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Rymer pledges to assist fire department with new equipment

Kye Rymer

Government has pledged to assist the local fire department in acquiring new equipment to help improve their daily functions.

Minister with oversight for the Virgin Islands Fire & Rescue department Kye Rymer gave that indication while commending the department for acting swiftly to contain and extinguish a bush fire that was near to the residence of Mr and Mrs Simon Potter of Meyers Estate on May 8.

“I must say congratulations to those guys (the fire officers). They worked hand in hand, they worked together,” the minister said.

“We must also acknowledge the Potters, for giving us the ability to use their home and their cisterns, for use of water,” he added.

The Minister who was present on the scene of the incident said he believes more equipment including water pumps and communication devices are needed and assured the department that it has the support of the ministry to procure the necessary items.

Meanwhile, Chief Fire Officer Zebalon McLean warned the public on the dangers of starting controlled fires. He said researchers have found that most bush fires are caused as a result of these controlled fires.

McLean believes the public should refrain from burning; especially in the dry season.

“The island has the potential to have uncontrollable fires,” he said.

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  1. LOL says:

    How? When all the money being spent on nonsense? No real difference so far between this set and the others that we voted out.

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  2. Just saying says:

    The wasted money on a new vehicle for the premier could have purchased a good fire tender for the country. Just saying

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    • No Name says:

      @ Just saying

      you should have also said that when the former Premier bought his.

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      • @No name says:

        It was said. If I remember correctly it was “breaking news” and big facebook discussion after he changed a vehicle that was more than 10 years old. This one changed a 3 year vehicle and is asking that him nor his government be defined by it! * Rolls Eyes *

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  3. hiphop says:

    This guy is almost as bad a l*** as the leader, a real waste of time, they need to do some work and stop the politics.

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  4. Don't care says:

    I don’t care or want to hear anything that comes out of the mouths of this slime green Government.

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  5. Faith says:

    Ok NDP bloggers, enough is enough. You all are so bitter and sour at the same time. Breathe in and out before blogging nonsense

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  6. Quiet Warrior says:

    It is government responsibility to staff, train, equip and capitalize/recapitalize the fire services. A well-trained, prepared/ready and equipped fire services is critical to protect lives and property. As such, the MWUT must do more than promise to assist the fire services with equipment; he must commit and deliver the equipment. In addition to delivering equipment, he must repair, upgrade, improve and modernized the fire stations.

    An effective fire services is a quality of life issue and a standard of First World countries. Is the VI a First World territory? Moreover, fire hydrants, stand pipes and fire flow must be part and parcel of the water distribution system.

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    • SMH says:

      Can’t blame the present Government! whatever happen to the previous Administrations. These are not new issues plaguing the Fire and Rescue Department. Please! Say One, count Two! Give the Present Government time to access and implement the People’s Work. Can’t please everyone, but given the opportunity, could have a greater good for All.

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  7. Tired says:

    He not tired promising? It is more than that. Start doing some policy work, that is where it begins. The mopping up mentality is not where it is at when you want change.

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  8. On Looker says:

    I swear these guys love taking pictures more than anything else, if you want to help firefighters, then just do it no need for a photo session, and what use is it you being on site when the trained persons are doing their job?

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  9. Really says:

    Facebook Government. “Photo opportunity”

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    • @Facebook Government says:

      At least they are communicating with the people. Something the past Government didn’t do.

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    • @Really says:

      You just a hater from NDP failed camp. Who could be more Facebook Government than NDP. They cop that award each year of their reign of failed leadership.

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  10. Anegadian says:

    Yes mr government work is in progress its a good look

  11. CW says:

    Watching you strupes clown around online and DESTROY the BVI is sad SMH.





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  12. Fire Hydrants says:

    Mr Minister I really think it’s high time BVI get fire hydrants on all streets and areas where there is development. We should not be reactive but proactive. The fire on the hillside was another reminder that we can’t be putting out fires the old way in a modern society. Cistern water and trucked water??? No, it’s time to fix the Water and Sewerage inefficiencies and woes and really develop this country. It’s within your power and reach. Time to tell people in that department either shape up or ship out. Time for proper funding. Time for a proper bill collection system. It’s time and you guys can do it. Y’all have started well. KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

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  13. Just Ice says:

    Meanwhile let the govt rent an excavator and out the toxic fire at Coxheath..

  14. Home Boy says:

    On Looker you just blogging for blogging sake. Can’t you see this picture is from a sitting in the House of Assembly. It’s the news site post the story and find the picture to put with the story.

  15. roll eye says:

    dear hon.

    please pledge a pump for horse path. we lost the second pump over 4 years this will help avoid pressure from the one pump to bust the pipes every second.

    thank you

  16. VG says:

    Need we remind them of VG….where some of us witnessed a bush fire being put out by a water tank and a third world country mini truck….The fire men on VG are on of the hardest set of working men as they also double as EMTS always available above and become the call of duty to assist whenever they are called..however it is applauding their working conditions which should be seriously addressed.

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