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Resigned VG festival committee chair reports ‘challenges and negativity’ during tenure

Lyra George

While this was not confirmed as a reason for demitting their respective posts, the recently resigned members of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Sub-Committee said their experience was “challenging” and one coloured with ‘negativity’.

The sub-committee headed by Lyra George submitted their resignation letter to the Minister of Culture Dr Natalio Wheatley last Wednesday.

George, in the two-page letter, described the decision as one filled with “mixed emotions”.

“[We were] passionate, hardworking, honest, determined and resilient, despite the drawbacks of financial setbacks and negativity we received from the Virgin Islands Festivals & Fairs Committee and the community alike,” George said.

“We still maintained a professional team spirit and continued to contribute to our Virgin Islands and the Virgin Gorda Community,” added George, who further said serving in the post was an honour.

It was an honour to serve

Speaking to BVI News on Monday, George said the decision to resign was reached unanimously following a series of meetings on the matter by the committee.

“There isn’t a big reason. We just decided that we just wanted to do something different and move on. Personally, it’s been challenging,” she stated, without divulging into further details.

In addition to George, other members of the committee who resigned were Cleopatra Brewley-Besson who served as the treasurer, Mark Noel and Gary Hillhouse who were responsible for entertainment, Trevor Bridgewater, Jr who was the Public Relations Officer and Coretta Redhead — the secretary.

Festival won’t likely be affected

Culture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley who also confirmed the resignation told BVI News their departure is not likely to affect the 2020 Easter Festival.

“They (Committee) gave me the letter and I thanked them for their service. We will have to get a new committee [but] I think we have enough time to plan properly for the next Easter Festival so I am not concerned about that,” he said.

Dr Wheatley said while he didn’t get a ‘warning’ of their decision beforehand, “It is voluntary work, and the whole thing is a lot of work.”

When asked if he felt that the resignation was politically motivated considering that they were selected during the former National Democratic Party’s tenure, he said, “I have no idea”.

However, the minister said nothing suggested that from their letter.

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  1. Watcher says:

    I pray for the day when we elect officials that don’t feel its necessary to inject politics into every single thing. Personally the VIP and the NDP are the same. There is no difference whatsoever. Both party consists of corrupt dishonest elements.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    When will we hear the real truth? It got to be more in the mortar than the pestle. The VIP had to pissed off those people

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  3. waylox says:

    They were all NDP supporters so that is expected after they couldn’t get things done their way. After all it was Myron who put them there and maybe they took instructions from him, who knows?

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  4. I can bet says:


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  5. Check this says:

    The little still in Pampers wet behind the ears no respect child from Carrot Bay is the person behind the drama as quiet as it is kept. Damnnnn, you start a DOG OFF WITH A BONE AND THE NEXT DAY THE DOG EXPECT A WHOLE LEG OF PRIME BEEF. THIS GREED AND BADMINDEDNESS IS GOING TO BE THE DOWNFALL OF MANY.

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  6. Of course he did says:

    Never trust a man who face look like a barracuda/blow fish. Heck yeah, he is behind the whole thing. Mr.barracuda/ blow fish face from Carrot Bay.

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  7. Same Script, Different cast says:

    You on point!! Time will tell. Blood suckers!

    • Shot caller says:

      Now that he got VIP to hide behind and protect his A**, the barracuda grew a whole new batch of scales. What goes around always comes right back around.Enjoy your rein carnival clown.

  8. Anonymous says:

    vg massive (24/09/2019, 15:26) Like (13) Dislike (1)
    This was expected due to information that was shared. All these people are decent and respectful individuals. VG Festival have seen the most money made and accounted for under these people. They planed and executed well. Since the taking over of the big man, they experience nothing else but disrespect. There plans and ideas were trampled on. He began to act like a dictator to them. Bear in mind these people rescued the financial strapped committee here in Virgin Gorda. They made major changes here in Virgin Gorda to Easter Festival. They placed ii in a direction of success. Every year their their account and budget was presented in record time. You people wouldint believe on the opening night the big man brought a “Money Gang” from Tortola to take all the money without counting it in the presence of the VG chairman or her committee members. She has no idea of what was made at the gate that evening. None of them don’t have a clue if their artist benefit them or they lost. How could you continue to perform your duties under this kind of dictorial leadership. They are all professional people that were extremely hurt to this behavior. They were treated like thieves. Don’t forget this group made the most money and paid off all outstanding bills from the Last committee which owed the world. This committee took over with a debt of $50,000.00. They cleaned that debt up and to be treated in this way wasn’t good. We are Virgin Gordians, we have our dignity. They were right to resign with their dignity and honesty intact. I dear anyone to contradict what I post.

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    • VG: Massive says:

      VG Festival Committee has been facing a lot of serious problems of which Hon. Vincent Wheatley and Hon. Shereen Flax Charles would have to fix. Firstly VG didn’t have any festival. They started from a picnic which grow larger into what it is today. The members would go out every year and raise fund to put on their “Easter Fun”. Those people in Government who thought that VG was making too much money of which they had no control decided to place VG in the BVI Festival and Fairs Committee so they could control their money. For years the former Minister was paying the young man from the Carrot Bay Committee to come to VG to manage a stage. The VG Festival Committee objected because they said they shouldn’t have to pay for this out of their money when they could have it done for free. They wanted to build their own stage to cut cost, however the Government of the day objected because they wanted to continue pay their Crony $75-80,000. just for the weekend. The last straw came when this rejected boy by his own people of Cane Garden Bay decided to take all of VG Festival Committee money and didn’t have the audacity to count the money in their presence. Money From Government was the main problem, They sometime get money one to two weeks before their weekend activity. Why anything is too much for VG? We ran festival for years with money that were raised now you come and take our money to help pay for over runs in Tortola? How could this be ever right. Find the Committee that would help to rob VG money. God don’t sleep.

  9. Yep says:

    This is what happens with a two-party dictatorship.
    The only hope (best option) is to vote independent.

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