migrate. The criminals do as well.

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        • Smfh says:

          So what u trying to get at, that expats are the ones being dishonest. Stop discriminating the expats, you do not know who the culprits are. It can be anyone Expats, belongers, citizens etc. I personally have seen this happen after Irma and its happening again. The government needs to rethink the approach to handing out supplies movi g forward.

      • hmm lol says:

        love how you end it, same here I am with you.

  5. wait what says:

    So they saw the same people come back in disguise and still gave them food ? this sounds totally fake and made up

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  6. Fsn says:

    I been on fsn list for a good three years and I’ve noticed they don’t have me as a priority due to my situation. I seen person going fsn who don’t need nothing coming out with bags full of stuff and when I go they tell me come back nextime. I don’t feel sorry for what’s happening to them because they don’t look into these people to see if they really need help or not. These are really greedy people and I would hope that these organizations would do some research about the people that they are helping.

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    • Food says:

      The food is not for those who need it. It’s for friends if the politicians. Purely a way to buy votes. This is all corruption at its highest level. This is not about helping the needy. Sorry you aren’t getting the help you need

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    • Hmmmm says:

      People here has no clue how to do things correctly. It’s a shame that they can allow people to scam them.

  7. Mytwocents says:

    A set of wicked people in this place. These would be the same ones in the front pews at church on a Sunday lifting up holy hands. The same ones in the hairstyling chair sticking on their weaves and false nails then first in line at the FSN with their grubby hands holding out. No wonder God is punishing the world.

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  8. Don’t surprise none says:

    A lot of people with kids that truly needed the assistance were passed over. Some of the scum buckets that don’t need the assistance took away assistance from a needy family. BVI MISSION STATEMENT. WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF PLEASING ONLY THE VOTERS THAT SUPPORTED US. IF YOU DID NOT SUPPORT US, PLEASE STAND AT THE BACK OF THE LINE AND YOUR SCRAPS WILL BE HANDED OUT TO YOU SHORTLY.

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  9. Be Wise says:

    I believe we have to make sure each individual provides an ID when seeking help so the government or the NPO will keep the records of the people that was given to prevent this kind a situation. Let us use wisdom to make things work together for the betterment of our community and it’s people. Be wise!

  10. WEDONOTLEARN says:

    Why are we so greedy???

    Didn’t we learn from the 2017 hurricanes???

    We is it we look to take advantage of every situation???

    Stop it people and I’m sorry to say it’s more so the expats because our local people have too much pride for that!

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    • Connie says:

      I am an expat and have the utmost respect for the people and the government of this island. I would not take a spoon that does not belong to me.

    • hmm. oh really says:

      am from here and I have seen many tola people using vouchers and they are well off, they do not need such, its just greed.

      • Daffy Duck says:

        Exactly, Tolians were doing it in droves.
        I had to cry shame on my overweight obese aunt, she went 3 times in 1 day and bragging about it, claiming “oh I born here” the greed is telling on our locals with all the extra weight they carrying around, I just had to shake my damn head.
        I’m so damn sick of my greedy families then they lay blame on the foreigners, and yes some of the foreigners are getting greedy too but they are learning from us the natives.
        One day that goes to a church in Greenlands her second name has to be either greed or covetous and yes she from here, all she does is go around telling everyone how to scam and con the government and others, but on Sunday mornings she can lift her dress high about her head catching the spirit.
        Sick a** society we living in.

    • So you think says:

      After the hurricane it was the locals who were put in charge of distributing the aid that hoarded the supplies and only distributed to their friends and families and it’s the same thing that will go in with the distribution with this epidemic. Too much people with no ethical standards both local and foreign and no check and balances in place to hold them accountable.

  11. Helper says:

    I applaud FSN and other organisations helping. I think persons if they truly need help should only be getting the basics; rice, sugar, flour, milk, beans.

    What i see i them packages is why people scamming the system. The assistance should be to supplement not in place of. JMHO.

    • must go says:

      We need to lighten our load. Too many desperate people in this little place. Send some of them home. Their survival by any means is kicking in. Our limited resources should be for BVIslanders and belongers and people who are financially sound.

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      • Mbviga says:

        Agreed we got to get rid of all the foreigners, that will also help us control the virus

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        • hmm. oh really says:

          a lot of who you call tola people did not born here they born in the US. so my question is, do they fit into what you are implying?

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      • Jesus Christ is the answer says:

        I am wondering if you truly know who is God? So because of this you want ppl to sent home. You ppl are so heartless. Just remember this God created this world. None of us own it. We are pilgrims passing through. Why not go and pray and ask God to take us all out of this together so we can at least go back to our normal lives. Miss or sir remember you too have your own in other peoples country and wouldn’t want them to treated the way you are suggesting. Honestly I pity you. This is world is not ours but God. He has the final say and not you or anyone else. Let be kind, considerate, loving, caring and be respectful. Just in case you didn’t I can tell you this we all need each other. Go and pray to God to heal you and your and all of us by extention and stop the nonsense. This the first country I have ppl love to talk who is not from here. No one treating your ppl the way how some of you treat persons who are not from here. Go easy and calm yourself and know that this place belongs to Our soon coming King. I truly pray that God will change you to make and difference so you don’t have to speak the way you do. Peace out and coverage for your family and yourself.

    • @ Helper says:

      I agree with you. Rice, milk, cornflakes, flour, case of water, loaf of bread, fruit, maybe a box of chicken. Those are the basic items the vouchers should cover. If you have special dietary needs then assess on a case by case basis. We need to stop the selfishness. Some people really need the help. Some children may be going hungry because their parents didn’t get help.

    • Loud and clear says:

      And yet you still want to charge them 7% of them hard earned monies to support you… ain’t life a b***h… wicked set a people ah u be… I’ve been quite a few places and I’ve never seen the kind of hatred I see BVI islands have towards foreigners…its frightening considering 90% of us belong to the negro descendants.

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  12. Next time says:

    Sorry to say and this maybe contributing to the NWO but next time before you give aid…take their names, where the live, a copy of their PHOTO ID, and how many people live in their houses with full names. Put it on a computer data base that is shared with the other aid organisations. Sorry, but peter pay for paul and paul pay for all. SMH

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  13. Confused says:

    So food was given away based on someone’s appearance and not based on their name in their ID? Confused.

  14. Jack Kevorkian says:

    Send them back!

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  15. Mar Javierto says:

    Do it house to house delivery. Take an online census per district. A household must register online and state the number of families living in the house. I cannot blame the people because their hearts are gripped with fear so they let go of their common human decency. Now the authorities, or the persons responsible for distributing the goods I wish I could say the same. They have a tall responsibility. They cannot reason fear for not able to affect an effective delivery of the goods to the people or the rampant abuse that took place. They should have developed a distribution system fail proof long before a disaster strikes. There is hope though. We are not out of the woods yet. T

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  16. Luddy Reynoso says:

    Llevo desde el 2008 residiendo en esta isla pagando todos mis impuestos y en este momento que realmente necesito el gobierno no hace nada por nadie y no solo hablo por mi si no por todos los q tienen permisos de trabajos hablen sin temor ustedes también pagan sus impuestos taxes y todo porque no podemos recibir nada de ayuda ni siquiera cuando el huracán esto es triste pero Dios no duerme algún día será

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  17. Same thing with rent says:

    Some tenants are taking advantage because the Premier ask Landlords not to evict for non rent payment. These tenants are lying saying they did not get paid their salaries at the end of March so they cannot pay their rent. These same people they dress to kill have shoes for every outfit, expensive outfit and weave, sparkling nails and long Western Union and money gram lines. They milking the system.

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    • Sue says:

      Same in irma those people’s only for them self.them dont look out for othes only them self
      Supose i tell u from the lock down. all now i dont leave my home because were i live u ve to ve u own husband off island.he drive me were i want to go on taxi dont run were i when things giving away i never get at all time even in irma.but i thank god for what i buy to keep me before this covid 19 i pay my march rent but dont know how april will be since i don’t go work on my husband is not here to help.anyway i give god thank that u all helping the people’s of this land.

    • Hmm says:

      Totally agree with this. They over do it withe lies. These kinda things does upset me.

  18. New Era says:

    Only community minded people will be able to survive in the “new normal” selfish and greedy people will perish

  19. Welfare State says:

    that’s what happens when VIP wants to create a welfare state because you looking votes. YOU created this monster and YOU should take responsibility for it. This is NOT how BVislanders operate, we have never been ones looking for handouts and behaving in such deceitful ways…take notice!

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  20. Organizer says:

    Time to do a data base and share between the different organizations. It is easy to see how really are needing help and went. Probably now the number increased, but is time to control it better for locals and expats. In future, the same data base can assist with Immigration to see who can stay in the country by is own resources.

  21. Daffy Duck says:

    Amen @new era.
    Just a matter of time before we start burying 10 per day and it’s going to be all because of greed and selfishness.
    It’s coming, they no different from the white blood suckers on these islands that bleeding us.

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  22. Unbelievable says:

    Seems like the FSN allowed a good gesture to degenerate into a scam. There should be an investigation into this, all the way to the top.

  23. No nonsense says:

    That’s what happens when you open the FREE bridge!!

  24. Advantage says:

    Sorry to say, but a lot of those scammers are not BVI belongers and can well afford food. I had a good look at those coming from the Red Cross with boxes and I did not know one single person. I was of the impression that people from abroad living in the BVI with work permits had jobs and could care for themselves. I guess that’s an incorrect assumption.

    Interestingly, some of these same people are looking rent breaks, free food and vouchers, so who is looking out for the landlords. Not all of them are wealthy. They are not collecting their rents, they are not getting free food or vouchers. How could that be right in the sight of anyone?

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Use ID and create a master list, check against your list – do research so both spouse don’t scam .

    • Uprising says:

      Yes, ID should have been used. The FSN dropped the ball here.

      However, are you saying a single adult should receive the same as several adults in the same household? I can’t agree with that.

    • Doh says:

      They gots to learn how to use computers first…

  26. Anonymous says:

    Clear cases of greedy-minds hungry mouths from the south. Shameful human behavior this is.

    • Pri says:

      Fsn wre not behaving right they to hostile they needed to claim and work under pressure the meadure or food were too small espeacialy for home of 2or even3 iseethe amount of people in need. The items wte measure in siplock bags…for a family couple water 1 rice 3 macaroni 1 milk lil flour sugar for14 days thatcrazy what do you expect to happen verse a voucher of 150…the premier him knows better …those same people dont have a jod to go to.. even those who got vocher runnig out of food.

  27. Anon says:

    Hmmm. Was it an old white British wig with curls?

  28. island man says:

    Every district rep should know their district and they ppl in who needs help and they are the ones that should get help. Many districts have low income expat with children why not take a food hamper to them

  29. Smfh says:

    So what u trying to get at, that expats are the ones being dishonest. Stop discriminating the expats, you do not know who the culprits are. It can be anyone Expats, belongers, citizens etc. I personally have seen this happen after Irma and its happening again. The government needs to rethink the approach to handing out supplies movi g forward.

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