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Rosewood Little Dix Bay reopens on VG with many new features

Following a four-year closure to undergo comprehensive renovations and subsequent post-hurricane repairs, one of the territory’s single-largest employers, Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda, has finally reopened.

The resort, whose architectural works were led by local firm OBMI architecture who worked alongside New York-based design company Meyers Davis, now boasts a total of 80 rooms which consists of 42 guestrooms, 35 suites, two beach houses and one hillside villa.

It also has six new tennis courts, spanning cement and artificial grass surfaces as well as two pickleball courts, a new butler service, and a new Rosewood Explorer’s children’s programme.

The resort guests are also now privy to an ocean arrival experience on Rosewood’s new luxury catamarans. In addition, guests will have the option of choosing from four dining concepts from the Reef House, Sugar Mill, Pavilion or Rum Room; have access to a state-of-the-art fitness centre; a spa and a two-tiered infinity pool. 

Modern-day elements in surrounding natural environment

Management at the resort said the property has retained its original emphasis on celebrating the surrounding natural environment while introducing new modern-day elements.

“We are excited to welcome a new wave of ultra-luxury travellers as well as our adoring legacy guests to the reimagined Rosewood Little Dix Bay,” Managing Director of the resort Andreas Pade said following this week’s officially reopening.  

“Over the last four years, an expert team of environmentalists, architects and designers has worked tirelessly to honour the resort’s storied past while incorporating modern amenities and comforts, creating a truly one-of-a-kind offering in the British Virgin Islands that will delight discerning travellers for generations to come,” Pade explained.

The resort was originally expected reopen in 2017 after closing in 2016 for renovations, but after being impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria was forced to postpone the reopening date.

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  1. Ausar says:

    This is great news for the people of Virgin Gorda, and those of us who have fallen in love with that place!

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  2. any bets? says:

    The andrew fahie led administration will claim responsibility for this

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I for one am in no ways happy to see it open. It brings only sad memories to me.

    My mother and countless others work their entire life there for countless years for pittances, on double shifts and left without not even a decent retirement package. That was equivalent to slavery when looking at it.

    She died poor, broke, hungry and medically unable to see or pay for a doctor. Her SS is equivalent to a dollar a day.

    The ruling party at the time, the VIP, did their best (give credit where it is due) to bring in jobs into the erritory, but did so at the supreme exploitative expenses of the population, both in land sales and thereafter, exploitative slave wages, which we still have with us to this very day, as a result.

    They never looked out for the working people or class, then up to now in terms of legislation relative to wage and income increase legislation and protection..

    They were schooled and bribed, and they took them with hook, line and sinker, and they swallowed all. Today, they are still practicing the same practices.

    Meanwhile, there is now a new breed of people representative on the block. The one that is doing bacically the same thing, but in different forms.

    Huge sums of the public purse will be allocated for a specific department or project, and a huge amount will be then diverted for other unaccounted usage.

    Do remember the pre-election words,” them before me did they same thing, so i going in to do the same.” And our people surely voted them in. So we carr home wah we buy.

    I got no problem with people being dishonest with the public purse. May your consciuonse be your guide. But, I have a serious problem with people refusing to help those who need help, when ask, who have been seriously, viciously, and wrongfully for decades, and who they can help recover, but refuse to help. I have a problem with that kind of humanity.

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  4. Bone Here says:

    @ anonymous. you are so right, but that is only the tip of the ice burg.

    There are many horror stories regarding when Rockefeller was getting the lands. Educated people who could done better for the people, did it for their family and friends.

    Please talk to the seniors and learn the history before its all gone.

    A book need to be written with the true history of the making of little Dix Bay Hotel.

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    • CW says:


      Why can’t STRUPES EVER be happy for a wonderful thing happening in BVI? Why you ALWAYS turn it into a boohoo about how it was unfair before? You can’t be happy for those folks who have jobs now and can earn a living? You can only complain about the previous version of the companies and property? Is it ALWAYS only about YOU??!! Crying about ROCKEFELLER?? SERIOUSLY!!

      Geeeee why is the BVI behind?

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  5. @CW says:

    Why can’t STRUPES feel for tthe past and continuing exploited, disenfranchised and oppressed?

    A beast walking among the civilized and posting demonic dribble.

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