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Rise & Shine Tramp will remain for Emancipation

Following an announcement that the annual emancipation festivities are being scaled down this year, revellers have been guaranteed that the Rise and Shine Tramp will not be excluded from the festivities.

The event, which is a J’ouvert, will remain as part of the celebrations along with the Emancipation Service, festival village entertainment, the Miss BVI pageant, and the August Monday Parade.

The ministry made the disclosure today (April 25) while announcing the new executive board for the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee.

Trefor Grant will remain as Chairman while Xavyrna Samuels will sit on the committee as Vice-chairperson.

Other members include treasurer, Nashema Smith-McKenzie; Public Relations Officer, Lynette Harrigan; Secretary, Luce Hodge-Smith; Brenda Lettsome-Tye; Carnel Cline; and Lyra George.

Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta Representative, Judy-Ann Smith; East End/Long Look Festival Committee Representative, Sandra Potter-Warrican; Anegada Representative, Harella Wheatley; and Jost Van Dyke Representative, Ricky Callwood also hold seats on the committee.

Other committee members are Lyndon Hodge, Ottley Hodge, Marvin Blyden, Stuart Donovan, Kathryn Smith, Samuel Hodge, and Richard Georges.

“As the territory continues on its journey towards recovery, it is important for us to remember the vital role that the acknowledgement and continuation of cultural events play in contributing to the overall recovery process,” said Culture Minister, Myron Walwyn.

He said the festival committee has received strict instructions to remain on budget this year.

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  1. drake says:

    The top spots of the committee are held by his campaign committee. Imagine that.

    • wow says:

      and he is keeping jouvert because he have a jouvert troupe every year

    • Yep says:

      Same thing I was saying. This place is sickening. How are these people appointmented? MoE just took his fan club / campaign committee, personal secretary and liming buddies to head the festival committee? Come on man I’m sure there are persons who would like to sit on here with fresh new ideas. All the money staying in one circle. Yes they all will p— something as there is no accountability nor transparency in the BVI.

      • Think! says:

        You people are something else. There is more than enough work to do on the festival committee. Why don’t some of you who are talking join to assist? It’s time we stop being on the sideline criticizing and get involved. Tortola is a small place where everybody are friends so of course somebody’s friend would end up somewhere. The key is whether they can do the work. The festival committee members are not paid for the work they do. How many of you all would give up your afternoons for 6 months every year to do free work for festival? Think before you talk!

  2. Youngin says:

    So long as ayo don’t bring Destra! Even tho I love her.

  3. Well says:

    Smh. Some of us are something else. If Walwyn canceled the Jouvert it would have been another talk. I guess some of us have too much time on our hands.

    • @Well says:

      You are so right. Those complaining probably don’t know how to do anything but complain. Appoint any of them in any of those positions on the committee and I bet you it would be a disaster because all they do is find fault.

  4. bigger picture says:

    can’t please told ppl.

  5. 2017 outstanding says:

    It is fine and dandy to plan for the upcoming festival, however when will the vendors that provided services for festival 2017 be paid?

  6. Fete is Fete says:

    Jovert Morning We up in town ♪♪♪♪

  7. Sam the man says:

    So basically nothing is actually being scaled back! All talk and as for sticking to a budget well past record speaks for itself….usual No Direction Party bluster and nonsense when they haven’t even settled bills for 2017! I hear BVIEC already is owed even more millions from the government – do they ever learn?

  8. Slavery says:

    So remind me again, how does Shine and Tramp relate to being emancipated from slavery??? The chain is still on some of our minds.

  9. Who don't hear does FEEL says:

    Let’s see what God does with this one.

  10. Wash says:

    I so hope it gets WASHED OUT this year again. We don’t learn at all. We like to dance in the face of God with our non-Christian community behavior

    • Real Simple says:

      We need to use Virgin Islander culture and heritage as our measure of the appropriateness of an event and not your interpretation of how well it meshes with the religion that was used to enslave and exploit our ancestors.

  11. Fact says:

    Religion is mental slavery

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