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Response Team on VG assisting residents — Wheatley

A few dozen individuals on Virgin Gorda are playing their part in keeping residents safe by delivering food and other necessities to their homes during the ongoing 24-hour curfew period.

Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley said the team of individuals consists of persons from the BVI Red Cross, the Virgin Islands Search & Rescue, among others.

He said the ‘Response Team’ was initially formed as part of the island’s plan to become more independent, resilient and prepared following Hurricane Irma, which left Virgin Gorda incommunicado from the rest of the territory for several days.

“We, [therefore], decided to build a lot of resilience into the Virgin Gorda and Anegada communities,” Wheatley stated.

The team is able to deal with issues surrounding telecommunication, food distribution, among other things.

“We are at the lowest level of response right now, and we work hand-in-hand with the government’s response teams. So, for example, if the Family Support Network (FSN), has things to distribute on Virgin Gorda, they will deal with it. So whatever government is doing, the response team takes over.” 

He continued: “There are three very important lessons we took away from that experience [of the 2017 hurricanes]. One — that preparedness must be a way of life. There is a general effort in the community for us to be prepared. Two — we learned to value the environment, to always keep it clean, and the third one is social cohesion and unity. So a lot of things we do is to nurture and foster these three things.”

The government announced their plan to team up with the FSN to provide needy families with food and other necessities during the territory-wide curfew.

While no cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed on Virgin Gorda, that island joins all others across the territory that have been placed under full lockdown until April 19.

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  1. yes says:

    Well done Wheatley. Hats off to your leadership.

    VG has zero confirmed cases and should continue living as long as they stop the ferries and don’t lift the travel ban. It makes zero sense to keep us jailed to our homes.

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    • true says:

      but there are no tourists so most people won’t have a job and the people employing builders won’t have income coming in so they won’t be working either and with cash funds low no one eating out, you get the picture

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      • yes says:

        of course, everyone sees that picture. What does that have to do with my statement? Good job Wheatley and VG has zero confirmed cases.

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  2. butty says:

    Lets hope that the NDP supporters are getting help also

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    • @butty says:

      don’t hold your breath, and save a slice of bread.

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    • Out in the Cold says:

      Its not only the loosing party’s supporters who gets left out in the cold. The International Election overseers should remain in the territory for an extended period to see and understand how the winning party selects individuals for Civil Service positions as well as Board positions etc.
      Democracy is about everyone’s Vote being Equal. But is it? Hell No; it doesn’t happen that way. True Democracy needs to truly come into effect and practice. How else do you build a strong united society when it can be seen as clear as daylight that true Democracy is just a play on words. “One BVI Strong”

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  3. Just saying .... says:

    How’s it working out for Anegada?

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  4. From Tortola says:

    I’ve been out of food for 2 days now. someone whatsapp me the number for red cross, Family Support and MHSD I am trying and have yet to get a response. looks like i will have to go on the road to beg the police.

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  5. Daffy Duck says:

    Catch them with them belly every time
    All a n****r want is blood and starch and some sweet tea and they okay. A damn Diabetic coma in waiting, everyone waiting for a handout, so what you guys been doing when you ALL were working? No wonder these Government ministers can buy you out with a drink of rum and a loaf of white bread.

  6. At daffy duck says:

    Daffy duck in a time like this why you have to think so small . Shame on you the cost of living is so high.
    Not every one may have like you…spme may need a little help some may not …you your selp may need some help….but got pride .that sin..the bible states that god.hates the proud so le we belle ful and stay hungry… atime like this you stupid stupid …stupid

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