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Help after rain – O’Neal reveals Gun Creek plan

Dr Hubert O’Neal

The recent heavy rainfall may have been a perfect storm for Gun Creek Harbour, which has become an eyesore, despite it being what is described as the gateway to all resorts in the North Sound area of Virgin Gorda.

Representative of the Ninth Electoral District Dr Hubert O’Neal yesterday stated that, following the tropical wave on August 7, some resorts in the area promised to contribute towards a notable project involving land reclamation and excavation at Gun Creek Harbour.

He disclosed that the plan is to reclaim land for 300 parking spaces, excavate silt to create a mooring for smaller vessels, and create a rock bulk head to facilitate a board walk.

“[We will] create additional parking by reclaiming land to the mangrove shoreline, which we estimated would amount to some 300 new parking spaces. [We will] designate the existing parking area for short-term parking and pickup and delivery only, [as well as] create a sheltered bus stop,” Dr O’Neal explained.

He further said: “[We will] expand the [Gun Creek] harbour by excavating the silt at the shallow end of the harbour to allow the smaller boats to moor. [We intend to] create a rock bulk head across the lagoon, both to retain the reclaimed land and to be the foundation for a board-walk where local merchants may have kiosks vending their wares, selling food, or doing their desired businesses.”

The first-time parliamentarian further stated that the project include the opening of all drains that converge at Gun Creek, and creating filtering cisterns to reduce silt run-off from the ghuts.

He added that all derelict vehicles and boats will be cleared from the Gun Creek area, and plans are afoot to better manage garbage from the resorts.

“This is just an outline of the wonderful effort taking place in the North Sound community,” Dr O’Neal said yesterday while he noted that more help is needed from persons throughout Virgin Gorda to make the overall project a reality.

“I must hasten to add that this is all a voluntary effort of the people of North Sound and the neighbouring resorts to make Gun Creek a beautiful, thriving commercial hub for the comfort of our local people and visitors.”

“I urge all Virgin Gordians, resort owners, residents and concerned individuals to pitch in and help. You may donate your time or your money to this very worthy cause,” added Dr O’Neal.

He also noted that, after the heavy rainfall this month, volunteers did some work at Gun Creek.

“I was delighted to see the outpouring of volunteers both from the local community of North Sound and staff members from Oil Nut Bay Resort who have embarked on a major cleanup of Gun Creek Harbour and its surroundings.”

“Gun Creek is the gateway to all the resorts surrounding North Sound, and is the major hub of transit of resort workers and visitors alike. Over the years, Gun Creek had become congested both on land with vehicles and in the harbour with the many boats that transport workers and guests. As a result, Gun Creek had also become an eyesore from littering of all kind,” added Dr O’Neal.

“I had an in depth discussion on Saturday 19th August with the volunteers [who were doing the cleanup], and we agreed to work together consistently for the next five to six weekends to accomplish the [projects stated earlier],” the Ninth District representative further said.

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