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Rider dumps gun, bullets before last night’s murder

The gun and bullets found. (Photo provided)

An unidentified scooter rider dumped a gun and a large number of bullets in the Thread Fall area of Tortola late last night.

The rider reportedly dropped the illicit items while trying to elude members of the Armed Tactical Team, police said in a media release this afternoon (February 28).

Police reportedly stopped the rider during a ‘road check’.

“When approached, the lone scooter rider threw a bag containing the illegal items in the bush overlooking Sea Cows Bay and sped off. Officers are working to identify the rider,” police said in the media release.

Police further said shortly after the gun find, they responded to reports of a shooting in Brandywine Bay where a body was found.

The law enforcers discovered the body of a man with fresh gunshot wounds inside the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Police have not released the name of the murder victim.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews said police will continue to use intelligence-led stop-and-search armed road checks to target criminals.


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  1. Ug Lee says:

    Interesting that the rider was able to get away,but it’s still a little progress on the gun and ammo found. Now let’s find that scooter rider

  2. Pearl Vision says:

    Wooow… kudos to the effort of the police. I hope the idiot left fingerprints and face was seen by the cops

  3. Really? says:

    I guess they were all distracted by what was in that bag and no one bother to follow the rider.Everyone went after the bag. Wow

  4. Brandywine Bay Resident says:

    The police was called that night and they asked the person who called to go and see what’s on the beach. Well Sah!!! This is it!!! Officers you could have caught the killer but did not showed up in time!!! Instead you send those poor people down on the beach to put their lives at risk.

  5. Ken says:

    Keep this up and BVI will not have any visitors!

  6. This time says:

    And when they ran after him to loose their jobs next y

  7. What he say? says:

    The cops snag the bag rather than bagging the perp?

  8. My goodness says:

    What a shambles, violent crime has rocketed under Matthews purview, surely he should resign?

  9. Ok says:

    How do you know the throwing of the gun was before the murder. The time the gunshots were heard,The time reported and the time the body was found on the beach are not necessary the same time.

  10. Hmmm says:

    That person was out to do damage. 4 loaded mags..hmmmm

  11. Really says:

    Questions thou? Was he taking them to or from someone in that area. Was he going to target someone in that area. That’s not a route that’s taken randomly. Glad they got them off the streets now we need him off the streets.

  12. But wah do ayu says:

    But what do these gun men? This is exactly why the bewee-i xant be no better! Now twll me weh he get all this stuff from? What channel was usedto get these items here in the bewee-i? This is exactly why we cant be no better.

    On a second note, wayminute,wayminute, wait a damn minute! Ya’ll did a stop and search and allowed this lil heffer to get away? (Assuming it was a he) was he of any relations to any of ya’ll who did the search? Did we retrieve any finger prints? Who he is? ….cause ah know ayu see he face and ayu cops no everything!? Ah waiting dor meh answers. Good!

  13. Retired police says:

    We need chase legislation now.

  14. hahaha says:

    Watching how this island go down the drain.

  15. Eye Witness says:

    I’ve seen this before the police engage in a chase with 1 police vehicle most commonly, the person under slow but safe pursuit then drops an item or falls off and flees instead of engaging and chasing after the person my guess is due to it being one patrol car the police stop where the items have been disregarded the person gets away and that’s pretty much what we have here evidence and escaped criminal we need to fix this so that they don’t have to choose between grab the evidence and do their job or run down and apprehend the person in question leaving the evidence or officers alone with it till backup arrives which may be dangerous if others come looking for said items. We should still be very proud of them for getting this one of the many guns off the streets.

  16. Ok says:

    Is it hard to identify the type of bullet or shell casing? It can then be matched to the gun they found, then they will know if the rider that sped away will be held responsible.

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