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Rosan-Jones gets warning letter for social posts, claims she’s being silenced by gov’t

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Outspoken resident Rosemary ‘Cindy’ Rosan-Jones said she would be seeking legal counsel on what she believes is a breach of her constitutional rights and a move by the Andrew Fahie administration to ‘silence’ her.

Rosan-Jones was given a warning letter on October 8 by her employer – the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) – relating to her posts on her personal social media pages.

Among the concerns that the BVITB — a government statutory body — outlined in the said letter is the ‘bad publicity’ that Rosan-Jones’ posts reportedly bring to the territory as a tourism destination and to Premier Fahie who is also Minister of Tourism.

“As you are aware, the BVITB and the Film Commission is tasked with, among other things, the favourable promotion of the BVI. We are aware that you recently posted via a social media platform, comments relating to the Premier and the government including the Tourism portfolio, and also persons responsible for and operating within that portfolio,” the two-page letter addressed to Rosan-Jones read.

The letter indicated that while it was her constitutional right to make public posts and comments, she also has a responsibility to the BVITB to promote the BVI positively.

You are embarrassing us

The letter also indicated that Rosan-Jones’ posts were an embarrassment to the key players of that sector.

“From where we sit, the BVITB has determined that your posts as an employee of the board has embarrassed the Board and are not in line with the Board’s aim to favourably promote the BVI,” the letter said.

“You would appreciate that an employee of the Board publicly posting comments questioning the validity, competence and credibility of the organisation’s leadership including the Premier, the Junior Minister of Tourism, the Deputy Chairman could affect the favourable promotion of the BVI and cause embarrassment to the board.”

Furthermore, the document pointed out that the BVITB has been receiving numerous unfavourable complaints and comments in respect to several of her social media posts.


The authors of the letter then cautioned Rosan Jones that she ‘may’ be penalised if she does not desist from making the BVI and the Premier look bad.

It said: “As you are no doubt aware, this organization is built on, among other things, good and proper public relations and appearance. We are asking that in future you consider this to assist in helping the board protect its brand. We hereby warn you to cease any and all activities which could amount to embarrassment, unfavourable and negative promotion of the BVI and the board. Failure to adhere to this warning may lead to further disciplinary action against you.”

The letter was signed by the Director of Tourism Sharon Flax-Brutus and newly installed chairman of the Board of Directors, Kenisha Sprauve.

Cindy’s response

In a response letter addressed to Flax-Brutus and the Sprauve and dated Friday, October 11, Rosan-Jones asked for the proof of the posts where she embarrassed and spoke negatively of the BVITB and the government.

She also requested proof of all social media posts that affected the positive promotion of the BVI tourism product.

I’m being silenced

“I suspect this letter [of warning] is coming as a directive of the newly elected VIP administration in their effort to silence me,” Rosan-Jones said. 

“If this is not the case, then I expect the Director of the BVITB will receive the same letter for her outspokenness as it relates to the Government of the Virgin Islands leading up to the 2019 elections and posts that she in herself has written that could have a negative impact on the BVI Tourism product,” she further argued.

The outspoken resident said it was her right to question the elected officials in her capacity as a voting citizen.

“I consider this letter a breach of my constitutional rights and will, therefore, be seeking legal counsel as it relates to the following entities: The BVITB, the Board of the BVITB, the BVITB’s Human Resources Department, the Director of the BVITB, and the Chairman of the BVITB,” she wrote.

More are suffering

In the meantime, in one of her more recent posts on Facebook, Rosan-Jones said, more persons like her are suffering.

She referred to it as a “journey of victimization, bullying and scaremongering”, that she has been on since the 2019 general elections held in February this year.

“Why do I want to make this journey public you may ask? Most important, it would be disingenuous of me, given my platform that I keep this all to myself. Secondly, there is a long line of others suffering the same fate, and I stand in solidarity with them. Not only that, it is time that this behaviour, dished out at the highest levels of our governance be brought to its knees. It’s time to embarrass it, stifle it and stomp it out of our society. There is no place for it here,” she surmised.

Among her posts on social media, Rosan-Jones has publicly questioned why the ministries of Trade, Tourism, Finance and statutory bodies such as the BVI Electricity Corporation, the port and airport authorities were all under the Premier’s portfolio.

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  1. Yep says:

    I think we are all getting tired of her dissecting and twisting things with her gang on Facebook..
    A few times I felt like asking the BVITB why they allow her to “stir up” the pot here in the BVI. If I was a prospective employer I wouldn’t touch her, her husband or any of her fellow Facebook gang with a 10ft pole.

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    • You forgot says:

      The aphorism is a 10-ft barge pole with a bit of doo doo on the end.

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    • @ yep says:

      This is an interesting one. What is included in her employment contract regarding her personal expression before 8:30am and after 4:30pm? Does her contract explicitly states that she must promte the BVITB and the BVI 24/7? Are your fundamentally rights taken away based on your employer’s industry?

      While i am not promoting her behavior, the law on the other hand might have a different position.

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      • @@Yep says:

        Stop with the f**king ignorance! If she wants to bash the Government 24/7 then she can resign from the statutory body and bash on her own time. We need to stop being so stupid around here and learn simple common sense. No employer public or private will tolerate and employee constantly bashing and berating the organization and/or staff of said organization in a public forum, plain and simple. Nobody’s contract should include clauses relating to simple common sense and rational adult behavior.

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        • BUT says:

          When she was outspoken on the previous administration it was fine though. The current administration and their supporters loved it. There wasn’t anything wrong with her behaviour then though. Okay, great! You guys are really something in this place.

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          • This is it! says:

            You hit the nail on the head. It was all well and good then – when she did it to NDP but now the same actions are a problem for the VIP. Double standard society. VIP is a beast. Bully Government. Dictators at best. She’s always been who she was but now its a problem. Tell them go and sit down.

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          • Interesting... says:

            The same people who have a problem with her speaking out against the VIP is the same people who were bashing the NDP when they were in power. Now they are suddenly Saints?

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          • @ BUT says:

            Ever stop to consider that the previous administration could have lit a fire on BVITB’s management to address this employee’s outrageous behaviour?

        • Curly says:

          I agree and it is not just on her personal page it is on the community board for all to see and it is not just about the government.

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          • ? says:

            Really? The board at the time under NDP should have reprimanded her. You expected Hon. Fahie to get into TB business as Leader of Opposition? That was not his place! The question is why Hon. D. O. Smith and his government sat back and let her and many others totally disrespect them without any punishment. The BVITB are correct in warning her and if she continues the nonsense she should be let go, simple. Once out the door she can blog from here to Zimbabwe, no problem. We support and promote this level of ignorance and wonder why our young people behave the way they do?

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    • cut and paste says:

      It’s time someone put a dog muzzle over the da horse mouth.

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  2. Laura says:

    As a educated woman I believe Mrs Jones should know that as a government employee she must accept certain limitations on her freedom of speech and whilst we are all free to do as we may on private time and private blogs, if what you are posting is hurting the government’s performance or damaging its public perception or the country as a whole, then you deserve whatever punishment is deemed necessary as such an employee.

    And whilst I am of the firm belief that we’re citizens, not subjects and have every right to criticize OUR government without fear or fervor, we as individuals must use wisdom.

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    • Indeed says:

      Wisdom indeed is good counsel. However, what exactly is this person saying that is “hurting” the performance of a government that if one is honest about it has not exactly been firing on all cylinders for quite a few decades. I’d argue that criticism, good or bad, is a generally a good thing. It shows other perspectives one might otherwise not be aware of. Punishing someone because they are outspoken in a manner not seen as positive is not the way to go. Who gets to decide what is positive and negative?

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    • BVI lawyer says:

      It is a common mistake that many people make – they assume that freedom of speech means freedom to say anything you like without any consequences. It is not the same thing at all.

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  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Look at all of them destroying each other like a bunch of hungry pit bulls snarling for top billing.

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  4. Wow says:

    Speak Cindy! Many may not like what you may say but will defend your right to say it! Alot of nonsense seems to taking place with the TB. Is the Junior Minister of Tourism being engaged as an entertainer by the TB on their promo’s overseas? I guess when your sister is the director anything goes! You just have to shake your head!!!!

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  5. My take says:

    Outspoken is one thing and being a professional is another. This lady is out of place speaking publicly about matters related to her job.

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  6. YOUTH says:

    She is no good example for the youth.

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    • She is a Shining Light says:

      She is a primary example of strength, courage and the importance of believing in yourself and having a voice. Very good lessons to teach the youth.

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  7. Just saying says:

    How will your boss and co-workers feel working with someone who puts every discussion on the job on fb. This is not good. It needs to stop. There are certain code of ethics with your job that must always be respected.

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  8. SMDH says:

    Sometimes this lady post sensible things on fb and other social media. But she is wrong to bring matters related to her job, especially sensitive matters related to her job on social media. This is wrong and I think this part she should stop.

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  9. Hmmmm says:

    Why is this crazy thing being given news time? Once it is her job she is posting about then she is wrong.

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  10. FACTS says:

    I have no problem with this lady speaking her mind on issues om social media but doing so about her job and matters relating to her job whenever she disagrees with a policy or action on the job is not wise and she should know better. She cannot be wrong and still trying to make herself look right.

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  11. Bully Government says:

    Cindy should be allowed to continue to speak on matters that affect the country as a proud BVIslander. What message is the ANDREW Fahie Administration sending with this. Speak against him and be silenced? Intimidation!!! This is victimisation to the highest degree.

    God knows the pressure she is under why she was compelled to share this. Cindy hold your head up high. Dont let them win.

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    • @ Bully government says:

      I don’t see anywhere where Andrew Fahie attacked Cindy. Everyone including Cindy should be allowed to speak their minds on matters in the country. However if she is doing that about her work place then what work can be properly planned and discussed in her pressence knowing that it will end up on social media right after the meeting on the job. Stop condoning wrong and trying to use the guilt trip blaming Andrew Fahie who have nothing to do with this. Stop trying to make wrong right. Tell her learn to conduct herself professionally.

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      • Strupz says:

        Andrew has you all sipping on some real sweet Kool-Aid. I don’t want any of it.
        Cindy is speaking on her affliction, not Tourist Board issues. You all need to stop. Take the wool from over your eyes.
        Read and comprehend for yourself then make informed comments.

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  12. People says:

    This girl is wrong wrong wrong. If everyone does to their boss, co-workers and others on the job what she is doing on fb and social media to them and about them then where is the professionalism and privacy in the work place? Outspoken is good but wisdom with it is better.

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  13. Make her stop says:

    Oh gosh, I am sick and tired of her raving and ranting like a l*****c. She always talking a bunch of p! $$ and feel she right. Look how she turn the nail in steak sauce into a black and white issue…let her so sit her behind down

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  14. Think twice says:

    My employer has a formal social media policy where I can be fired for posting content that is deemed detrimental or embarrassing to the company. I would think that any intelligent person would think twice before posting information that would negatively impact their employer or even themselves. Freedom of speech is one thing; being reckless is another.

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    • @Think twice says:

      …well said.

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    • Sue says:

      Freedom of speech is good but disclose of company business is in very unprofessional and could also cause you your job, if this was private company she would have kiss her job good but yes only in Government this bull can happen n where else.

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    • Does BVITB have one says:

      Share it with BVITourist Board because they don’t have any. It was ok for her to speak before but its not ok for her to speak now. Nonsense. #BullyGovernment

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      • hmm says:

        I don’t think it was ever okay with the other government, they just did nothing about it. And doing nothing about it does not make it right. You can work the same place and get away with something under one manager then a new manager comes in and what was once accepted/tolerated is no longer. Does that make the new manager bad? No..just different management styles.

        Don’t bite the hand that feed you…

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      • Hmmm says:

        It was never ok!

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  15. Ugh says:

    … She’s bad for the community. We don’t need her kinda energy going into 2020. She’s on HER own agenda. She’s employed by the BVITB and it’s not helping. Imagine guests are asking if she a racist. We’ve had enough of her. She’s trying what Andrew did after their Government last to NDP. HON Fahie was revenant for 8 years but he was smart right to winning in 2019. The way Cindy is doing is off the records with a don’t care attitude. God knows why she and her party didn’t win. Just tell her there’s no more work for her at this establishment.

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  16. Well.. says:

    She got what she wanted, ATTENTION!

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  17. true says:

    They are not on her personal page they are on a Community board so everyone gets to see her rants always bringing the color of peoples skin into every argument, always being nasty. She needs to be f***d then she can say what she wants on her own page.

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  18. Haha! says:

    The VIP bloggers are out! That won’t save your a$$e$ though. Talk all Cindy.

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  19. Nonsense! says:

    At what point has this young lady ever blogged about her job or negatively on the tourism product? We wait…

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    • Bigger picture says:

      Posting negative things about BVI restaurants – directly linked to tourism. Posting on public forums frequented by tourists to the territory about how the ‘white expats’ this and ‘white expats’ that…. she may not intend it but these read as ‘we don’t want you here’….

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      • Shorty says:

        I have no issue with your sentiments but how is it different from when tourists, visitors or residents post negative on the community board and/or fb directly linked to tourism. How is it any different when our political leaders stand in the HOA and chastise individuals, past government and outright call entities corrupt, stealing, misappropriation of funds etc. All are an embarrassment to our tourism product. Especially when it comes for our elected officials but ok.

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        • Observer says:

          Cindy works for the Tourist Board and is part of an orgaization that is there to make visitors feel welcome and to encourage the businesses that serve them. She lacks discretion in how she conducts herself online, embarrassing and working at odds to her employer. If she wants the freedom to criticize as she does now she should resign from this job first.

          Also, nobody likes to read boorish and distasteful comments from tourists or residents but how is Cindy adding to this type of behavior and amping up the arguements useful?

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    • Problemz says:

      Firstly, disagreeing with another person’s point of view is NOT grounds for he/she to be silenced nor deemed an embarrassment.

      Next, we all have varying ideas about just exactly what our tourism product is, as viewed by locals versus visitors, but really, we the people are largely a part of it. Our culture, talents, speech/language, mannerisms, visual presentation, service need to be carefully and strategically executive in order to give the best representation of the BVI and its inhabitants.

      As this relates to Cindy, she has to give more thought to whether she wants to give her full support to being an ambassador for the BVI or work in a capacity where asking thought-provoking questions (journalism) that seek to encourage honesty, transparency and accountability in a more efficient and effective capacity. Either she should considerate with what she asks versus what she says and consider if she wants to be an employee/member of the government or a neutral party outside the government. This is not victimization, but merely the consequences of the choices of a member of an organization who publicized issues to people on the outside of the organization.

      We honestly do need someone like Cindy who is courageous enough to ask questions and have a mind of her own because we often hate truth and fear what we don’t know or understand. Therefore, it has been our custom to remain quiet in public about our concerns, while complaining in dark and “safe” corners. Or we tend to praise in masses, one element of a thing that has far too many flaws just for the sake of feeling good about something.

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      • Schups says:

        Cindy is a j**k**s and nobody wants to hear her b**ls**t! What has she done for the BVI except cause confusion by posting and instigating nonsense? Name ONE THING that she has done for the Territory! She hosted a meeting after the storms, FLOP! She tried to form a political party/watchdog group, FLOP! Exit stage left, 15 minutes up long time child.

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      • Ahgood.. says:

        Cindy needs to decide if he is good..bad…evil.. Malicious.. Positive or Negative. She can stand up one moment acting so righteous and another being so devilish. That is her norm.. In government issues, in personal issues as well. You can’t write the rules and laws to suit only you, Cindy…

  20. So what says:

    So when you work for Government, you no longer a citizen of this territory with the same constitutional rights? She did not speak about the Public Service she speaks about the government. Her employer is not Andrew Fahie and the IIP government. We continue to not see the distinction. Andrew Fahie and his team and their corrupt policies is a concern for everyone living in this Virgin Islands. We all have to speak up now.

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    • LB says:

      Andrew is her boss. He is the Minister of Tourism. As is Shereen Jr Minister and Bevis Deputy Chairman. Cindy is wrong on all levels.

      Like 23
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    • Democracy101 says:

      MY QUESTION: If those amongst us who are well spoken, courageous and care about good governance don’t speak out, who we will? In real democracies, everything has two sides or points of view or discussion. Who says we all have to agree in order to get along. Rodney King is the only one I am aware who when we was being Blosed to death asked “If we can’t get along” .
      Criticisms are meant to bring about change, for those being criticised to look in the mirror like Michael Jackson asked us to do. The things said leading up to election to cast a negative light on the previous government were definitely not “Tourism “Promotions”, or promotions to encourage investors to invest their moneys with us. ?
      But again, “Timing and convenience is said to be everything”
      I am a quiet guy and wouldn’t go public with some of the negative things I am aware of. Then again, it is said:”Silence gives consent”

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  21. She is simply says:

    The ELEPHANT in the room. Girlll,I am going to say it like I see it,you are bringing to much negativity to TB.

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  22. Jellyfish says:

    I thought she knew better than to make such posts. Then again, she said she expected a push-back like this. And on top of all that she is seeking “proof” of wrongdoing.

    Makes one wonder about her state of mind.

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  23. Ah sah says:

    This is all about boundaries.

    This lady clearly has none. She should have been checked a long time ago.

    Because there is freedom of speech you can blog and say what you like and do what you like even if it relates to your employer?

    They ain’t trying to silence you, clearly you being checked instead of fired.

    Like 20
  24. Too political says:

    Never has this woman post about what’s goin on at her job or anything related to her job however she has criticized government on decisions made which is in her right!! Y’all stupid people really in for a rude these next four years I’m still in shock as to how ANDREW Fahie happen to fool the entire Virgin Islands in the last election Andrew is the ultimate con man jus ask any ole man from the west they’ll tell you !!! Andrew is really a wolf in sheep clothing jus look at his decisions so far many more to come jus hold on!!

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  25. Just stay off Facebook says:

    Wow, that was easy. Find other ways yo go about your business. That goes for everyone. This will make life much better.

  26. Quiet Warrior says:

    Freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of the press are important yet common sense must prevail. Freedom of speech is not absolute and must be used responsibly; for example, one cannot recklessly shout fire in a crowded theatre(Oliver Wendell Holmes). The young lady ( no dis intended) may be outspoken and rebellious but her fiery language must be controlled, well-aimed and targeted. She can’t let it undermined her cause.

    Moreover, if there is perceived wrong occurring in the TB, first address it through the formal, internal chain of command and if that failed it can be channeled through the Complaints Commissioner. Of course, the complainant (Whistle Blower) should be protected. Tourism is 1/2 of the economic twin pillars and an important part of the BVI economy and all residents must do their part to build it up, not tear it down. Though Tourism does not generate as much government revenue as Financial Services (60%), it employs more people. The BVI needs to strengthen, deepen and extend its economy, not subtract from it. If the young lady feels that her services and views are not compatible with the TB’s mission and feels she is only going along to get along, she can part ways with the TB. The TB like other orgs needs organizational unity to succeed.

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    • Smart says:

      Book smart is not enough to survive; some street smart is needed. In many governmental entities, the terms and conditions of jobs require employees exhibit stipulated behaviors on and off the job. It is a given that an employee behaviour either on or off cannot embarrass the organization. Employees should be diplomat for the organization. If an employee is not willing to be a cooperating team member, he/she should exit stage left. Professionalism cannot be sacrificed on the altar of personal interest. Is the government of the VI a right to work agency, ie, an employee can quit when he/she wants and government can part ways with an employee for cause at any time? Does Mrs. Rosan-Jones have civil service rights or is she an at will employee?

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  27. Roy says:

    Wow, when Cindy was bashing the former Government it was all good, freedom of speech, but it shows a major difference in leadership, we had leaders who knew people will not agree with them at all times but now we have a child leading the territory who if you dare say anything negative about his administration he throws a tantrum and fires you aor in this case send a warning so you can be fired, and she is right the Director of tourism on many occasions spoke negativity of the past administration but nothing came of it.

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  28. @ Cindy says:

    Please shut up! Your annoying

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  29. I'm sorry but............ says:

    Who died and made her this social media princess where her opinions matter? …

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    • But, USA says:

      She is the Social Media princess in the BVI. What she need to do is start her Pod Cast. We know about her in the USA.

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  30. Peng says:

    Where is the WHISTLE BLOWER Act?!?! Campaigned on it and now it’s rotting away slowly on some mold infested government ministers desk!

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  31. I Wonder says:

    Where does she get the time.

  32. Bag of Popcorn says:

    Entertain me…….

  33. Of course! says:

    Of course she is taking this to court, she has to be right about everything. She makes herself look like a f**l, she’s unable to be humble & accept that she is not always right. She’s lucky she was given only a warning & not fired for the remarks she posts so publicly. As a previous poster stated, she’s getting the attention she wants- she must be thrilled by this news article!

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  34. musa says:

    any bum can do that

  35. Kitchen Table Focus Panel says:

    Andrew is the head snake that give the orders. He fooled and con his way to Premiership. People of the BVI, your here I come to save the day golden boy from Carrot Bay got you all good. In 4 years VIP will be #TOTHECURB FOR SURE.

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  36. Sudan Posse says:

    Fire she rass!!!!

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  37. Phoenix says:

    Y’all talk about “freedom of speech” like we in the USA. I don’t know about you, but when I stand from my desk, my feet will be firmly on the ground in the British Territory of the Virgin Islands.

    I read Ms Rosan-Jones’ posts, sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree, but I have never-ever- read anything I would construe as ‘confidential’ Tourist Board business.

    As one of our two primary economic pillars, almost everything we do effects tourism and when we publicly discuss issues that have a negative effect on US like the burning at Pockwood Pond or sewerage in Cane Garden Bay- yes! reading about those problems might well effect the choices holidaymakers make- but they SHOULD and WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!

    Imagine if you had saved up for years to take your family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Caribbean and had chosen a 6K a week villa at Belmont only to find you had to spend half your trip separated- holed up in air conditioned bedrooms because of the miasma of toxic garbage smoke enveloping the villa and occluding the view.

    As for us- aren’t we tired of the fixes and deadlines for issues that effect our health
    being moved further and further away? Or money spent on ridiculous measures that can never work (like the Labour super-computer (who duped us into that one?))…..Or even the loan itself- earmarked for nothing, bound to be spent on ill conceived projects like the one that shut the Windy Hill Road down for 6 months (can someone please tell me what was done?).

    We need people like Cindy to ground us- to get us thinking and talking about things like infrastructure, citizenship and our demographics…..even if we don’t agree with her.

    Time to grow up and stop this NDP/VIP bull-hockey. I’m on the fence about that letter-but I do know this- we need Rosan-Jones and others like her to keep us thinking about the future we want to build together.

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    • LOL says:

      When they closed Windy Hill I thought they were fixing the damaged road but I noticed they just put up a giant retaining wall for somebody.

  38. Leave her alone says:

    The country needs people like Cindy to keep matters in check from wannabe dictators – the woman is a gift

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  39. Lol says:

    An educated i***t , she doesnt say anything with sense anyway she just wants to be heard and seen ..PLease keep off social media .

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  40. BuilderBob says:

    She is an embarrassment. The epic fail of the rally against the insurers, the epic fail of her new party, constantly speaking for the people who she clearly does not speak for, often in ways which some perceive are inherently racist. In the words of blackadder, PLEASE JUST .

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  41. Thoughts says:

    Why is this even news? So anyone who gets a letter from their employer can come to this new site to put it out there in the public domain? This should be a private matter between the employee and the Tourist Board as her employer and if she is aggrieved by the terms of the letter received then that’s what lawyers are for. Retain one. This is just a person who is seriously craving some attention. Gosh.

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    • @Thoughts says:

      EXACTLY THE POINT!!! She doesn’t realize that by posting about this and making the letters public she is actually proving to all of us that the BVITB are absolutely right to reprimand her. I cannot believe that she is so thick! The crux of the matter is there’s a time and place for everything, who gives a f**k that she got a warning letter from her employer?

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  42. @therealdonald says:

    It’s actually a very mild warning letter. But leaking it to the press is a clear breach of the warning and is a critical error. You’re fired. Best wishes.

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  43. Anonymous says:

    There is freedom of speech however freedom of speech only protects you from being prosecuted for your comments but it does not protect you from penalties on the job. It’s not really about silencing but she does represent the BVI government as an employee of tourist board. Words have consequences. Just recently the GM for the Houston Rockets gave his comments about the protest situation in Hong Kong/China and it has damaged the relation with China and the NBA to the point where China will not be broadcasting NBA games in the future.

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  44. Blah says:

    There will be no repercussion if Cindy says the stuff she says if she works in the private sector unless she brings negative attention to the company. These are sensitive times. Recently there have been a large number of people being terminated for their comments on social media all around the world. From police officers, to government officials tweeting about racially sensitive matters or mocking victims of crimes nobody has been safe to just say anything or type anything just because they have freedom of speech.

  45. Another USA viewer says:

    We looked at her face book page and we don’t see anything that warranted her embarrising or leaking personal information about her employment at the Tourist Board. If that was the case,she would have been terminated.The whole blow up is about her making the warning letter public.She is simply covering her back in the event……

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  46. Boston, Mass says:

    How is it that she is embrassing the BVI, the BVI is a huge embrassement to itself. Toxic fumes, lack of stable running water, bad roads, bad inferstructure and the list goes on and on.

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  47. Ausar says:

    I want to believe that your actions are wrong, young lady!

    If you don’t like your post at the Tourist Board,then it’s time to retire!

    But to air your dislikes on social mediums, suggests a classless and a tasteless approach,not to mention a wholesale EMBARRASSMENT,to a department which should be about the continued upliftment and beauty of these islands!

    Do the right thing, my dear: RETIRE!

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  48. Hello says:

    I’m so tired of this woman. She’s a pot stirrer.

  49. GWEN says:

    Do you know that what you write on your face book pages can affect you negatively when seeking employment? Haven’t you heard of the dark web? Wake up people, this is the twenty first century. Life and death are in the power of your tongue and your pen.

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  50. Disgust of her... says:

    I don’t care how bad my boss/work place is I always represent my boss and my place of employment. People will always lash out at me saying things like “you have shares” or “you going on like this is your place”, buy I don’t give a rats a@@ what they say I WILL ALWAYS REPRESENT MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT. She is bad news for the tourist board. A letter of warning was quite in order. She is very disrespectful as well. (To the Premier that is).Social media is not the place to discuss the problems you have on your job.

  51. Jay says:

    I personally think she could use a bit more tact and discretion, but as far as them being able to censor what she says on her personal platform, I don’t know that they can. It would all depend on the code of conduct that she agreed to for BVITB employees.

  52. Gash man! says:

    Give Cindy a damn break. Who is going to put a nozzle on the damn speaker. Did you all heard all those profanities. Yes sah de so called Hon. Speaker.

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