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Rewarding year | Honour and dignity restored to HOA, says Willock

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock (GIS Photo)

Speaker of the House of Assembly (HoA) Julian Willock is reporting that ‘honour and respect’ has now been restored in the legislature during his 12 months in the post so far.

Willock’s comments were made on Thursday, to mark his first anniversary Speaker of the House.

“I am humbled and honoured to serve and will work every day for the remaining years to uphold my oath to be fair and impartial in the execution of my duties,” Willock said.

He continued: “It has been a rewarding year, as we have worked together; all 15 members, to restore the honour, respect and dignity to the Legislative Branch of Government.”

Willock said he was able to witness “the passion and commitment of all elected members and HoA staff, and benefited from their experience, wise counsel and love for the country.”

“I am pleased that all Select Committees in the Fourth HoA are constituted and meeting, the Youth Parliament has been returned to the HoA in keeping with Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s best practice, and there are more open and honest dialogue between the Government and the Opposition, as well as greater access to information,” he remarked.

Year of hard work

And while reflecting on his first year, the Speaker said the past year was one with hard work and long hours.

He explained: “Two budgets brought before the HoA in one year-over, 10 bills passed, over 10 resolutions and almost 400 plus questions asked by the Opposition, a learning curve for me and new members. But ‘all in all’, we have stayed the course, remained focused on service and in my humble view, the HoA is a better place by us being there.”

Willock, in the meantime, said he has been ‘bombarded’ with questions from teachers and students who are interested in attending a sitting.

He said he believes that the future of the legislature is bright and thanked Premier Andrew Fahie for nominating him. Willock also thanked legislators for their support.

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  1. hmmm says:

    What a self severing j***r. Rather than self praise why not ask the tax-payers if they are happy with your performance thus far.

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    • Reply says:

      You people are sick sick sick, like you forget the 8 years under the ndp of corruption, international shame, financial mismanagement house being a circus and the uk getting ready to take over the bvi ????

      You all need to stop and I am not a jw fan but he is doing a hell of a good job to my surprise and is very imperial

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  2. Say What! says:

    “Restored Honour”? Exactly WHEN did HOA stop being an “Honourable House” that required him to restore that ESTEEMED title???

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  3. Help please says:

    I have one question to ask, how can someone with —- honour or dignity restore honour and dignity? Can someone please explain that me?

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  4. Indeed says:

    Is this the same year in which you were recorded using indecent language repeatedly? What a shame you had to mar the scenery. I hope you will work to make sure that does not happen again.

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    • @ indeed says:

      At least no one ever called the esteemed speaker corrupt or has he ever been under criminal investigation like others… big ups Julian you continue to make us proud and yes confidence has been restored to the house

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  5. Kingfish says:

    He is a self s———-, p———— j————— w——t choice for a speaker of the house.

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  6. SMH says:

    Chupes! This mo———n needs to be humble, the people didn’t elected him and he can be easily removed with a snap.

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  7. a disgrace says:

    The appointment of this individual as the Speaker of the Highest law making body in the country is the a national d————. To rank someone of this character with people like Henry O creque, Rueben Vanterpool, Inez Archibald, Keith Flax, Ingrid Scatliffe and others is an i———-. Our government cannot go any l——- that this.

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  8. YUCK! says:


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  9. I FROM HERE says:

    Whenever you hear this c——-n giving himself praise it means it is the total opposite of what he is saying.

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  10. Hmmmmm says:

    This man for real. seem like he lives in his own reality. self praise is not honorable sir.

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  11. Asura says:

    Ha ha good try we know the haters can’t stop the esteemed he did a great job and we are proud of him

    Same two persons blogging keep looking

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  12. xxx says:

    Willock we got you we are all proud

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I just went on the esteemed Facebook page and where people can identify themselves is so different these hate blogs are fake if you ask me

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  14. well well says:

    I swear that this man has no s——— whatsoever. Either that or we stupid. Maybe both thoughts could be right. Who knows. He is a —————- person!

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  15. Sick says:

    You got to bE crazy. He, hmmmm…. you people will learn.

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  16. Low down says:

    We have reached an all time low in the BVI. Take the time to look at who we have calling the shots in our country and tell me if you’re comfortable. Look at the boards. Look at the people who are benefiting because they supported the government. Look at the character of the people and tell me if you’re pleased with where we are. Look at who is the Speaker of the House. I am ashamed

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  17. I from here says:

    Mr Willock my congratulations on a successful year, love you or hate you one thing even the two or three same bloggers will admit, you are the best man for the job!

    But get rid of the wig

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  18. What BS! says:

    Restored… !?!
    What utter nonsense.

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