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Restart the discussion | Foxy’s to host marijuana fest

Living local legend Philicianno ‘Foxy’ Callwood. (Photo Credit: Foxy’s Tamarind Bar)

Cultural stalwart and tourism icon Philicianno ‘Foxy’ Callwood is gearing up to host the first ever Hemp and Cannabis Festival on Jost Van Dyke.

The date has been tentatively set for July.

A media release from organisers said ‘Extrava-Ganja 2018: A Virgin Islands Hemp and Cannabis Festival’ is being put on to provide a platform for local discourse on the legalization of cannabis.

The use of cannabis is currently illegal in the territory. However, there have been unofficial talks about the possibility of legalizing the herb for medicinal purposes.

“The purpose of the festival is to provide an enjoyable day of conscious music, crafts, art and food, and to provide a forum to raise awareness and foster debate about the legalization of medicinal and/or recreational use of cannabis in the Virgin Islands,” the release said.

Organisers are also broadening their scope beyond the BVI.

“While the event is intended to focus on hemp and cannabis in the Virgin Islands, there is an open call for interested individuals with relevant experience from throughout the Caribbean region and the United States,” the release added.

The event 

The area known as the waterfront stage at Foxy’s beachfront will host live musical entertainment, while Foxy’s Uppercrust will be converted into the ‘cannabis conference room’.

It will host a series of educational speakers, presentations, and round-table discussions.

Foxy’s Outback will be the designated area for a vendors market for farm produce, local art, and literature.

The event will be free of charge.

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  1. About time says:

    Fox u di man!

  2. Rational Thought? says:

    Know many will dislike this truth but, probably an EU expat behind this.

    Be surprised if any of his children see any of the proceeds from his hard work and accumulations of property and finance.

    Either way, if it springs forth from a seed from the ground it is ludicrous to then brand it with a superficial moralistic designation as “illegal.”

    Makes no sense when the moralist is quite comfortable with high statistical numbers in grave illnesses and premature deaths due to “legal” substances such as alcohol and tobacco, the number one and two human killers.

  3. Mick Mars says:

    I’m so glad he put in “Recreational” use cause I ain’t about to lie about my intentions and claim say each of my Cataracts got glaucoma.

    Nope. It’s not a war on Drugs it’s a war against personal freedom and as long as a man/woman of age enjoying this thing responsibly out of range of those who can’t or shouldn’t imbibe, who’s business is it??

    If y’all want a drug to go after, go after the marching powder and the crack rock eh? Nah? ’cause it making so much money for the folk that fighting down this beneficial plant.

    We behind you Foxxy. See you in July.

  4. Albion says:

    Foxy makes more progress discussing policy issues on marijuana in one afternoon partying in July than the various BVI Governments have managed collectively in the past 10 years.

  5. Ras says:

    Good vibes foxys this what the people being waiting for..good promotion for the bvi

  6. ;) says:

    This’ll be interesting for sure! Going to go out of curiosity alone!

  7. Hey says:

    Hey Foxy’s. Happy 04-20 day. You know what this day is right?

  8. HMM says:

    when is it?

  9. Richgdgy says:

    Check our Colorado’s crime rate after legalizing pot.Just saying!

  10. NDP says:

    Nothing will go anywhete until a white man want to be the sole owner of the Marijuana company in the BVI then action will be taken from the Government ensure it is legalized for business to set up.

  11. Visitor, US says:

    I will be on vacation in the BVI sometime in July. Can you please post the date.the State that I live in, a lot of people including myself is opening our own dispensary. You have to apply for permission and a license from the State. My clients are going to be the ones who have a Medical Marijuana Card from their Physician.

  12. Lordie says:

    So will this be a free pass to smoke weed at the event because I can’t see them talking witgout puffing, well my gosh.

  13. Tola says:

    Something like this requires vigorous debate.We don’t have to do what is popular at this time or go where the rest of the world is going.We have to do what is right for the Virgin Islands.Know that weed is arguably less dangerous,and less habit forming than other mind altering drugs but let’s hit the brakes here.I love Foxy and all that he has done and is doing for the culture of the VI and tourist product but don’t think this is the way to generate debate or force legalization.Think this should be debated in town hall meetings around the country and probably have a referendum on this.We also have to protect our children and am not sure that we would not be doing a disservice to them by legalizing even small quantities of weed.Anything that alters the mind ,even alcohol can have terrible effects on society.Possibly, the debate should be started with considering medical marijuana.

  14. The chairman says:

    I need someone to take notes in the cannabis conference room.

    Also need you to serve the ganga-tea and pass around the chalice to our conference attendees.

  15. Tourist says:

    If Foxy can pull this off and make it an annual event with real legal cannibis use, the BVI tourist market will explode. I propose he set the date for the weekend immediately after the August festival.

  16. friend says:

    NDP your a r—–t

  17. Recipe says:

    There is nothing like brownies and chocolate chip cookies made with marijuana. Working on the fruit flavor marijuana lollipops.

  18. ??? says:


    This is excellent but you can’t have a Festival without the actual product…but I’m sure some will — its way …

  19. Tola says:

    BVI Tourism gone wild!

  20. Visitor says:

    It seems that also the last lost his brain.
    Weed makes stupid – inform yourself!

  21. rastarite says:

    Weed tends to make you idle or perhaps creative. Cravings for sweet food and laughter at silliness. Good for relaxation Everyone reacts differently – It should be a joint discussion!!!

  22. Love BVI says:

    If this is going to be for entertainment on that night, it is just going to be a high-time with possbile abuse. Marijuana or hemp is different when used medically. Let us bring the information in a more formal setting not in a party where people can just go to be high and have fun.

  23. F. J. Burroughs says:

    What is the best contact/email for this event to inquire about speaking? Thank you.

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