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Residents urged to report travellers who leave quarantine

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

Health Minister Carvin Malone is urging residents to assist in maintaining public safety by reporting travellers who leave quarantine areas without approval.

The Health Minister’s appeal comes just a day after he told the territory a traveller who tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in the BVI, left the quarantine area without approval and put at least 16 persons at risk of contracting the virus.

“We are going to make sure that persons understand that if you see something, you have to say something! We cannot afford for any of these persons deemed positive to be out there partying on boats in the harbour, partying here, partying there. It works if everyone will do there part,” Minister Malone said.

Malone also said taxi operators have a role to play in ensuring travellers abide by quarantine protocols. He urged those who transport guests from the airport to quarantine facilities to ensure they take them directly to the entrance of quarantine facilities as promised.

“You cannot drop them [travellers] at the mouth of a driveway for them to take their own bags and walk the rest of the way. It is not the way it is supposed to work. As I mentioned before, $2.5 million spent on security so that is unsustainable in terms of making sure that this is done. We cannot put a security guard at every door,” Malone explained.

Following the recent breach of quarantine protocols by the tourist who tested positive for COVID-19, Premier Andrew Fahie said he will be lobbying to have the maximum fine for breaches increased to $20,000.

The Premier scolded the actions of the tourist, adding that such actions could have easily reversed the many months of progress made by residents who have complied with the COVID-19 measures.

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  1. PC says:

    Threatened fines don’t seem to be working.

    Follow Cayman’s lead – 4 weeks in prison if you willfully break Covid quarantine and put others at risk.

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  2. Lol says:

    The residents have been urging your government to LISTEN. If you all did listen then we wouldnt be in this position. It is absolutely shameful and you guys double down on it with the HOA rants reminding everyone that you are incharge. How long? NOT LONG!!!

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  3. smh says:

    How would we know if tourist is breaching? Any identification that tourists are free to roam?

  4. Big says:

    Im not reporting nobody…get y’all act right. Immigration sending home passengers to be with family and ask for tge entire family to quarantine as well……and they not doing it so why I must report if I see them smh

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  5. Becareful says:


    And a taxi driver left me down stairs and gone about his business. I stand about 10 minutes down stairs the hotel thinking someone will come to my attention. I hv to now walk to the office.

    I just cam bk from my PCR test and they did the samething. I could of easy walk away to go and buy food etc. Its crazy

  6. tracking says:

    so what’s the reason for the tracking device?

  7. Like I said says:

    Like I said many times before as we open our borders our case we climb.

    But you see we people are very ungrateful. Well let me say ayo people.

    Because I was against reopening until the vaccine came out

    Now that the government open it’s borders and case going up. Ayo want to be blaming the government, people can’t be pleased no matter you do to please them

    People calling fahie a dictator. And this man only doing what’s in the best interest of the whole territory.

    That’s why you see me I staying places that don t have any tourist around.

    Some of them know they got the virus and still going out. Ignorant and stupid like their president who getting kicked out?????

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  8. WHAT says:


  9. Kkkk says:

    @ tracking…dont bother with them. Its doesnt work. It just a money making thing

  10. Reporting Traveler says:

    Please do report the traveling vacationer who violates the rules. While you’re at don’t forget the “locales” who don’t believe in rules

  11. ex BVI tourist says:

    Good luck BVI. Just booked my trip to St John due to their common sense approach. BVI is a disaster from Irma and the reaction to Covid. VG used to be my favorite place in the world, but were my eyes opened up last time there, 4/19. Locals are a racist bunch.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    It is has become hilarious now how the folk who invented and have been practising racism for centuries and up to present, and who lives in racially overt, horrific and volatile countries, can now find it easy to refer to people who are not even racist as racist. What a thing. Some ask due to lack of knowledge, what is reverse racism? Well that is what it is.

  13. Watching says:

    Want to see protocols broken ? Try going to a club here but no one cares because prostitution seems legal here .

  14. Anybody reading the news? says:

    BVI best shut down and double check the boats coming in from NOW. We ain’t seen nothing yet! We did without for 8 months. We can do it again. Shutdown til the population is vaccinated.

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