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Resignation Letter from former Premier Andrew Fahie

Former Premier Andrew Fahie

The following is a letter from former Premier, Andrew Fahie, addressed to Speaker of the House of Assembly Corine George-Massicote and was read in the House on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

First, I must once again congratulate you as you serve our Virgin Islands in the capacity as Speaker of the House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands. It is indeed a privilege no matter the capacity to serve the people of the Virgin Islands, especially as a member of the House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands. For this, we all will forever remain eternally grateful. 

Our foreparents have built our Virgin Islands through prayers to God, and like Moses, used the little that was in their hands en route to the promised land. They accomplished plenty. They built the prosperous and beautiful Virgin Islands as it is known today. 

As the journey continues today, our Virgin Islands – especially through the House of Assembly – must continue to do like our foreparents — learn from the mistakes of the past while embracing the challenges of the present and thereby turning them into opportunities for the present and future generations. Also, learn to pause at times and celebrate the victories along the way.

The way forward at times may result in debates on which is the most effective methodology. However, as long as everyone in the Virgin Islands stays connected to the common thread, which is love for God, love for the Virgin Islands and thereby striving for what is best for the Virgin Islands, then and only then – in spite of any delays or shortcomings or minute differences, the bright and prosperous future of the modern-day Virgin Islands, filled with opportunities for the people of the Virgin Islands and all who call the Virgin Islands home, can never be denied.

This calls for all to remain laser-focused on the areas that unite rather than those that divide and allow God through time to do what only he does best with time – which is to be the only true and fair judge while healing all wounds.

Through these efforts in the past, present and future, allow the people of the Virgin Islands to keep their hope alive. Through these efforts each citizen of the Virgin Islands, especially the very young citizens, can have a realistic dream now being realized in the future of becoming the next Speaker, Clerk, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecution, elected official, minister of government, Premier, Governor or Governor-General, just to name a few.

St Luke chapter 1:37 states it best, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” As the journey continues, our Virgin Islands must approach the future head-on because the future is coming with or without our permission. Our foreparents clearly prepare the Virgin Islands for a time like now. They understood then what we now know – that the future belongs to the prepared and once preparation meets opportunity, then the purposes of a modern-day Virgin Islands will be birthed thereby allowing nice, prosperous areas to be carved out for each citizen, to be allowed the opportunity to try.

Again, I reiterate, it is indeed a privilege no matter the capacity to serve the people of the Virgin Islands, especially as a member of the House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands. Recently this was most prevalent in the first quarter of 2020, during the early stages of COVID-19 – the worst pandemic in the last 100 years that came with great uncertainty and with no playbook.

Through unity, we gained strength and saved many lives post the advent of the vaccines, through our united efforts and prayers. For this, among other areas, we all will forever remain eternally grateful. So, with a heart filled with gratitude and being respectfully mindful of your ruling conveyed in a previous sitting of the House of Assembly in response to my 18th July 22 correspondence to you, on the matter of any further absenteeism on my part for future sittings:

I, Andrew Alturo Fahie, now respectfully take this time to officially inform you Madam Speaker, through this written notice with effect from 24th November, 2022, of my retirement from serving in the capacity as a member of the House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands and First District representative and from active politics at this time. Madam Clerk, Deputy Speaker and all other members of the House of Assembly, you are all also duly officially informed by a copy.

I also take this time to acknowledge receipt of your 2nd September, 2022 correspondence in response to my 18th July, 2022 correspondence. Madam Speaker, I humbly and respectfully request of you to please officially convey my retirement that comes into effect from the 24th November, 2022, to all the requisite authorities especially to all members of the House of Assembly, as well as to the people of the Virgin Islands – especially my beloved people of the First District on the floor of the House of Assembly via this letter, among other means you may deem appropriate.

My deepest appreciation and love I express to all. May God forever bless our Virgin Islands and the people of the Virgin Islands as our best days are yet ahead.


Andrew Fahie, Member the House of Assembly   


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  1. My take says:

    This is well written and well received.

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  2. VG woman says:

    Touching and it is clear that it came from the good heart we all know that he has. Thank you Premier.

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  3. U g h says:

    This is patronizing bull crap. Preaching to his victims and appeasing them with pie in the sky drivel.
    Not one ounce of remorse expressed to the people.
    I despise this bag of unfortunate greed,falsehood and criminanl existence to the utmost.

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  4. It's obvious says:

    No remorse here. But NDP was the most corrupt Government in the history of the Virgin Islands? always watch out for tomorrow. God is our ultimate judge, yes.

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  5. Unvaxx 4eva says:

    Through unity, we gained strength and saved many lives post the advent of the vaccines.This is false,many people die from the vaccines.lock him up.

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  6. William Austen Bradbury says:

    How many times can you write “Virgin Islands” without putting “British” (or “U.S.”) before it?? Impressive.

  7. Jah Know says:

    They’re trying to drop the British name from the Virgin Islands in a smart way. They keep coming up with these speeches and intentionally disregarding the word British. It’s all part of their agenda, their rebellious agenda against the UK to go independent, which we the ppl do not want.

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