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Gov’t told send road workers abroad to learn

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A suggestion has been made for the government to select workers from the Public Works Department to send overseas for training on how to properly repair roads.

A resident made the call last evening during the government’s NDP Radio show, adding that the move is necessary when one considers the amount of money Government continues to fork out to repair roads that don’t last long.

The resident, who did not disclose his name, told the Minister of Communication and Works: “I would like to know if Mark you ever think about sending one or two of the guys who does work on the road that they can go away and learn to fix roads.”

“And even for the guys who make the stuff at the [asphalt] plant because, Honorable Mark, we can’t be spending a set a money on the road and when rainfall the rain dig them up. It’s not nice. You spending money and the road ain’t lasting.”

The resident indicated that, while water running on the road in some areas is being blamed for the destruction of roadways, he has reason to question the quality of the work being done.

“We speak about water running on the road, but something about the road don’t have a good mix that the road mashing up quick,” the resident continued.

“I never see [anybody] spend a lot of money on the road and two-twos rain come and they get dig up.”
Vanterpool agrees

While addressing the concern raised by the caller, Vanterpool noted that the suggestion is a good one and that discussion is already taking place in relation to the issue.

“The suggestion is a very good one; we discussing some of those things in the Public Works group.”

Vanterpool however stated that, as far as road repair is concerned, there have been some lasting successes.

“We’ve had a very good success in the number or roads we have put down,” said vanterpool.

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