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Rihanna named national hero as Barbados severs ties with Britain

The announcement of Rihanna as a national hero of Barbados was received with loud cheers as Rihanna was called up to be acknowledged. (Photo by Toby Melville/Pool via Reuters)

Barbados has named Rihanna a national hero of the Caribbean island.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley made the announcement in Bridgetown last evening during a ceremony to remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and officially become a republic.

“May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honour to your nation by your works, by your actions,” said Mottley, referring to Rihanna’s 2012 chart-topping single ‘Diamonds’.

The singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman — who was born and raised in Barbados before moving to the United States as a teenager — is now the 11th national hero of the new republic.

Her official title is now The Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Prior to being named a national hero, Rihanna was was titled ‘Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary’ for Barbados — a role that involves promoting education, tourism and investment on the Caribbean island.

In the meantime, the pop singer’s latest honour made as many international headlines as the main event in Barbados last evening — the country breaking its final colonial tie with Britain.

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, was present at the ceremony and watched as the royal standard was lowered, a 21-gun salute was fired, and the national anthem of Barbados played over a crowded Heroes Square.

Sandra Mason is now the first-ever president to replace The Queen as Barbados’ head of state. Mason was elected last month by a two-thirds vote of a joint session of the country’s House of Assembly and Senate.


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  1. NWO says:

    She knew it was a huge event and still went there dressed like a h**ker without a bra SMH guess we all know how they got down after the ceremony

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  2. common says:

    Women always tear down women then act like it’s men doing it, Rihanna has done what no other female Caribbean artist has, GIVE HER HER RESPECT. You’re worried about her dress? You had to look for something negative to complain about.

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  3. China has moved into to the Caribbean says:

    and will own Barbados shortly..

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    • so right says:

      China money is what they use to pay off the Republic fee to the UK. it all come with a price. Debate me if you want. I say, just wait and see how it go. The rejoicing they had last night is not the rejoicing they will always have

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  4. Love Her! says:

    Congratulations on the new title. It was well deserved. Haters will hate.

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  5. NoNonsense says:

    Rihanna should be proud of all of her achievements.

    Who would be a BVI National Hero? Willock?

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    • Jim says:

      The national hero is the expat.

      The expat is responsible for supporting the economy and providing for national healthcare and social security

      You’re welcome

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      • @Jim says:

        And you have six jobs, most of them odd jobs not paying taxes and NHI on. Pocketing everything. Can BVIslanders do that in your country? Stop finding fault and being negative about everything. You living large in another man’s country, the majority of you, and still mean as hell.

        You’re welcome.

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        • Jim says:


          I have one job. My employer pays taxes, NHI, social security. On top of that, I pay taxes on earned income to my home country as well.

          And yes, the BVI person in my home country would contribute to local taxes as well, if they were to be employed there.

          And I’m not living large. My income allows me to support myself and my family – not living off the government dime or a handout. My effort and and work I provide every day benefits the territory.

          Thanks for enlightening others to how we expats make the BVI better for all – including those who despise us.

          So, again, you’re welcome.

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  6. Say whattttt??? says:

    Riri is the split mirror of Jlo Jenny from the block. You can take the h*e out of the project but you can’t take the project out of the h*e.

    Yuk of a woman ?

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  7. Smh says:

    Listen people no one is saying Rihanna isn’t beautiful and well accomplished.. She is!!.. I am proud of her.. Now her attire isn’t fitting simply because she is being honored as a HERO!.. Yes she is risque and can wear whatever she wants to.. all dresses don’t need bras.. She could have even shown boobs pushed up… Its just that this picture is a bit unflattering as she leaned and you know this particular material…. Its just the occasion its not the Oscars or Grammys…We know she has dressed very classy to certain events and some people just wanted to see her do that here… Otherwise congrats to her, idk what she does for her country as I am not there, but I do know that she reps her country and influences travel, so that in itself is great..

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  8. @ NWO says:

    is it a crime to keep it real or natural ? ? by the way / who asked you anything ?

  9. red shoes says:

    yessss my girl u did it let all haters talk and bet the haters are born tortolian lol

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  10. The Nation says:

    National hero?? Really Barbados?! Y’all got jokes…

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  11. The TRUTH says:

    This topic encapsulates the bitter losers that infest this site.

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  12. Wow says:

    Who are you to decide? You guys
    She was there the way she wanted to be. Congratulations to that.
    Forget what people think about you, they are just narrow mind. Open up. Open up 2022

    • You gone talk about someone too… Just life says:

      If only you would say that if someone of yours says they want to be a Wh@£e or something.. lol hope you embrace that..shh I dont wanna hear a thing.. 2022 embrace who you truly are and give no fs about what people think about you..?

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    • @Wow says:

      You always blogging ignorance and have the audacity to utilize the word ‘wow’…..Wow, what? You’re not making any salient points. Leave the comment section to the adults.

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