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Rymer’s stint ends | Vincent Wheatley sworn in as new Deputy Premier

Minister for Natural Resources & Labour Vincent Wheatley is the new Deputy Premier of the British Virgin Islands.

He takes over from Minister of Works, Transportation & Utilities, Kye Rymer whose three-month stint ended Thursday, September 5.

Wheatley who will be in that position until December 5 is the third government minister to take on that position since March.

The fourth Deputy Premier under the Fahie administration will be Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone. Following Malone’s stint, a permanent Deputy Premier will be chosen.

Speaking at the brief swearing-in ceremony, Wheatley said: “I am indeed humbled to be here this morning taking the oath of office for one of the highest public offices in the land.”

“Premier, you can rest assured that over the next three months, I will be making the most of this learning opportunity,” the first-term legislator added.

Rymer, who also delivered remarks, congratulated Wheatley and wished him well.

He also described his experience in the Deputy Premier’s seat as ‘great’.

“The experience that I gained during this short time I will always remember,” he said.

He continued: “I got the opportunity to serve as the Acting Premier on quite a few occasions, and I understood the responsibilities, and I used it to put the people first.”

Benefit in times of crisis

Premier Andrew Fahie said the ‘unconventional move’ of giving his portfolio ministers a chance at the Deputy Premier seat is to ensure each link in his government’s chain is strong.

He also said he believes the rotation will benefit the territory in times of crisis.

“We have often heard of premiers coming off the scene. And if, God forbid, something happens; for people to say ‘well, who’s gonna run this country?’, we would have [already] gone through two deputy premiers who I have full confidence in [and who] can run the country, come what may. [We also have] a third one here and the fourth.”

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  1. VG MAN says:

    I am proud of this move by the Premier.

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    • me says:

      but we already know whose going to be the deputy . I am not sure why they continue to fool the people of the BVI with this month charade.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    More poppy show

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  3. Oh now says:

    Hon. Vincent Wheatley will do excellent.

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  4. Wise says:

    The Premier is wise man

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    • Wise Man Say ith says:

      What is the status of the whistleblower law we were promised, the status of the investigation into BVI Airlines and the status of the police investigation into school wall,

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  5. vip heckler says:

    what we need is a premier

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  6. VG says:

    It is time VG get another Deputy Premier.

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  7. Outlook says:

    To most persons vip has done well in their first 6 months in office. They have a lot more work to do and have made a few errors but I like how they have handled themselves and the country thus far.

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  8. Andrew! says:

    why your mouth long down so?!


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  9. Reality says:

    This is a circus.
    If you want to give each minister a sting, make it a year.

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  10. Eagle eye says:

    The premier seems to be hinting that he wouldn’t be around much longer,sad.

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  11. LOL says:

    The Premier watching the Gov like he want to crack him a hot fist. lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    A Musing on Maintaining, Thinking in or Out of or Discarding the Box:

    The real world is about cutthroat competition. As such, it remains to be unfolded how the three-month Deputy Premier stewardship, despite its obvious practical political growth for each individual, will benefit the greater political process and hoped for benefits for the territory over the next four. Indeed, each society has its own unique way of doing things. No one size fits all for all societies.

    And as such, each society has certain standards and criterial elements, often codified as usable minimums. One of them is when we give men and women the opportunity to serve us politically.

    When we are solicited and give that opportunity to do so, we want them to serve us. We want them to preside over our resources so that we have food on our table. We want them to serve us so that when we are sick, we have facilities where we can go in an affordable manner. We want them to use our taxes so we can take our children to school and receive good quality education, and where they are taught the right things. Things that will afford them the shills to compete equally in the 21st.

    We want schools where they are not taught none sense, lies, untrue and one-sided history. Therefore, we want them to create curriculums that do not give teachers the ridiculous task of teaching none sense, like Christopher Columbus discovered the West Indies/Virgin Islands or David Livingston discovered the Niagara Falls.

    There are two illustrations of none sense lies that have been fed us for centuries. They may have been the first Europeans to travel that far, but they meet people already living at every port they stopped. So, they could not have discovered anywhere in the authentic meaning and sense of the word.

    So, we want them to rewrite the history books to reflect accurately the history of the world and its prolific past civilizations and societies, and the people that taught the world what it knows today, and have significantly contributed to the cultural, economics, medicinal, literature and law, architecture, sociological, philosophical and historical developments and achievements of those societies, instead of continuing to have our teachers continue teaching our children none sense and lies.

    No, not anymore. In fact, we want them to create curriculums rich in the arts, the history of African arts, literature, sciences, spirituality, music and sculpture, the world cultures ancient to present, history of music and musical art, Nano and Pico sciences and technology, and not just European musical, academic and historical frameworks. Such frameworks are severely limited and have become outdated in the overall schematic development of the scholarly mind.

    On the human existential level, we want them, when approached with a problem fraught with administrative wrongs and immoralities, that they collectively work to address and resolve citizens’ legitimate disputes, and not dismiss him or her with callous indifference. Do so and disenfranchise a critical vote in the next cycle.

    Critical to the territory’s ascension into modernity over the next hundred to two hundred years is the revamping and elevation of our education and curriculum standards, our economic insights, foresights and practices, and the marriage of the four, to meet and compete with modern standards equal to world competitors.

    Undeniably, an education system is not serving its authentic purpose if it continues to defile the prospects of developing logical and practical mental possibilities, on account of teaching historical misinformation to its future generations or devolving established standards.

    To continue on such a path will only continue to create and develop puppets with perpetual intellectual adolescence capabilities. There are ample examples of this across motherland and the diaspora.

    Every child and adult across the diaspora, for example, can name a river in the US or Canada, but cannot name one major waterway or viable historical fact relative to or in their ancestral motherland.

    Meanwhile, every European child and adult can tell some thing about Europe, while those of motherland ancestry cannot site one historical fact beyond the enslavement of Black humans, and that motherland is poor and of hut living people.

    Such an education is a human mental travesty and intellectual disgrace and an educational and intellectual disservice to children in the 21st century, and speaks ill of the worldview being inculcated into our future decision makers of this territory.

    Henceforth, we want them to change our education system from producing minds mired in historical, cultural and intellectual amnesia, to those incredibly prepared to take on all challenges of modernity, especially economic and politic, into the next five hundred years.

    Last, who has analyzed thoroughly what the past to current education system has done and is still doing to the young mind and psyche of the motherland descendant child over centuries?

    Factually, a tree will produce strong roots and great fruit if planted in great soil. The productivity of the past to current educational system has not and will not live up to that premise, and practicing systems of enhancement for some at the suppression of others.

    In ending, I am not appropriating to myself the oligopoly of knowledge and wisdom. Truthfully, these are mere Pico reflections of my thoughts. And those thoughts are informed by life long study; observations, analyses, experienced and studied realities.

    It is hoped, then, that they will bring to bear effects on the right minds, in the right places, at the right and opportune time.

    Meanwhile, may the pollitcal wranglings take their course as they always do.

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  13. Move says:

    Great move PREMIER

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  14. strupes says:

    We still here at this age playing dolly house???????????????

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  15. any bets? says:

    The buck stops at Carvin?

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    • Looking says:

      They need to rotate the premier to so far Andrew not doing a good job.we need to see if anyone else is fit to be the premier.

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  16. LOL says:

    The look on foy’s face like he aint wanna be around that governor…Give him a chance he look like he will clout off that man

  17. Looking says:

    They need to rotate the premier to so far Andrew not doing a good job.we need to see if anyone else is fit to be the premier

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  18. Eagle eye says:

    So Decastro sheep and flax ain’t getting a try out.guess they are the VIP back benchers.

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