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Results in subjects – English outshines Math

The Ministry of Education has indicated that a higher percentage of students in the British Virgin Islands this year passed English Language when compared to Mathematics.

Higher percentage passes in English Language actually has become a trend.

The education ministry said there is a pass rate of 70.86 percent in Mathematics this year, and a pass rate of 90.84 percent in English Language.

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn explained: “A comparison of the two core subjects of Mathematics and English Language shows that, of the 331 students who sat the English Language examination, 288 candidates received Grades 1 to 3 passes [with Grade 1 being the highest]. This indicates a pass rate of 90.84 percent, with 30 percent of the students receiving Grade 1 passes.”

“Of the 343 candidates who sat the Mathematics examinations, 231 candidates received Grades 1 to 3 passes. This indicates a pass rate of 70.86 percent. Forty-seven candidates, which is 14 percent, received Grade 1 passes,” added Walwyn.

He noted that a total of 477 candidates registered for one or more subjects for the June 2017 Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) examinations. Of that total, 403 were students within the territory’s public secondary schools, 67 from private secondary schools, and seven were private independent entries.

Other subjects

Outside the core subjects of English Language and Mathematics, 27 other subjects were written by candidates in the British Virgin Islands.

Only eight subjects received 100 percent passes. They are Theatre Arts, Physical Education, Electronics, Technical Drawing, Food and Nutrition, Office Administration, Industrial Technology (Building), and Agricultural Science.

The education minister also listed subjects that – in addition to English Language – had passes from 90 to 99 percent. They are Biology – 93 percent, Integrated Science – 97 percent, Electronic Document Preparation Management – 96 percent, Caribbean History – 93 percent, and Principles of Business – 99 percent.

The subjects showing the highest number of entries were English Language with 331, Mathematics with 343, Electronic Document Preparation Management with 203, and Human and Social Biology with 134 entries.

“Twenty-five percent of all subject entries were Grade Ones, 31 percent were Grade Twos, and 29 percent were Grade Threes,” the education minister said. “Grades One, Two, and Three were earned in 86 percent of the subjects entered.” Grade One is the highest possible mark of success, while Grade Three is the lowest.

“As we analyse the 2017 CSEC results, the Ministry of Education realizes that there is a lot of work still to be done to ensure that the results will continue to improve,” the education minister said while he expressed gratitude and congratulatory remarks to the various education stakeholders.

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