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Rymer proposes to make D5 ‘cultural capital’ of BVI, reclaiming land part of plans


Virgin Islands Party (VIP) political candidate Kye Rymer is proposing to transform District Five into the ‘cultural capital’ of the British Virgin Islands if elected into office.

Rymer said he would begin by making changes to the existing cultural framework of the district such as expanding the appeal of Fahie Hill’s mural.

He proposes to add what he described as a sizeable ‘pull-off area’ for tour buses to park and allow visitors to safely embark and disembark.

“This would entail reclaiming some land,” Rymer said at the official launch of his candidacy in Huntum’s Ghut on Saturday.

While noting that Fahie Hill boasts a chicken and livestock farm, an art museum, a lookout bar, and a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine, Rymer said these businesses must be actively incorporated as part of the tourism product in the district.

“Let us give our visitors a unique all-day experience at Fahie Hill and in return, we can empower our people with jobs and business opportunities,” he said.

Entrepreneurial programme in Huntums Ghut

The VIP candidate said he also plans to set up an entrepreneurial programme in the Huntums Ghut community.

“We propose to erect three mini-warehouses. Each one will accommodate six to nine spaces that would include the businesses. This would cater to our youth and our elderly gems,” he explained.

Rymer further said one of the sections of the warehouses would be used as a resource centre for children and would include a mini library and a place for the elderly to receive care and to socialize. He said if implemented, it would allow persons the opportunity to become business owners.

He said his proposal viable considering that similar initiative was employed in St Kitts & Nevis

Restoring Sand Box Park

Another item on Rymer’s agenda is to refurbish the Sand Box Park. The candidate said the park’s facilities would be restored under a VIP administration.

Rymer also pledged $500 towards the project and urged others to also donate.


In the meantime, a District Five Services Registry is also being proposed by the political newcomer.

He said the registry would be “designed to market the products and services” available by businesses in the district. Persons would be required to register and their information would then be placed on a special website for the district, he explained.

He further said the registry enables persons to know ‘who to call’ when a particular service is needed.

“All of these plans were derived from me listening to you the people,” Rymer said.

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  1. nalyd says:

    Valid point about the Fahie Hill Mural and the pull off area, but was a bit confused about the land reclamation part because that has to do with filling oceans, lakes or rivers with land. I guess he means creating some extra embankment.

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    • READ says:


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    • Albion says:

      Well, I certainly support the idea of creating a “pulling over” area for taxis along the ridge. Very dangerous right now, and just a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

      Whilst he is considering such things, he should encourage the VIP candidates for Road Town and Purcell to consider similar plans for the divided highway. Someone is going to get killed with all these taxi men stopping opposite One Mart to let people on and off their buses. Crazy.

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  2. What? says:

    How can you reclaim land in District 5? Or does he mean something else?

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  3. Or says:

    Maybe he is saying that private land will be taken from landowners whether dem like it or not…this could lead to legal wrangling ,the idea abandoned and he will then have an excuse later on as to why his politrics idea did not work.

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  4. Sh says:

    Instead of reclaiming land or creating a pull off in Fahie Hill a better solution would be a guided walk tour. The buses drop the tourists at the beginning of the mural they get the history while the buses drive down to the watch house and park. This way the tourist get enough time taking picture, getting history and then walk down pass the chicken coop, visit Ms. Vanterpool cultural shop where she makes local casava bread and her husband museum. If they are keen they can stop by Ms. Iris for local dishes all with good exercise for those able to do so and less money spent in reclaiming land from private owners. We have to learn to utilize what we have until we are about to advance.

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    • @Sh says:

      I like your idea. Nice!

    • Kool aid says:

      Nice idea but drivers would have to pay attention to the tourists on the road, so need a solution for that aspect of it. Cuz on that corner some motorists may not see tourists.

      • Shorty says:

        The drivers should drive get tour guides for all buses which should have been mandatory. Some of the drivers give inaccurate information but having a tour guide on buses gives drivers the opportunity to to take care of their passengers effectively by keeping an eye on the road.

  5. ALL THE WAY says:


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  6. HE IS THE BEST!! says:


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    • Runner says:

      Hold UP!! Where was this guy after Irma when the people needed him in the District? Did he check on his 5th District to see who all was ALIVE then or who needed nursing back to life by assisting with water or anything like that? Anybody seen he walking through the 5th then? In our most critical time of need. No — ran off from here with — family as he couldn’t take the heat and suffer with the rest of his people. Thats a good neighbor? Thats a leader? Now he’s some hero comin to save the day. People could be fool fool so easy buddy.

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  7. SORRY BUT... says:

    Sorry but Wade had more realistic ideas for the district…i will await to hear what Dirk and Juggy has to say

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  8. @sorry but says:

    Can you tell the people those ideas because we sure didn’t hear much.
    He took us back 20yrs for sure.

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  9. 5th says:

    V–o is a fraud only posting things in favor of Kye.
    Wade sounds better to me so far. I have to wait to see what Dirky and Juggy has to say then I will make my choice. I am voting individual not party this trip.

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  10. D5 says:

    FIX THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS IN PASEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Eagle eye says:

    But he from cane garden bay.since when he is a ghut huntums ghut rather outsiders now.

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  12. Hmmmm says:

    A Contract was issued 2 years ago for the Basket Ball Court repair to the Eight and now it getting done and it look as if a Kye Rymer initiative. Seriously. Dude you want a clean start, be honest with the people. You will get more respect that way.

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