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Royal Navy ship to visit the BVI

Government has revealed that one of the Royal Navy’s ships will be paying a visit to the British Virgin Islands in the next few days.

A government-commissioned media release issued Friday, March 20, said the HMS Medway vessel, which is currently the Caribbean’s Guard Ship, will visit the territory while adhering to the current COVID-19 restrictions recently imposed.

“Due to the on-going travel restrictions in the territory as a result of COVID-19, the vessel will not dock and all crew will remain on board. Whilst here, HMS Medway will take the opportunity to scope approaches to the islands as part of preparations for the hurricane season,” the release said.

It further described the vessel’s purpose as Atlantic Patrol Tasking, stating that it’s mission, “is to focus on demonstrating HMG’s commitment to the Commonwealth and British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, disrupting the flow of smuggled narcotics and supporting humanitarian relief efforts.”

The HMS Medway is expected to make a return to the territory later this year, where its commanding officer and ship’s company will meet a number of officials from the BVI and also conduct a number of training and exercises with key agencies.

These officials will include Governor Augustus Jaspert, Premier Andrew Fahie, government ministers and other dignitary officials.

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  1. WELLNESS says:

    this is the time for bvi govt to source ventilators, its a key equipment for saving lives. hope this ship has some on board. we need 100 vintalators in the bvi just to be prepeared for any enventuality

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    • Don’t says:

      Don’t take anything now and don’t take anything in the future When the virus spreads just curl up and die. It’s best if the Belonger population is reduced

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      • @ Don't says:

        Why are you so hatefilled? Give your job to a belonger and take yor hate back home, please!

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      • such hate says:

        are you residing among the population you hate so much? and if so…why????

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      • Online Now says:

        You are a very sick person. I imagine you probably don’t live here anymore but have an ace to grind. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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      • MS says:

        You are one person the the BVI don’the need inside of their boarders. If you have so much hatred in your soul for the BVI why the HELL are you still living there. No one is keeping your nasty dirty A** – You are just taking up space from good humble human beings. You should just be shown the door and NEVER to have the opporgunityoung to enter these BVI Boardes. Do us a favor and take your dirty thoughts withers you. You are not needed with you sick dirty filthy ungrateful for of kindness given to you. If I had an opportunity you would not be given to use our good God air for you inhale for your survival. Kind know hi out on his dirty A** his kind of thought and behavior is not needed. Go back to you country and talk that kind of dirt. BVI DON’T NEED A DIRT BIG LIKE YOU. GO BACK TO YOU HOPE – Not one is Holding your HANDS and KEEPING Your ditry attitude in the country. Go back to your own place of birth take your rasist attitude with you. Stay out – Go back – why stay in a place you despise so much.

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  2. Nope says:

    We do not want anything from them at this time.

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    • @Nope says:

      So in a couple months time when we need help you will want something from them then?

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    • @Nope says:

      I agree. Don’t take anything now and don’t take anything when you all start to die. The best thing that can happen is to cull the local population and get rid of the stupidity

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    • Chris says:

      But you will want the Royal Navy to help you when the next big hurricane blows through. Or the next big earthquake happens.

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    • FOOL says:

      We don’t want anything from them now really?

      World on fire and ventilators are gold but hey we don’t need now but when we do you will beg

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  3. Hodgie says:

    So why are we allowing this vessel to bring the virus here?

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  4. Socrates says:

    The HMS Medway is a “Tin Can” on a Caribbean cruise. This is not the hospital surge assistance that the Premier had requested from the UK through Governor Jaspert. What is the response to the request? Is the UK going to wait until a major outbreak occurs? The UK is responsible for the VI defence and should preposition a hospital ship in the region. The US is sending the USS Comfort to the NY area and USNS Mercy to its west coast; both are hospital ships.

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    • Quiet Rebel says:

      The UK seemed to be struggling to contain the Coronavirus. Some confirmed cases in the West Indies seemed to have roots in the UK, eg, Wadadli. To thy self be true, so the UK will take care of home first. The BVI better do what it can and work in concert with other sister regional countries to build surge capacity.

      Oh, if there were still a Federation. The region is crying out for and in need of unification. Let’s not let insularity and the fear of freedom of movement be the enemy of unification. Let’s not slaughter the good of unification on the altar of freedom of movement and social stratification.

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    • @Socrates says:

      It’s not up to the Brits to fix the stupidity of a self governing Territory. It has been stupid not to take the Brit loan guarantee finance option and deploy it via the RDA. We could have had much better facilities by now, after 2 years, if we had done that, including a fully functioning Peebles. Covid 19 would still be a big challenge, but we would be in better shape, and also much more resilient for a hurricane.

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      • @@Socrates says:

        @@ Socrates, The V.I. is partially self -governing, not fully self-governing.

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        • @socrates says:

          I agree. The BVI is self governing enough to have taken the decision to take the Brit loan guarantee. It’s also self governing enough to be allowed to run its education system. We are now into the 3rd consecutive year where government funded high schooling has been seriously disrupted, albeit for 2 different reasons. We are going to have an educationally lost generation at this rate. If the schools had been fixed and improved by June 2018, the overall educational damage caused by this Covid 19 catastrophe would have been much, much less.

  5. STUPID says:


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    • Online Now says:

      You think this ship has just come from the U.K.?

      We will be grateful for any aid they can bring if/when we start getting cases here.

      • Son of God says:

        Listern people, not a man can help us, so stop looking unto flesh (man) we have fail and mess up big time lets us look to Jesus Christ instead for only he along can bring healing deliverance and salvation unto us , them soldiers they themselves needs help , only the Grace and mercies of God can help us

    • Read says:

      The article. Caps moron.

    • Secret Bear says:

      No one from the ship will be coming ashore. Read the d*** article.

    • U K passport holder says:

      This is a uk ship they will come if they want. You people think you are independent?

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    • Too True says:

      This ship has been at sea for weeks, so nobody in board should have COVID-19! But if you read the article it says all crew will stay on board. Hence your comment is….. STUPID!!!!

  6. Doh says:

    BVI in trouble now…

    Gun violence is up. My friends were just robbed at gunpoint outside a bar near Nanny Cay. But wait, there are no guns allowed in the BVI…. hmmm

    Carry on, nothing to see here.

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  7. Laura says:

    If Covod-19 don’t take down the BVI stupidity sure will…why are we so critical of everything around here..damned if we do damned if we don’t…we really in trouble! God save our minds as well as our islands! jeez!

  8. I have read the crew will not be coming ashore to avoid possible contamination. The ship its self will not be contaminated after travelling all that way. Anyone showing signs of flu must self isolate until shown to be virus free. I am a Brit. In isolation for my own health benefit.t says:

    Roy H. Uk.

  9. quarantine them says:

    Hope they quarantine themselves for 14 days too. They can be carrying the virus too cause they not immune. Where have Covid19 more thank UK. Don’t let them come infect us. Any of them sailors sick on the ship don’t have to report to Peebles or to the authorities here. Do not play with this Governor Gus and Premier.

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