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Roughly $20K missing from my money, says man whose cash police seized

From left: Interdicted cops Shawn Henry, Simon Power, and Pamphill Prevost.

Julian Benson Maduro has testified that there is roughly $20,000 unaccounted for as it relates to the cash police confiscated from him during an operation back in June 2013.

The court heard that interdicted police officer Pamphill Prevost headed that operation along with Shawn Henry and Simon Power. All three are now on trial for allegations of conspiracy to steal.

Maduro told the High Court on Tuesday that the money he was carrying on the day in question was to purchase a boat in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands.

He said though he had told the officers he did not know the exact amount of the cash he had stashed in an empty cellphone box at the time, the box contained between $48,000 and $50,000 United States currency.

Maduro said he had previously accessed the funds in the USVI because he was considering to purchase a vessel there. He said the purchase was unsuccessful so he returned to Tortola with the cash.

He told the court that he took a private speed boat back to Tortola. But, when he arrived in Fish Bay, Tortola, police intercepted him.


He said accused cops Power and Henry searched the vehicle and found the cash in the aforesaid box. The court heard that after finding the cash, Henry placed it in a clear evidence bag and sealed it in Maduro’s presence. Maduro was then arrested, brought to the Road Town Police Station, and charged.

The following day Maduro said a detective sergeant, Adrian Dale, took the evidence bag containing the cash and counted it. The monies totalled $29,000.

Maduro told the court that he was aware of the missing funds but did not say anything to Officer Dale. However, he said he later had a conversation with another police officer – McGregor Horne – in relation to the matter.

The trial continues.

About the case

Prevost, Power, and Henry are charged in relation to incidents that allegedly happened between January 2012 to July 2014.

The trio is collectively charged with ‘conspiracy to steal’. Prevost and Power are jointly charged with ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’. Power stands as the only member among the trio charged with ‘acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of criminal conduct’.

Attorney Patrick Thompson represents Prevost, Queen’s Counsel Ian Wilkinson serves Henry, while attorney-at-law Israel Bruce represents Power. On the Crown’s side, Queen’s Counsel John Black is the lead prosecutor in this case.

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