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Rymer bats for more $$ | Says monthly $10K allocation for district assistance insufficient

Minister of Transportation, Works, & Utilities Kye Rymer.

Representative of the Fifth District and government legislator Kye Rymer is requesting additional funding to assist constituents that make up the nine electoral districts of the British Virgin Islands.

While making contributions in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Rymer argued that the current monthly allocation for each district is not enough.

“As district representatives, we only receive about $10,000 for district assistance and we get a whole lot of requests and at times you want to help each and every person but the money dwindles away quite quickly,” Rymer explained.

“I speak for most of my colleagues here and we are now asking the Minister for Finance for some additional funding so we can assist these persons within our territory. I hope he obliges because we came here to help,” he added.

It’s not that we are greedy

Rymer said, as elected representatives, they all try their best to assist those who are most in need.

“I get requests from throughout the territory and my heart is so soft that at times I want to assist everyone. But the money comes up short, and I even end up going through my pocket. And now, with a daughter in college, it’s a little difficult. So I just want the people of the territory to know that not that I am greedy, but I just can’t assist each and every person,” Rymer said.

In the meantime, the district representative said he hopes persons are utilizing the funds for the right reasons and not “taking advantage of the opportunity” by using the funds outside of what it is intended.

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  1. Typical says:

    ‘The money dwindles away quite quickly’
    Yes Kye. That’s life. And that money comes from the pockets of tax payers. It doesn’t grow on trees. It is your duty to budget and spend it wisely not hand it out like it is going out of fashion.
    If you can’t handle that simple responsibility then maybe you shouldn’t be in public office.
    $10,000 a month is more than adequate. If anything this should be cut not increased.

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    • Bush Tea Sipping says:

      We seriously need a Social Development Welfare Reform. Clearly the money is not filtering down to those who needs it. This has been taking place under may administrations.

  2. Ace says:

    Instead of fiving out monies why doesn’t the government find ways for people to help themselves holistically then them being dependent on government representatives. If I am giving you money or paying your rent, you will feel obligated to vote for me…send the money through another government agency for check and balances on the people asking for the money.

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  3. Diaspora says:

    During Slavery, Slaves were forced to depend on “Massa” for the rags on their backs, scraps from the table, and housing in dilapidated shacks. Of course, they were the workhorses from sun up to sundown without any earnings; they were forced to work for free. Physical Emancipation occurred officially on 01 August 1834 (August Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are celebration of Emancipation). However, it seems as if the territory moved from one type of dependency to another, ie, political patronage.

    Ministerial government was ushered in 1967. Each ministry had/has roles and responsibilities. Thus, any resident in each of the nine districts should be able to go the appropriate ministry to address a need concern, eg, for a road issue PWD, for social need MHSS……etc. Sometimes residents may need reps to intervene on their behalves. However, up and down the Caribbean, especially in Anglophone countries, constituents run first to their reps for everything under the sun. And if they cannot deliver, they pay a penalty, they are viewed as useless.

    If government is functioning well, there is no need for reps to be serving as alternative ministries. The ministries should be the first point of contact. Residents need to be weaned off the level of dependency. I’m not averse to the TRULY needy getting help. Nonetheless, they need to be steered through the ministries. What are the criteria, if any, for distributing the monthly $10K allocation? Is the allocation distributed based solely on true needs? Are some residents seeing their district rep as an ATM? Is the distribution based on politics, party support, familial ties, friendships, connections……..etc? Should the current system need to be modified? Has it gone too far for valve to be turn back? Can the allocations be seen as a mean of buying votes?

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  4. Socialist says:

    Where is Social Development. That’s the portfolio of that department.

  5. East says:

    Them, them is the worst set.. They all in everyone’s business then give who they want .. A set a D**B A$$e$.. Never doing the government work but in every thing, then all about talking it… Hmmm mehn!!

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  6. Chris says:

    I agree completely with diaspora. This is just a quid pro quo like is all over the news today where they are trying to impeach a president for allegedly trying to get something from someone in exchange for US aide. Of course the political system expects to swap votes in the BVI for a handout. It is just a monthly variation on the famous white envelopes that get so much talk at election time. I have only heard one politician actually give an accounting of how he has spent the money and that was the present minister for the 9th in his 4 month report to the people of the district. All representatives should be forced to account for these funds which are our tax payers money . The representatives are well capable of approaching the relevant ministry in the case of a needy person in their district and let the ministry make the decision and take the political patronage aspect out of the decision .

    • Transparency says:

      I agree with your post Chris and Diaspora. There should be a proper accounting for these funds. After all it is the taxpayers money. What raised my eyebrows is the good Minister’s concern which was, he hoped that the funds are being used for the intended purpose! What type of BS is that? No accounting? If you ask me those legit persons such as the elderly if we are helping them pay for their electricity bills, then maybe we issue them an electricity voucher or something of the sort this handing out white envelopes needs to be more structured. Something where funds are properly accounted for and persons who need real help, are indeed helped. Asking for funds is downright unacceptable and bordering on irresponsibility. If a system can be taken advantage of, it will be.

  7. ? says:

    Guess the white envelope government is back and needs more cookies!

  8. Yep says:

    How else do you thinks voting goes? It is a known fact that supporters of representatives receive monthly stipends. And none of this is means tested!! One hand wash the other!

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