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Rough seas disrupt ferry service | Brace for worse

Highly dangerous marine conditions are expected to be at its worse today, and have already caused disruptions to at least one local ferry service.

Virgin Gorda Ferry Transport, otherwise known as Speedy’s, has cancelled all its operations today, March 5.

“We cannot get the boats out of the marina. We have to cancel our entire schedule today. We are very sorry about that but the conditions are too dangerous! Please be safe! We will keep you posted with updates,” the ferry company announced this morning.

According to the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), dangerous marine conditions are expected to continue with seas rising up to 15 feet or more with breaking waves of 25 feet.

The DDM said the highest seas are expected to continue impacting the territory today with swell conditions continuing into the latter part of this week.

A coastal flood advisory has therefore been issued for the BVI.

The advisory warns about minor coastal flooding of the most vulnerable shore roads ‘due to the height of storm tide or wave splash over’.

“Impacts possible/likely: Loss of life – strong currents that can carry even the strongest swimmers out to sea; injuries to beachgoers; beach erosion; sea water splashing onto low lying coastal roads; beach closures; localized disruptions to marine recreation and businesses; financial losses; damage to coral reefs and disruptions to potable water from desalination. High surfs can knock spectators off exposed rocks and jetties. Breaking waves may occasionally impact harbours making navigating the harbour channel dangerous,” the DDM said.

“Beachgoers should avoid the waters, mainly on the northern sides of the islands. A coastal flood advisory is issued for minor coastal flooding of the most vulnerable shore roads due to the height of storm tide or wave splash over,” it added.

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  1. watcher says:

    Next comes a plague of locusts?

  2. Karlene says:

    This event is only the beginning, people need to take it seriously. Tsunami’s and earhtquakes are nothing new to the West Indies, but unfortunately things are bound to get worst. I don’t know if this is man made destruction or divine but there is a need for preparation and reliance on God.

  3. * says:

    I saw three charter boats on the water today. People are crazy.

  4. Retired says:

    olas de muertos – waves of the dead. The souls of deceased sailors and fishermen are stirring up the Atlantic Ocean this 4th week of Lent.

  5. Born here says:

    God send irma and maria to let us know he is incharge thousands of life could of be loss but he had mercy upon us still for us to turn right back around and behaivor worst than before he is only show us he is angry and he will take vengance upon us if we dont turn from our evil and wicked ways he is getting ready to give us a really bad shake up wacht and see and know that he is god .

    • anonimus says:


    • God says:

      Please, leave me out of this. The world is already perfect, the rest is up to you guys.

    • Huh says:

      What kind of God do you follow Miss, sounds like yours is petty and vengeful. I was brought up to believe God is kind and merciful. Must be different God’s then. What’s punishing you guys is Karma now she is a b!t《#. The way you treat people who come to work there and each other is appauling. Claiming to be a Christian nation but more like a bitter hateful one. Then there are the ones that are simply adorable and kind hearted they are keeping you afloat.

  6. Well says:

    That statement may correct but Is your behaviour any better after the hurricane. Have you made any improvements in your own life? Some of the people saying that and keep focusing on others still behave miserably with bad attitudes. If we ALL make an effort to make adjustments in our own lives the territory will be a much better place.

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