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Residents ordering free groceries multiple times from the same household

Government Consultant Claude Skelton Cline said some residents are abusing the government’s free grocery initiative that was implemented to assist needy persons during the ongoing 24-hour lockdown period.

Skelton Cline said persons have been requesting the welfare food packages for their household. But after receiving the first delivery, they then have another individual living at the same residence call in with a new request for food.

He said the authorities are “taking notes” of the multiple times that drivers are being sent to the same homes to deliver groceries to individuals living under the same roof. 

“The drivers are going to come and they are going to deliver the packages, and they are not going to say anything to you. But we know and we are tracking. So those of you who have done it … we got you. But those of you who are thinking about doing it, we want to put you on guard and to stop it,” Skelton Cline said while speaking on his radio programme this week.

Skelton-Cline further said persons found to be abusing the system would be placed on the ‘red paper alert’.

“We are taking names and numbers and addresses, your location … you cannot get in the way of the needy, and this is the problem with the greedy,” he stated.

There is enough for everyone

And while chiding dishonest residents, Skelton Cline assured that there is enough food for everyone.

He further reminded residents that government has pump $2 million into the initiative to feed needy residents.

“We know that the $2 million is not just for one week. You are going to need food next week and in some weeks to come. And so what we do recognize, for the most part, everybody is doing well. But some of you — the greedy — is getting in the way of the needy,” Skelton Cline stated. 

“If you don’t have sufficient for what you need, then at least let us know that and I am sure that the government and the personnel responsible for it will be accommodating,” he added.

Recently, Premier Andrew Fahie bemoaned that certain residents were using wigs and different clothes to fool the Family Support Network to get more than their share of food.

The government had partnered with the charitable organisation to distribute much-needed food to those in need during the lockdown.

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  1. NONSENSE says:

    What the hell did you expect? Do you see the sized package that the government is giving out willy nilly? Those packages can feed a family for 2 weeks comfortable! This was asking for problems from the onset so now deal with it. This was NOT well thought out at all. In the end $2 mil of our tax dollars will be spent to feed people for 2 weeks and many of them dont know where their next set of groceries will comr from after that because they have been laid off and dont expect to work agsin for 3-6mths. What would be the govt move then, another $2mil? Small businesses have gone under, small stores were not included in this, big boys make millions.

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    • Really says:

      OMG … cheating the government for free food? Really!! I can’t believe it!! LMAO. This is exactly what man does in the US each and everyday. Now you all getting a taste of how your brethren act around the globe. It’s just in the genes so live with it and go on. Stay safe.

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      • Clarity says:

        Not really you have couple home that have 6 diffrent people in the home no relationship have to pay house rent they cook for there self my food is my food we just share a house everybody is on they own

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      • D Douglas says:

        What l don’t get is what does the greed of some in the US has to do with this. Greed is greed and has no color, no religion,no female,male,
        no geographic place in greed.

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    • @Nonsense says:

      Hush your month and be grateful that the government is helping to feed you. Ungrateful a**.

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    • Anonymous says:

      I deliver mail..I have seen people living in 2 to 6 hundred thousand dollar houses getting food stamp cards.. wick cards..they get pregnant run n stay at a family members stamps wick n insurance…n they own a business..a friend of mine worked for DHS..busted a family living in a 300 hundred dollars house ..they said they had multiple family members living there..were g err tting over 1000 a month in food stamps..Lord knows I needed help once..but never cheated the system

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    • cc rider says:

      I would love to know what state and county/town thus is happening in? More importantly why is this government program not where I reside? I live in Calif. we don’t have NOTHING like this here, so you should be greatful your getting anything from your county government.

      • Mm says:

        Those asking where this is well B.V.I means British Virgin Islands so those in the States saying they want to apply CAN’T.

    • Just wondering says:

      Where n how do I sign up for this food program? I would like to eat

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    • Just wondering says:

      I would like add I AM NOT “stealing”. I just want to eat.

      • Marie says:

        Just Wondering,

        I just got treated to getting my nails done. Thus, I can share what I would have paid so that you can eat. It’s not going to buy you a weeks or months worth of groceries but it can get you a few things if you would like. Do you have Facebook if you do I can send you my email via that and figure out how we can cash app it to you

    • NoBS says:

      So…you say it’s a valid excuse for ppl being greedy and don’t care about others??
      Many of us should get a job and learn how to manage money instead of complaining all the times bc Gov’nt doesn’t do enough.Stop living on stamps,wic,do smth useful fo urslf$yo fam.

    • Ungrateful says:

      Pls tell me where the giveaway is

    • Joseph says:

      Thay just cheating the government cus government cheat us all the time harrasing us violating our rights it’s just the people are doing it back to them look at the supreme Court ruling on right to travel vs driving law thay come after us for business law when it have no business in the free market thay raid doomsday preper taking all there’s stuff and we don’t see nothing cus thay keep it for ther self so citisen are just cheating them back ya in this case it effects either citisen but thay just thing getting revenge back at the government

    • MBrooke says:

      Well apparently you don’t know that weekly unemployment checks are coming with an additional $600. So while they are getting $800-1000 a week in unemployment, and ravaging grocery stores they also get to lie and scheme the free food giveaways? What are the rest of us who are trying to take care of our families supposed to do? We are all in this together and need to take care of each other.

  2. Just saying .... says:

    Why would anyone be surprised?

    The people either have more persons in the house than a single family, and therefor need extra per household, or they are being greedy and milking the generosity of Government.

    As for the mentioned critic in this media piece – well, that person knows better than most how to ‘abuse the system’ for sure. Would not surprise me if that person is advising, taking their cut, and then selling it back to someone else for a profit. Give the individual credit, they’re as crafty as a fox. If I had no morals or self respect I would do the same! 😉

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  3. Lawless BVI says:

    This is a lawless society with no enforcement. Well done BVI – One Love…..

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    • Agree says:

      The problem seems to be the people and proper enforcement of the law. PUNISH the covetous ones!!!

      There are people who can afford to buy their groceries but can’t because the 2 supermarkets are busy preparing gov’t packages.

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      • Cancelled Ours says:

        We’ve been waiting for our PAID orders since Saturday morning. Delivery (perhaps) on SUNDAY! They sucked the Government teat all week, while our PAID orders languished. I guess, since we are willing to pay, we don’t really need our food orders. Done with this. From now on, I shop with those who support the community. Local farmers, USVI suppliers, AMAZON and AeroPost. No more support to RTW.

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  4. Ok says:

    If it was really an essentials basket there wouldnt have been an issue. The Government has created a LUXURY basket of goods and it has been plastered all over social media so what did you expect the result to be? Most persons that bought their own supplies didnt even have access to all those fruits, veggies etc that govt giving away for free. Dont act like victims here CSC, this initiative is far more political than it is for the needy. Also bear in mind that many district reps have their own food programs running alongside govt so who paying for those? I say when the dust is clear we would realize thst govt has spent far more than $2mil.

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    • Very True says:

      I placed an order with Rite Way and One Mart over the weekend and I have yet to hear back. When I did hear back from One Mart today ( 4 days after placing order), only 4 items were available. 4 items that cannot even make a meal. The persons that can afford to purchase their own food are left without. That isn’t good at all. I am happy that the people in need are getting assistance. But this is going to become a situation where the innocent is going to suffer from the guilty.

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    • Open the Border says:

      We stood and saw this during IRMA and swallowed it. No longer. As soon as the borders are open again, you will see a mass exit of Investment Capital and Talent. How can we continue to abide ignorant, prejudiced and corrupt local governance? Good luck. There are plenty of other locations with Blue Water and White Sands.

  5. BVI pride says:

    Where is our pride people? Ordering government help even though we have money to pay for our food. Ordering multiple times even.

    Stop spending money on fancy cars and boats and new clothes and then go ahead and ask the government for food.

    Shame on you!

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    • @ BVI pride says:

      If we coulda get our orders that we ordered at the supermarkets then it would be fine. But we’re not! Some are greedy and some are definitely in need. You know how much persons share a household but are not together as a family? They need to give everybody and stop singling out who to give it to.

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  6. Unanswered questions says:

    This is not good. I am seeing all kinds of delivery trucks passing in my area dropping off food items to the neighbours and I have not received any food supplies, yet I heard on ZBVI news that the representative for my district said that everyone was serve! Really

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    • SMH says:

      Did you indicate that you needed food? If you did, did you contact someone to say you didn’t receive anything? If you didn’t then you need to shut the hell up! You can’t be helped if you just complain under an article being anonymous and don’t open your mouth. The people are not mind readers and cannot just assume you are in need.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Where do you live like what state???

  7. Blard says:

    Big problem is there are many people who can afford to pay for food and delivery but riteway and one mart can’t take the orders and deliver so people have no choice but to take the governments free food even though they can afford to pay!
    Hon Fahie I am going hungry right now, I don’t need free food but I have no choice but to use the governments scheme.

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    • Care. says:

      So if you have a family of four in a house they still sending you the same amout as one person so
      Why they asking how many in your house hold they shoul have a list of appropriate things that people will be in need of .Its a good thing but not planned well.not itemised well either.If you are a house wife or can cook you should know what a care package should have in it; you doing a job do it well.THats all hats of to those doinit the right way.

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    • @ blard says:


  8. Nasty commenters please think says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that some persons in a house did not know the next person already did until it was to late…. Did it ever occur that there are more than one single parent inside one house.

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    • @ Nasty commenters please think says:

      Everyone is in the household together. Regardless of whether there may be more than one single parent, the form allows for the number of individuals to be given. Everyone can come together and have one individual sign up for the package. Is the household so large that one family lives on the East wing and others on the West, North and South wings? And if it was multiple orders that were not needed, you didn’t have to accept them. You could’ve informed the delivery person that a package was already received – let them take it to someone else who’s in dire need.

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      • Hmmm says:

        You might be right.! Not debating you at all.
        They could’ve came together..

        But some people are not on the same Accord even in this pandemic and whilst living together. Some people just share a house cause it’s more convenient but based on my experience they might be living like cats and dogs . But

  9. Sad State says:

    I must say, it is sad to see how people is manipulating, mooching, milking and taking advantage of the system. Your behavior is deplorable. You are beginning to look like savage beasts preying on each other.when Irma paid a visit, that was warning number one, Corona Virus, warning number two, Three strikes and it’s a fold. Hurricane season is right around the corner. You shameless, thoughtless people that is doing this, remember this, you do good, the rewards are sweet, you do bad, the rewards will be bitter and painful. I would agree, PICK YOUR POISON very carefully.

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  10. Well says:

    It have people been hungry for so long and haven’t been getting have people that might not even get none

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  11. No conscience says:

    I got into an arguement with a neighbour who is a volunteer for the government’s food assistance distribution. He basically brought half of the stuff home for his personal use, and for other neighbours with whom he gets along with. This is a man who is still employed, and already received assistance directly from his employer. ( I know this because he bragged about it). Some folks just dont have a conscience.

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    • LOL says:

      And if you got your share of the supposed ‘taken’ items you would be too busy stuffing your face to comment. Are you commenting because he did something wrong or because you didnt get your share?

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      • @Lol says:

        You are part of the problem with your way of thinking. I argued with my neighbour because, like myself he is still employed and is not in need of government assistance. But Karma will get him and all the other dishonest persons on this island.

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    • Report them says:

      I really hope you report them to the police and their employers.
      Those abusing the system need to be called out and held accountable.

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    • @ No Conscience says:

      Call the police and report it. Too much lawlessness in this place.

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  12. Luxury says:

    The package is not luxury in anyway or shape. It’s is needed food. Since when is an apple and orange, carrots and plantain exotic? Stop being greedy. Many of us are going to need this for months unless there is $ to shop.

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  13. To me yes drive going the same place twice but it can be they are sharing the same apartment two bedrooms house but one family in one room and the other in the next and everyone doing things for them selfso that's why drive going to one apartment twice says:


  14. PUZZLED says:

    I ordered from Saturday and haven’t received the groceries as yet. Tried tracking and was told they don’t have any record of any order from me. Yet I got a confirmatory email and the monies are DEDUCTED from my card.

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  15. Wth says:

    Did you gays notices when you press the location. Button Don’t show you any location I do twice for mistake bc I don’t notices the request was accept

  16. true says:

    anyone on the red lists described on work permits should not be allowed to renew their work permit and asked to leave the territory at the end of their permit.

    Not asking for deportation or anything unlawful, just do not renew their work permit.

    Yes it does piss me off that the government took all the fresh fruit and veg and so I couldn’t order it.

    But I will survive without being greedy.

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    • Bri says:

      Where does your point fit in all this. Another expat threat? How is it that even in times of crisis your heart is so sour towards those on work permits? I am from here and I say just stop it already!

  17. Concern BV Islander says:

    The GREED in this place is just ridiculous! I saw a comment earlier talking about the size of the packages for a big household, like really?? listen my household is big and I received my package two days ago and I was satisfied, why? because I know the government have to feed EVERYONE in the B.V.I. Come on people the premeir is trying to do his best to satisfy people. Those grocery was suffient to feed us for a week and if you all don’t know how to make things stretch then I’m sorry for u.

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  18. Looking On says:

    Obviously the system of recording and dispatching is not working. Why waste time going to the same person’s house when needy people are waiting on their package. Put one group with individuals who know the area (e.g. Lower Estate, Long Bush, Huntum’s Ghut, Botanic Station, Baugher’s Bay). That way it is more easy to monitor and once a name has been ticked off as received, ignore any recurrence of that name with the same address. Stop playing around and writing down names of who got more than one package. Use that person to update a list. By the way, what will be done to these persons later on?

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  19. thing to talk says:

    I heard every VIP candidate got 6 bags each while the rest of the entire country got 2 each

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  20. My family says:

    We live in the same house but when my mother cook food I don’t get ! So I filled out my own so I
    Don’t starve

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  21. There are two sides says:

    There are two sides to every story. There are some people living in the same apartments but they are different families. I could understand if the guidelines were made clear and different families living together were asked to share the same package but it just say one order per household. I share a three bedroom apartment with two other families, they ordered and I ordered, at delivery we were told that we should have only placed one order. That’s no problem as I said before but this should have been explained on the order form then we could come together and put how many people are living in the apartment and not my household. My household is me and my son. The other two households sharing with me amount to five total

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    • Neighbour says:

      Some families does that because everybody doesn’t get along with each other. Every man is for themselves. I see it for myself, that each family cooks for them and their children. When that family finish with the kitchen, another use it for theirs. Claude Skelton- Cline not every body have it like you or have a happy loving family like yours. Before going around writing your news you need to find out people living arrangements. So sick of you when I see you on the news.

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  22. Sad says:

    I too called on Tuesday morning to the supermarket to order food and only to hear we are not taking on any more orders and doing deliveries. I live in Carrot Bay today is Thursday and i have yet to see any food package up on the hillside of Carrot Bay. Don’t know if those on the flat got any i am sure person there got. My sugar, milk, fruits, meat, season peppers,don’t ask for the cucumbers and lettuce they did not last two weeks in the fridge they spoil before i can use them. Guess what i still waiting.

  23. Citizen says:

    I would be in favor of a couple more weeks of lock down. People is lying, playing games using the system and taking away food from the ones that is truly in need.Not everyone that is crying hungry is hungry. They figure if the Government is giving it out for free, why not. The innocent always pays for the guilty, why is that? If the lock down continues, you only have yourselves to blame. A child does wrong and get punished the child will straighten up.

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  24. Guy Hill says:

    Anyway you twist this, it is disgusting and dishonest regardless of who is doing it.

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  25. J says:

    All them Spanish People abusing it. They are certain nationalities in the BVI just sending their money home, some people don’t contribute anything to the BVI but now want the BVI to feed them, they family and friends. I would like to see how much food goes to the Spanish Community.

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    • From a spanish person says:

      Can you please reframe from using any ethnic background. I spanish and guess what my neighbor which she is spanish too who has a 5 years old boy place her order on monday and to this day she ain’t received nothing but the privilege who know who getting twice!! So please Stop it. You should be a shame of you self for commenting such thing.

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  26. whistle blower says:

    It was rampant in district 5

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  27. I wonder says:

    Sure many of them were the same ones who were vehemently protesting the 7% tax recently imposed.

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  28. Truth says:

    This might sound harsh but it is happening already in bigger countries and even in some small islands. After the lockdown is over and the borders are partially open we need to asked expatriates who do not have permanent residency and out of work without really knowing when they would be working again to voluntarily leave the island until things are better. The situation is going to get worst before it get better. Experts in the medical field are already talking about second innings out of several. The government cannot continue to feed the people for extended period of time. To continue doing so salaries would have to be cut and drastic cut. Pensioners would not get paid untime and the government would probably have to look at ways to trim the load it is carrying. So it might be easier to charter a few flights to the neighboring islands and repatriate expatriates. It might not sound good but it’s what has to happen otherwise things can quickly change when we get desperate for basic everyday living. A lot of us already send every penny that we earn here back to our homeland and we should not expect that the little the Government have to feed it’s own people who spend every cent they earn in their own country to now feed us .it cannot and would not work that way. I said voluntarily above but it would take a serious push to get some of us out of this island because some of us that just come here to live think we have more rights than the bvi landers themselves. Hard decisions have to be maid soon and sooner than we expected. I am an expatriate and do not have any intention of continuing to suck on the government nipple much longer than the lockdown. I hope other expatriates intention is the same.leave the people let their government take care of them. When we are let out let’s asked for a one way ticket to our hometown instead of going around begging and some would start doing illegal stuff so please let’s leave.bvi lander’s would always welcome us they been doing it from the early sixties and still continue up to today. Thank you bvi lander’s thank you

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    • Expats?? says:

      This whole extra 7 day ‘Curfew’ is a joke. The only people staying at home are the Expats that pay for their own food – the local guys are out getting gov money driving around delivering all the free food to the belongers. There are 20 cars an hour going up and down my road. You can not tell me these are all essential workers! Saw the gov is also paying $180,000 to do home pickup of garbage…this is all a big giveaway to locals with connections. If you kick out the Expats, who going to pay for you handouts???

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    • Please says:

      Let me set the writer who is a local who not helping the country, just helping to break it down to benefit you and your friends .everyone pays tax in this country not only local do.expat make up that number,the time will come when you would have to beg expat to work for you. Where all this hate is coming from. Don’t hide behind fake name.your not helping here you creating bad vibes between local and expat who means this country good I’m not from here, but I’m here eighteen years now still on working permit and paying tax .your a disgrace to the hard enough to order from the supermarket but they man that save for rainy day will have when it comes. Stop with the insult your not more entitled u don’t give government any money it tax money pay for the food that expat and local paid.your so small minded . I wonder what’s going through your head when you write this degrading comment. I don’t believe in begging I work hard for my money. If could go out wouldn’t but I understand, I would go hungry than to let you insult me for food that my tax money paying for . Channel your negative spirit somewhere else. Don’t try to speak for people that has brain

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    • Peace says:

      This is not the platform for attacking expat, don’t try to let people believe you not from here . This is tax money you talking about. Local and expats pays these taxes,the man that save for rainy day should have when that day comes.why your creating bad vibes between locals and expats who do them best to help this country. U sound very stupid . It very difficult to order food from these supermarket when you get them they telling you four days time ,don’t try to insult people for food. Entitlement games your playing .eighteen years in this country still pay work permit. Not complaining about that either. All needed to be said is if you receive the package don’t reapply everyone need to get. Now isn’t time for what your suggesting, the government is not stupid, that’s reason that I’ll stay hungry before asking for free food, don’t need the insult. You make it seem as if expat is the ones recieving packages twice. Better you just say how you expat should get the package. Don’t like to talk about this but lack of love for people isn’t need.

    • @ TRUTH says:

      Here is the truth.

      You sound selfish. Think before you write please or try having a heart. I know of so many expats who are still wanted by their place of employment but are currently at home due to this pandemic. Are you saying that these individuals who have lived here for a number of years and are on permit, should just pack up their apartments and children and leave? You are heartless. You might as well come up with a plan for the lives of all those persons you propose should leave. List the countries who are doing this cause ain’t nobody doing that. You people sicken me with your twisted minds towards your own kind.

  29. Wow says:

    I’m so sick of this man Claude Skelton Cline What the hell he don’t shut up his damn mouth, what u should be talking about u not you just full a crap, why you don’t donate food to the people them they will have more in there house,I’m sure u have food in ur house.

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  30. Neighbour says:

    Some families does that because everybody doesn’t get along with each other. Every man is for themselves. I see it for myself, that each family cooks for them and their children. When that family finish with the kitchen, another use it for theirs. Claude Skelton- Cline not every body have it like you or have a happy loving family like yours. Before going around writing your news you need to find out people living arrangements. So sick of you when I see you on the news.

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  31. Whatever says:

    Its Thursday…. I live in Road Town and we haven’t gotten anything… if we were to sit waiting on the government we would have starved… Everyone wouldn’t have gotten food anyways.

  32. Michael says:

    Put the scum in jail. Selfish morons

  33. No nonsense says:

    I dont give a fxxx! The present government full ah it. In one neighborhood in the 1st, ? and know of 2 people in there had to get the hand out ck of $120 each. There is 3 0ther working people and 3 children. But dem recieved 2different government deliveries and still Social Development food packages.

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  34. I PROPOSE says:

    ANOTHER LOCKDOWN. In order for animals, because most of you is acting like wild animals on the loose. Sorry to say but, you guys don’t know or experienced what it is to be hungry. Those starving kids in Africa with the swollen stomach and you can see every bone in their body under a thin layer of skin is the ones that experience and feel what hungry is.

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  35. Old says:

    Next time do it by district .Each candidate responds for their district with help. But each district every day and still the lock down is finish .Much Easter.

  36. From a spanish person says:

    Can you please reframe from using any ethnic background. I spanish and guess what my neighbor which she is spanish too who has a 5 years old boy place her order on monday and to this day she ain’t received nothing but the privilege who know who getting twice!! So please Stop it. You should be a shame of you self for commenting such thing.

  37. Craziness says:

    “The drivers are going to come and they are going to deliver the packages, and they are not going to say anything to you. But we know and we are tracking”.

    So why do “we” allow the drivers to deliver multiple times to the same address? “We” should be arrested and charged for embezzlement of charity items.

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    • @craziness says:

      And giving to friends that don’t even ask for them.. I know of at least 3… at least they gave them away to neighbors to need it !

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  38. Simple Solution says:

    Create a database. Hopefully they kept a record of deliveries. If one household received two packages, they don’t get one next time.

    It became obvious food assistance had to be centralized due to people going to several agencies. Now centralize a database.

  39. Yep says:

    What about the people that are receiving them and not needing them.. I know at least 3 people who received them (they say they didn’t ask for it) that didn’t need them..
    This thing out of control and shameful!

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  40. Little May says:

    I could be a mistake because I signed up but I wasnt sure if it went through so I did it twice.

  41. Bvi born says:

    These peoples pictures should be posted online and publicly shamed.

  42. @Lol says:

    You are part of the problem with your way of thinking. I argued with my neighbour because, like myself he is still employed and is not in need of government assistance. But Karma will get him and all the other dishonest persons on this island.

  43. Destressing says:

    Did it accured to you all prediuse peopl that it has apartments as well,? Is not every one love freeness at times you dont get anything fgood for free.some people have selfish flroom.mate that wants everything for them self.

  44. Hmmm says:

    People who are stuck overseas are concerned about individuals back home. Some persons like myself have registered my family back home who don’t have access to computer and who are not that computer saavy. Not sure weather or not they received a package before. Also persons like myself have ordered food from one mart and rite way for our families before these care packages and up to today still nothing. Another thing to consider is that just because you delivered to one house hold it does not necessarily mean that everyone is on one Accord. They have different individuals that share a household. I consider kids and older people to be deserving of these items. If the government recieved so much million dollars everyone old middle age and young should be entitled to these care packages. Look how long the people them have been on lock down not knowing if they will go back into lockdown for another three weeks again. If we coulda get out to buy our own stuff or had money to do so, you think we woulda been begging the government for there sh**ts for them to run off go chat? That’s why people are afraid to beg the government for things.. not saying everybody is being honest but everything don’t need to be broadcasted in the manner it is. If they get food already and you don’t feel like distributing another bag then Don’t!!! Simple.

  45. More to the Point! says:

    Who is this man? you are not part of the government Sir! We taking names? Let the Minister come out and say such.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It’s gotta be blacks and Hispanics, maybe a few white trash but mostly blacks a Latinos I’m sure

  47. GTFOH says:

    Imagine sending away all your money every month then bawling to government for food. Well you gon payback with that 7% and we dont want hear any back chat.

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  48. Anonymous says:

    “Some families does that…..” They “does?” Good to know.

  49. Michael J says:

    I wonder how many taking this food wi
    Were the first ones to complain about people on welfare.
    I have been fortunate enough to not go this route. I believe many others are really fortunate enough to not go this route but still I have and yet are the first ones to complain when somebody in need is receiving something.

  50. Sandra says:

    They’re crooks everywhere that think their entitled. They don’t care about people who really need it to survive. If they are keeping track of these people then stop giving them free food. Report them so they can’t go from different locations
    Lets stop them in their tracks

  51. Sandra woody says:

    Make them show ID in order to get their free food and put it in a data base that pulls up how many times they’re using this service. Then cut them off if they are abusing the program. People in general are greedy and think they’re entitled. Shows they weren’t raised right to only think of themselves. Where are these centers?

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  52. ? yes I was registered says:

    I stand up and saw a resident get 4 packages from 1 person delivering in my area I asked and was told next time now tell me what to do I am ready to to the food STORE so please let me in.yes i was registered

  53. 'Consultant' says:

    Don’t forget that skelton cline is government ‘consultant’ on a government-funded contract that pays him thousandrs a month for ‘responsibilities’ that were never made clear and that are likely unecessary now anyway in the coronavosus. This should make anyone question his motives. And it interesting that he here blaming the people for the problems with a distribution program that government obviously didn’t plan properly. If the people are to blame, then government is let off the hook, right? Not so different from the premier blaming people in wigs for the failure of last week’s system. Of course some people will abuse the system! This is unfortunate but unavoidable, and good systems are designed to take into account abuse attempts. Instead of blaming people for the system’s failure, government and its shills should spend their time devising a realistic system with checks and balances that deter abuse — and that gets food to the people who are still hungry 5 days after this program start!

    • Mary Cleveland says:

      That’s sad I’m from Alabama disabled and cannot get out to get food and these people doing this kind of thing.

  54. Papa me na want says:

    I make groceries that could last me for three months months me na want free grocery it a good thing they did not come in my area a friend of mine was calling the phone for two days and no one answering so is me that give him some grocery

  55. Anonymous says:

    People have no integrity, and this has been going on for years some people think the government owes them and it’s a pattern a lot of time for generations. It’s supposed to be a hand up not a hand out. Thank God for the hard working class.

  56. Barbara Bates says:

    I am 82 years old and disabled. Because of medical bills and co-payments my food has run low this month. I don’t know where to get any food delivered to me that I don’t have to pay for
    I live in Madera California 93637 I went to the food bank here but they had a very limited quantity of food. I also had to pay someone $20 to take me and bring me back home I can’t afford that can anyone help me my number is 559 575 9185

  57. Carol says:

    If someone can tell more about this free food? I live in Howell MI my email is please help me.

  58. Anonymous says:


  59. @Hero says:

    What are the facts?
    Ppl opinions about this matter is not revealing anything with out facts, facts matters, haters will always hate, takers will always take advantage, sounds like Claude has already pass his judgment and many others shamelessly, I don’t know the facts of this matter, just innocence ppl vs guilty ppl without facts is incredible, BVI moto guilty first @ all cost, guessing Skeleton-Cline has been introduced as Tola watch dog, without any skeleton.

  60. CW says:

    You mean to tell me that the citizens of the BVI aren’t the hardest working people on Earth and would stoop so low as to lie, cheat, and steal!!?? Surely you joking lol. Never here on BVI, where all locals can do no wrong and are hard working honest people……


    YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW STRUPES. This is what you have done to expat workers for DECADES but now cry your STRUPE TEARS when it happens to you.

    Hahahaha haha hahahah hahaha karma!!!?

  61. Jr says:

    The people of this island is greedy and bad minded.they only care about there own but the covid-19 doesn’t so I hope a lot of you dead this s**t has to stop.

  62. Wow says:

    Y’all talking about people living in the same house hold question is does everyone in those households eats the same food..some may be vegetarian and some may eat meat so then and therefore they will need to cater for both of the eating lifestyle…

  63. Wow says:

    Y’all talking about people living in the same house hold question is does everyone in those households eats the same food..some may be vegetarian and some may eat meat so then and therefore they will need to cater for both of the eating lifestyle…Y’all full of s**t mahn…

  64. Marie says:

    Just Wondering,

    I just got treated to getting my nails done. Thus, I can share what I would have paid so that you can eat. It’s not going to buy you a weeks or months worth of groceries but it can get you a few things if you would like. Do you have Facebook if you do I can send you my email via that and figure out how we can cash app it to you

  65. Angela says:

    Where can i sign up for this? I badly need some help. Got only 70 dollars left in my pocket.

  66. Sara says:

    Hope do I sign up for the free box of stuff? This is the first I’ve heard of it.
    Noize 2 me at g mail

  67. Anonymous says:

    I’ve gotten free food. I appreciate the handout as I’ve applied for New York’s unemployment but am still waiting on someone to contact me like stated on the website to complete my claim. Desperate and in need, I’ve applied for the program I’m grateful and I’ve taken pictures of what I’ve gotten. It’s not much a can of chilly beans, a package of tuna, dinner rolls in a sandwich bag, school water, boxed milk, mini juice box, 2 bruised and almost rotten apples and oranges, opened oatmeal in a sandwich bag, 2 snack size peanut butter packet. On the box it says it’s a 3 day meal kit. There’s 7 ppl in my family so obviously it doesn’t give. However when the government fails to deliver my unemployment benefits that I qualify for I have to ask for services that I normally wouldn’t need. So for them to say that they’re delivering groceries please be specific as to what cause this isn’t groceries in my book. I’ve been to local church pantry and got unopened food can goods. Please don’t make it out to look like New Yorkers are getting quality groceries when it’s Opened food distributed in sandwich bags. Thank you and god bless.

  68. Anonymous says:

    It’s a dam shame these organization is not helping me I have a 5 year old and a 28 & 27 year old & it’s ok cause God don’t like ugly.

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