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Saba Rock Resort commences job fair today!

Saba Rock Resort

Following its destruction during the 2017 hurricanes, Saba Rock Resort has completed its full rehabilitation process and will commence rehiring with a job fair scheduled for today, Tuesday, February 16.

Resort Manager Alain Prion told BVI News in a recent interview that the first of the two job fairs will be for Virgin Gorda residents and will be held from 9 am to 3 pm at the Sugarcane Restaurant in Nail Bay.

Prion listed some of the expected job vacancies that his resort will be seeking to fill and said he will be aiming to hire between 20 to 35 persons until the tourism industry fully resumes.

“We are looking for resort positions — housekeeping attendants, maintenance persons, deckhands, cooks, dishwashers’ servers, bartenders, food runners, barbacks, retail/front desk associates. All should have experience in the position that they are seeking and all should have their CVs with them,” the Resort Manager said.

“We are a small resort so there are limited positions in every department. Not knowing about future tourist pace, we are limiting the staff we can bring on until the restrictions can be loosened up for foreign tourists,” Prion added.

Reopening set for mid-May

The resort manager also said he hopes to start employing the selected candidates in April and will allow the resort to be ready for its reopening in mid-May.

The second job fair will be for residents on the mainland of Tortola and is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23 from 8:30 am to 3 pm. 

The fair will also be held at the Sugarcane Restaurant in Nail Bay, and shuttle services will be provided for persons arriving on Virgin Gorda via the 8:30 am, 11 am and 2 pm ferries from Road Town, Tortola.

Both new and previous employees are encouraged to take part in the two job fairs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Low end, low paying, menial job fair VGians, should be the headline.

    All know that middle and upper level jobs and salaries do not go to local pockets, whether they are qualified, over qualified or not..

    And, not everyone is openminded enough to accept, admit and recgnize truths either. Watch them go crazy on this comment, for example.

    But the facts, discrimination agaist a certain group of human beings have been in existence and in practice for to long. It is time to at least begin to highlight and speak about it. The first step to changing human thoughts, practices and behavior.

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    • @Anon says:

      A low job is better than NO JOB! We all have to start somewhere, stop with the foolishness. The locals who are now senior managers, directors and even owners of their own businesses all got their start at the entry level. This attitude is why there are so many lost souls out there. STOP IT!

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      • @@Anon says:

        Would be unintelligent to dispute your statements. They are corrct, and they were thought of but not not mentioned, as they had nothing to do with the major focus, continued discrimination of people of African descent.

        However, how many local middle and senior managers are there in the BVI? Would be surprised what the data will show. Of those that are, how many are making the same salary as their white counterparts? Would be surprised to see what the data show.

        Therefore, until discrimination of all sorts are extinguished and no longer exist upon earth, favoring one race over the other, such statement must and will be continue to be put forward.

        Being comfortable with discrimination, keeping it hidden and accepting any bad human behavior as normal is not good for humanity’s future progress.

        The lost souls mentioned are those that live in a world of ALTERNATIVR FACTS, TRUTHS AND REALITIES, where right is now wrong and wrong is now right..

        He who has lived the sufferings, eaten, drank and tasted the deadly fangs of king cobra discrimination, racial hatred and the likes knows the pain.

        We Black people have lived with that pain and suffering for centuries. That is why we write today, that tomorrow might produce a better people who will treat us better.

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    • Don’t assume says:

      Place is under different ownership now. Why assume that same wages will be offered? Not all business need to be run American-style paying the minumum possible and expecting maximum performance. If you know the wages offered, share. If you don’t, then your comment is uniformed.

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      • 2cents says:

        better to pay the maximum and expect the minimum performance? Business doesn’t operate too long with that model.

      • The Answer says:

        By all means don’t run your business “American Style”. Why would anyone want to emulate the most profitable and productive country on earth?
        Maybe you should run it BVI style, where the employees and Management steal from the owners.

        US Capitalism has created more wealth in the world than all others combined, so there’s that.

        • Don’t assume says:

          @ The Answer: Indeed US Capitalism has created a lot of wealth, but look at the state of the US now. A divided natioon with millions who have no jobs, no health insurance and not a lot of hope. US Capitalism is essentially profits over people at any cost. People are chattel. If instead, the focus was on treating people with dignity, and offering some economic security, you’d get loyalty, better service, happier employees for the most part.. It’s worked for me. Could I have made more money? Sure, but the extra would not have been worth the headache of constantly searching for new staff, and trainining them, only to have them leave because they hate being treated like disposable assets.
          And, @ 2 cents: what is the basis for assuming that just because I disagree with the concept of minimum wage for maximum performance, I take a diametrically opposite perspective.

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          • The Answer says:

            Really? Who has a better economy in the world right now (other than China because of the Kung Flu they inflicted on the world to get rid of Trump), who was killing their economy?

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    • Sister Island Ex-Pat says:

      OK…how many Belongers work in government jobs??? How about 100% Belongers taking those fat jobs where they sit in air conditioned rooms and harass ex-pats.
      So please blow it out your a**!
      We non-belongers have to jump through so many hoops to get work permits and file stupid paperwork every month it is a sin. You belongers get born in the US and have US citizenship, but you kick everyone else off the BVI tit.
      Please get over it!

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    • Tom says:

      You worked too much at the bitter end …

  2. Rubber Duck says:

    They ruined that place when they shut Pirates Pub and built the concrete bunker. I miss that parrot.

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  3. Hire says:

    Hire then fire for there aren’t any tourists. Another smoke and mirror show to try and fool people that all is ok.

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  4. Really? says:

    Want higher paying jobs? You need to bring the tourists back. You can’t pay anyone with no revenue coming in.
    To bring tourist back locals need to get the Vaccine. They don’t want to. They just want to complain the tourist aren’t coming. Get the Vaccine, tourist will come when the incompetent government opens to all.

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  5. Expat says:

    So true!!! Stop the complaints and making it everyone else’s fault do your part!

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