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RTW rewarding employees with bonuses for COVID-19 response

The Roadtown Wholesale building that houses Cash & Carry and RiteWay supermarket in Pasea Estate.

Amid the disruption being caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, RoadTown Wholesale (RTW) is rewarding its employees with salary bonuses.

Managing director Guy Strickland of the local food chain said RTW is offering bonuses to its workers because of the increased duties and work hours they have taken on since the pandemic.

“Frontline, administration, and supply-chain employees are working around the clock to keep our stores well stocked and sanitized, to keep our stores open for business, and our customers well serviced while at the same time juggling family responsibilities that are even more challenging today with schools and daycares closed,” Strickland said.

Come March 27, full-time employees will be awarded a one-time bonus of $500 while the food chain’s part-time workers will receive $250.

Strickland said the bonus will be paid to all employees hired before January 1, this year.

“I am so proud of all 440 employees of RTW who have stepped up during these unprecedented times. We hope this token of appreciation will show our employees how much their efforts are appreciated as they continue to step up and serve our community,” the Managing Director said.

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  1. unknown says:

    wonderful ! look out for your staff and your business will continue to run well!

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  2. HMMM says:

    that is one supermarket that can avoid to pay their stuff more than they do. The bonus is good but increase in salary would be better!

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    • True says:

      This is so true and this is a FACT! Most supermarket staff especially cashiers work for minimum wage. At the end of the month they have only enough to pay bills. So, they need this bonus more than anything!

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  3. WOW says:


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  4. Wow says:

    440 employees, WOW!

  5. Unchained, Unfair Labour Practices. says:

    Way passed due. And more needs to be done, but with government not providing mandatory legislation for an across the board national wage increase, all will still be living on slave wage high cost of living income.

    The leades know that the work-wage-cost of living imbalance and subsequent misery index are off the chart, but is doing nothing and will do nothing to ease the distress of the majority.

    Until bold and moral leadership are exercised with businesses in this territory, the masses will continue to suffer economically tremendously.

    All must make a profit, but the profit maker the work doers, should also be compensated fairly. Such is not the case in this territory.

    • Agree says:

      I second this! Can you imagine people working essential jobs for less than 12k per year!?

    • @Unchained Unfair says:

      The party that makes this and economic empowerment issues for the majority its main platform should win the next election.

      Time for to have a government that will continue to support businesses of course, but to change the paradigm between the “work-wage-cost of living-misery index” for the majority.

      The exploitation of the masses meager wages and the suffering being felt must be changed.

      Only a bold and fearless leadership will do that.

      The BVI’s majority deserves such leadership!

  6. Good says:

    RTW can afford it….business has been booming since IRMA and now COVID-19…it’s a good time to be in the supermarket business. Glad that the shareholders sharing with the staff though.

  7. East side says:

    P***ers not going f**t on there employees

  8. Allyuh stupid? says:

    It’s called hazard pay.

    Great marketing ploy having it marketed as a bonus.

    These employers feel ppl really stupid out here

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  9. Trick says:

    Have they have been overcharging consumers for al these years? so that ain’t nothing for them to do. I hope they getting their over time pays as well.
    Allof a sudden you can afford to give 440 employees one -time bonus hmm

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