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Rider injured in vehicular accident

A scooter rider was injured on Sunday in a vehicular accident on the James Walter Francis dual carriageway on Tortola.

It is not clear how the accident happened but reports are that the rider collided with the back of a vehicle and may have been flung from his scooter.

He was seen awkwardly lying across a section of the road partition that separates four-lane traffic on the highway.

His body appeared to be twisted in a misshapen position.

It is understood that the rider was taken to hospital for treatment. But his medical condition is not known to BVI News.


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  1. WTF! says:

    I will never wish bad on anyone but I am begging you scooter riders to please take your time and always wear your safety gear. I am definitely not against scooters but some of you act like only you are on the road and to be honest it is causing vehicle drivers to become defensive the way you guys ride.

    Stop having stunt shows during regular traffic, stop running red lights, when a vehicle stops ahead please overtake with caution, someone may be exiting the vehicle or crossing the road, use your horns and indicators to let drivers know your intentions as the scooters are sometimes in blind spots.

    Too much reckless riding and driving on our bad roads. Let us all take our time and be mindful and courteous to others.

  2. Naked and famous says:

    No helmet no brain.

  3. Electric Shock! says:

    He does indeed look rather twisted up there. I’m sure when the paramedics arrived they had got him all straighten out on the stretcher.

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Ban them. We did fine without these noisy irritating death traps.

  5. who cares? says:

    hahahahahaha. who cares?

  6. Big Dude says:

    Gee… My boy Alfred look bad mehson hope he doing good.

  7. Lit says:

    Can’t always blame the scooter rider tho. Helmet ain’t even the issue cause like seat belts they can do more damage then good also. We need to all jus pray everyone jus follows the rules of the dam roads drivers and scooter drivers alike. Stop blame the scooter riders. Some are careless yes I know but not all and people jus wan paint picture of all scooters n their riders as deliquents. Stop. Not everyone as careless on the roads.

  8. Boy says:

    Parnah get slam nah [email protected]#t.

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