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RVIPF launching pilot project for cops to wear body cameras

Officers of the Armed Response Unit in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF.)

Frontline officers in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) are to become equipped with closed-circuit body cameras while on duty.

Police said a three-month pilot project on the new body-worn cameras is being launched.

At the end of the project — which is a collaboration between local police and international technology company Axon — the results will be evaluated and a decision made on whether to equip the RVIPF on a ‘permanent basis’.

In the meantime, Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said the body-cam project is an initiative to modernise local policing.

“We, as officers, need to be able to use CCTV cameras more as part of our standard tools of operation. Footage from these modern body-worn devices can be used as direct evidence in court in relation to incidents captured. It also protects not only officers from accusations of abuse or improper conduct, but importantly provides members of the public with evidential standard proof should there be any such abuse or conduct by officers of the law,” the top cop said.

“It is vitally important that all the modern capabilities available through technology are accessible to my officers,” he added while noting that body cameras will help police ‘gather the most accurate reactions, behaviours and responses’ in anticipation of possible court cases.

A media release from the RVIPF on Monday said police are currently undergoing training as part of the pilot project. Once successful, officers are expected to begin wearing and recording with these body cameras.

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  1. LOL says:


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    • Ms wize says:


    • Too late says:

      C******W is the first police office to wear a body cam in this country. He wore one all of 2018; he bought it himself. He actually undertook a pilot project all by himself. Way to go S***r C**!

      • LCS says:

        Really? How do you know this? Did he had to get permission from the Chief? Interesting information. Avant Garde this fellow.

  2. Confucius says:

    It’s about time. This should have been done years ago. The technology has been available for a very long time. The cameras protect both the police AND the public!

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    • Buddah says:

      The technology for a lot of things is available but is irrelevant if the society doesn’t need it. Other people’s problems aren’t always our problem. Instead of cameras how about police presence around the business community? How about seeing an actual member of the police force patrolling on a weekend – when most of these murders and other activities are committed. How about officers out an available to help stop some of this nonsense parking and illegal stops by buses at the roundabout to help us get to an orderly society.

      With these cameras does this mean that in the event of an actual emergency – ie Hurricane Irma the police will show up for duty?

      It seems that there are some sections of the population in a hurry for us to forget that under the present top cop – we were failed by RVIPF and there seems to be no willingness for answers any of this. But give me cameras and I think that we have top-notch, modern security in the BVI? There is a lot more that needs to be done within the force than these silly gimmicks.

      I say even spend the money on improving morale and self-respect in the force than these imported stunts. Let’s wise up my people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good, but not a really needed initiative at this juncture in policing in the BVI.

    What is needed is improvement in criminogenic with regards to solving murders.

    The murderers are obviously smarter than the resources of crime solving abilities.

    There are all kinds of UK resources here, why is that some of their crime solving resources such as their equivalent of the FBI and CIA cannot be allocated to the territory?

    Yt plans are in the works to further destabilise and hijack the economy, and bring in UK foreigners and give them belonger, voting and representation status.

    Mixed up priorities. And none is in favour of the authentic BVIslander.

    So, body cams appear to be the least needed technology at this juncture in this moment and time.

    Meanwhile, the dishonest cop will continue to be dishonest even with new technology.

  4. Mr Shovels says:

    wasn’t this already a thing? S***c*p has been wearing one for some time now if I’m not mistaken

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  5. hmm says:

    waste of money.

    How about more foot patrol and enforce the rules across the board and not to just some.

    another solution is to have a program where you can rotate police from other Caribbean countries and vice versa.

    BVI police do not encounter situations that warrants a body cam.

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  6. Yaaa says:

    Finally, body cam is the way to go. @hmm you should welcome this.

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  7. Hmm says:

    This might cause some officers to not be officers no more or coincidentally a few minutes of loss footage as court evidence

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