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RT ferry terminal fiasco an int’l embarrassment

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader, Marlon Penn said the events that occurred last Saturday with passengers at the Road Town Ferry terminal were a clear example of a lack of leadership on the part of the government of the BVI.

He further described the chaos that ensued upon international ferry passengers as an embarrassment to the BVI as a tourist destination.

“It speaks to us — from a person on the outside looking in — that we’re not prepared, we’re not ready,” Penn said while speaking on the ‘NDP Radio’ talk show hosted last night.

Penn said hard-working public servants should not be blamed for what took place.

“We need to put clear procedures and policies and plans in place to streamline how we go through,” he said.

He suggested that experts that deal with operations management should be consulted on the way forward to resolve the issue.

The Opposition Leader also questioned whether government will continue with its current 50-person-per-day limit on arrivals into the territory through the Road Town seaport.

The Road Town terminal has traditionally been the main port of call for the territory.

In a release issued this week, the BVI Ports Authority reminded residents that “only one daily round-trip ferry service … with a maximum of 50 passengers per trip is permitted for “this initial period”.

Penn argued that the territory has to get its act together and must find a way to get persons into the BVI safely so that all the businesses that depend on the tourism industry can be able to survive.

He said operators of private boats have been complaining that they have not been given an opportunity to bring persons in smaller amounts in an effort to help alleviate the situation.

BVIPA: Ferry operator at fault for Saturday’s fiasco! Probe launched

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  1. the watcher says:

    perhaps Mrs Maynard from Ports can confirm what the repercussions were for the ferry company that brought in twice as many passengers as allowed? I assume she has brought the full weight of her position to bear and ensured that they were suitably held accountable? Could she comment please?

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  2. What did you expect? says:

    If the Premier is actually saying that, “Ports authority is developing a draft COVID-19 management plan detailing requirements to receive cruise ships,” and we are weeks away from opening, then what did you expect with the ferries. It takes months to get this right, get all the players input and the kinks out so that changes are MIMIMAL. That is why the opposition leader is asking for THE PLAN. We are continuously fumbling this ball. Why do we always have to come across so inept and clumsy and THIRD WORLD? WHY?

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  3. heckler says:

    The one man gang has everything for tourism a secret so that is why we are having some many hiccups

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  4. Article says:

    I have read the article and it is written in a way that does not speak to what actually occurred but assumes the reader knows.

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    • Visiting Tourist says:

      I will say the same, it was very embarrassing. I must say, the workers did their best to assist us but they were unprepared When we were cleared in the USVI, it took us five minutes and we were on our way. After traveling all day including a six hour flight and have to wait for five hours to clear customs at the destination location is unacceptable.

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    • To Article says:

      Click on the blue link in this article and it will give you the fiasco that happened. I was confused until I did that.

  5. LG says:

    Mr Penn is correct an embarrassment. But so is the entry portal and the covid testing.
    it has to be streamlined with no mistakes and people that care and return phone calls and e mails.
    or else just shut the border and stop the bad publicity.
    it has been over a year to set this up and it dosent work. i have come in 6 times since boarder opening and not once has it worked as it should.
    and i know it only take the lab 45 minutes to test a sample , so the rest of the time is purly waste.

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  6. Rubber Duck says:

    But surely the BVI Ports Authority benefits from the management skills of Ms Patsy “ I destroy all paperwork “ Lake.

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  7. usvi says:

    wow, just wow…

    Meanwhile, just a few miles away… USVI is open and BOOMING! Great season!

    No hassles, no extra testing, no fees, no attitude. Yes to being open, having fun, and no BS.

    USVI killing it!

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  8. Flyer says:

    I went through St Martin the other day. I was amazed at the number of tourists. The airport was jammed full of people. The BVI is killing itself.

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  9. Absolutely says:

    Absolute embarrassment. And in true VIP fashion they looking to blame everything and everybody instead of accepting responsibility.

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  10. East End Man says:

    Marlon only now feeling embarrassed? Now he knows how we in the east feel about when he let his partners in NDP take our Sewage money and put into the pier park project and left us here walking in filt

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    • @East End Man says:

      Continue with this broken record and tired VIP talking points about sewage money that was paid back to Government and what has this Administration done!? I’m waiting….. crickets crickets! If they so cared about why east end why haven’t they laid a pipe in over years? Boy GTFO# and miss us with your crap. You VIP troll.

    • VI Gyal says:

      I am sure you go to the Pier Park. SOme of our home owners need to stop running their d**n filt in the road. Do we remember when CM company had gotten money under VIP time and nothing at all was done. Atleast NDP did something cause Greenland was a mess before and other places in East End.

  11. Ausar says:

    Whats wrong with 150 persons showing up?

    In my view, it should have been 1500 persons showing up!!!!

    Those of you with your gilded jobs have no clue to the sufferation tourism-based enterprises have gone through, during this season of “economic nothingness”!

    Get youselves together, “Ports People”,and governmental officials, so that our economy can thrive once more!

  12. VIP needs to go a year ago. says:

    They Really need to Go….Along with their no plan full of excuses Department heads..Time to try something different..Too many failures..

  13. Hazel Benjamin says:

    This was an embarrassment with the whole world watching. This happened because of the lack of visionary leadership in the BVI.
    Now with the politicians, ministers, etc. under investigation and running like chicken without heads, the country is being run by people who do not know what to do.

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