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Rymer blames indiscriminate dumping for worsened flooding

The practice of some residents dumping garbage indiscriminately is being blamed for the heightened flooding that damaged the territory this week.

Flooding this week wreaked havoc across the territory, causing infrastructural damage. Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer blamed improper waste disposal for exacerbating the problem.

Rymer stated that clean-up teams discovered large appliances, such as washing machines and even mattresses, clogging drainage systems. 

“Help us to help you because where we are doing our assessment, we are seeing that there are actual washing machines, we are seeing mattresses and all sorts of debris in the ghut. So we are asking persons to refrain from that kind of behaviour,” Rymer pleaded.

The Minister disclosed that his team has been actively engaged in clean-up operations throughout the territory, including vital areas like the market square, the Elmore Stoutt High School, West End and Windy Hill. 

Despite the challenges, Rymer suggested that initial assessments showed that the damage to infrastructure was mostly minor, with some areas experiencing minor flooding. He noted that further assessments were necessary.

Meanwhile, Rymer acknowledged the setback in recent roadwork efforts due to the unexpected heavy rains. ”It’s unfortunate that we were actually out doing patching… when we thought that it was just a small rain, it turned out to be excessive,” the Minister explained. 

He added: “We will continue to do our road patching. Our asphalt plant is up and working, and we will be out trying to make the roadways as passable as possible.” 


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  1. Guest says:

    So, we know the problem all along. What were we doing proactively to mitigate the effects of this behavior?

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  2. Lack of civic pride says:

    Make it easier for people to dispose of large items. Most municipalities have one or two designated days a year when they’ll collect them. Most people don’t have vehicles and time to take this kind of stuff to the bank.

    Better yet, govt could lead by example and cleanup the Territory. Guys in Ballo should be on street cleanup detail to earn their keep.

    A comprehensive waste management policy wouldn’t hurt either. And neither would efforts to instill civic pride. Take a good look around.

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    • @ Lack of civic pride says:

      To my knowledge, WMA has specific days when they collect large items/appliances from various areas across the Territory (I stand to be corrected if this is no longer the case). I am not sure if persons are aware of this and whether the actual pick-up days are publicised.

      It would be helpful if the dates can be posted on/nearby the large green bins in order to raise public awareness. Additionally, persons should only be allowed to place the bulk waste in these areas on the night before/morning of collection. Failure to do so should results in severe fines (emphasis on severe)! The government can install cameras at these locations to catch the culprits who do otherwise.

      In other countries there are specific waste collection days, even for regular household waste and the people abide by the rules. Until we get serious and crack down on offenders by hitting them deeply in their pockets, we will forever be in this situation. There must be a deterrence for this unpleasant behaviour!

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      • What says:

        @ Lack of Civil Pride
        You kidding? This was the best thing they did, and probably by accident 1. THE TURN AROUND OF THE TRAFFIC IS A DISASTER

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        • Eldread says:

          @lack of civic pride, which I think natalio Wheatley falls in the category of lack of civic pride, because he going go work up he waste in music fest party rather than clean his country and fix infrastructure, oops! I forget he had idiots that will be jamming with him and forget their country, wether UK moving while they jamming they won’t care, he love parties, I believe he party allot in the fancy hotels he stay when he travels frequently.

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  3. Chupes says:

    The excuses minister. Everything is a failure under Kye. It has been 5 years since you are minister for works and nothing works.

    1. The turn around of the traffic is a disaster
    2. The market is a disaster
    3. The roads are horrible
    4. No water available to even have a bath
    6. The road by the governor’s house is a disaster
    7. The warehouses so called economic zone is a disaster.

    Kye has been a failure. Total failure. Full of excuses and no productivity.

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    • Lord of the Rings says:

      I have to agree with you, he has been nothing but an Image for the media to show himself. No productive action. He is the weakest minister of works in decades. Add PWD to the list of failures.

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    • I wonder says:

      Were these failures not known around election time? Why was he voted back in?

  4. Sara says:

    Blame blame blame…put legislation in place to fine persons for illegal dumping and enforce it

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  5. Resident says:

    the blame is on government for building roads without proper drainage

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  6. As the works Minister says:

    putting the blame on others is a sign of pure incompetence please Stop, Get the problems were facing resolved

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    • Poor Tola says:

      Clearly math is not your forte.

      Let me draw a map for you

      Public Works —Answers to—-> Government

      Any and anything that has to do with the infrastructure of a place falls in the hands of the individuals that “Govern” that particular space, i.e the Government.

      Plain and simple, it does not matter who is in the seat, who you elect, the persons in charge DO NOT want this country to go forward (Because I believe theres another group or entity involved that is hidden from the public causing all this ****).

      You think they care about our roads? While they busy driving around in our tax money? AKA $69,807 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokees? Every single time you open up a news article is money either being stolen right in front yuh face or wasted.

      Im 31 years old and from my perspective THEY KNOW what they doing, focus on yall self, increase your value so you can make more money…elsewhere cause the BVI is not it.

      We busy raising our pressure complaining day in day out and the hurtful thing is that its our own thats killing us and if thats the case let the damn UK come in and do what they gotta do ,regardless if they do the same Shyte at least its not one of ours. One BVI my foot.

      • @Poor Tola says:

        I agree. UK needs 2 years; let’s get that documented that in 2 years this place would be fixed or close to fix and then call an election. Talking talking talking talking does not help and a state of the territory will not help. This place will take about 2 years to fix UK please help us and none of you all on government side and a few on the opposition do not even think on running. this is absurd.

  7. What!!! says:

    Some people are worse than pigs.

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  8. Resident says:

    We can blame our Government for a lot of things But behaviour such as this, is outright WRONG. Cameras should be set up around ALL Dumpsters to capture the Culprits of this indiscriminate Act. This is downright nasty. We, as a people need to be more responsible as our actions have consequences.Actions like this speaks volumes for the type of people living in our Territory. How much it cost to have a Truck take your Bulky stuff to the Dumpster? Come on, WE are better than this.

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    • Observer says:

      You are correct. They rent a truck or get a friend to go pick up the mattress or washing machine. They need to do the same to dispose of it. Anything else is just ghetto.

  9. Li says:

    Dis f**kin monkey want to blame the people noi

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  10. Nash says:

    Hmmm..any guess as to the profile of these pigs out of the 100 plus nationalities installed by WE to “build up” the VI?
    Without doubt they are contributors to other Mashup of quality of life in these VI.
    A change in the demographic is needed for the survival of these VI.

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  11. AskingForAFriend! says:

    How hard is it to see a washing machine or a mattress in a ghut? Once you see it – get it out. Pro-active Public Works.

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  12. @ citizen says:

    YOU have grown so accustomed to pointing your fingers at the UK the GOVERNOR / CINDY and WALWYN we Lare waiting to hear who is going to get the BLAME

  13. Now says:

    I remember when ARCHIE cry fowl about such yuoall was down his throat.So when you driving by to Town and you see it why you the likes of Health did’t address it.

  14. Hmmm says:

    One problem we have is the garbage bins are very far from each other.

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  15. O brother says:


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  16. @ HMMM says:

    well you are still fortunate ones , do you see any at all on main street ? looks like since they change the traffic , main street got the curse / now they want to use one washing machine and one matress , for blocking the ghuts and causing the flood , this dude is a real genius

    • Hmm says:

      Main street is narrow it should only be used by bikes, bicycles and the shuttle service. Also persons should not be allowed to parked on mainstreet at all

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  17. Nail it says:

    I do believe this with all my heart
    As a community we need to treat our country with more respect
    If as a community we are Principled
    If adults set the pace
    The young ones will follow it will be an exception to the rule of indiscriminate dumping
    The culture of a country is displayed and comes out in
    1 Our schools
    2. Our DRIVING courtesy we display on the road
    2. In the church

    That is how you can judge a society . Do your research and tell me i am wrong

    • @NAIL it says:

      Your #2 item on the list is where you should have ended.

      The garbage extends to the choice of the dominant immigrant group invited and installed in these VI.

  18. BuzzBvi says:

    Nothing to do with Guts not being cleaned on a regular basis and never until well into hurricane season. Guts are always overgrown with plants and trees, much like the roads. No effort to keep our water courses cleaned. What a joke.

  19. Roadside Waste says:

    Welcome to Natures Little Secretes

  20. COI Validate says:

    I don’t doubt that there is a provision by our Gov and sanitation for bill garbage collection but it could be a secret BVIis biggest accomplishment is the
    ability to maintain rosters of secrets which are intended for public knowledge. Just another of the affected psychosis in an attempt at feelin in control. One lasting result of slavery ,perhaps.
    Other real possibility that some and someone has and has had a contract for this hauling duty but never physically excercise the commitment. On time every
    time collection of the $$$ is their exent as are many like Govt contracts.

  21. Hum says:

    Shame on you
    It’s been 4 days already and the road in front of
    Incinerator did not get clear out yet.
    And don’t bulshit again,all you need is a bakco for 10 minutes

  22. Pass the buck says:

    Rymer would blame his own mum if he thought it bought help him

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  23. Please Lead says:

    Our government present and those in the past (VIP and NDP) simply talk about these issues but have not implemented strategic measures to address the problem. Until they are serious, nothing will change. We NEED change Mr. Minister. Talk is cheap. Tough leadership is key to overcoming this vexing issue.

  24. Well well... says:

    Is either somebody just now block the ghuts and drains with washing machine and mattress last week or this man just admitted to doing nothing productive over the past 5 years.

  25. support says:

    Wen a politician and moreso a Govt minister blaming its people – its shows Inexperience,incpmpitence,and lack of vocabulary to construct a decent explanation or know when to be apologtic

  26. .. says:

    Them drink island police going to be glad to put on VES and be in the music fes with them cheese up set of island man

  27. polluter pays says:

    Those companies who have the privilege to import furniture and appliances need to be made responsible for disposing of consumer’s old items. You sell a mattress? You need to be required to take away the old mattress for a small fee ($15). Same with tire and vehicle importers.

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