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Salaries of all public officers to be reviewed

Premier Andrew Fahie

The British Virgin Islands government has moved to have the salary of all public servants reviewed which could see an increase in wages of all government workers within a year.

Premier Andrew Fahie announced the news on Tuesday, at the handing over ceremony of the North Sound Administration Building which was rededicated in honour of John E. George.

Premier Fahie was speaking on the subject of providing more and better opportunities for locals to make living and working in the territory more attractive.

“That is why the DG (Deputy Governor) has moved with us towards the Cabinet and I, who announced today that we have ordered a revision of the salary of every public officer. People have to start being paid what they are worth,” Fahie stated

“I know some listening would say, ‘well all right what that have to do with this building?’ We could get more buildings once we pay people properly, and we will have people working and coming back home because they realise that their talents and the money that they spent getting that degree is now worth it,” the Premier added.

Review to take 6-12 months

Fahie, who is also the Minister of Finance, said he expects many questions to be raised by some people regarding the timing of the decision. But, he argued that it is necessary for the betterment of the BVI people.

“It’s going to be asked, ‘why do that during COVID when money is tight?’ But we are people of faith. You don’t prepare for when it get better you prepare to get better. And this review will take six months to a year, and by then COVID supposed to be finished and if it isn’t finished, under control, but at least by then the new salary scales will be done and you’d be paid for your worth,” he stated.

Will not be expanding Public Service

Premier Fahie also cancelled any speculations as to whether there will be an increase in the size of the overall public service.

He said: “That doesn’t mean that we are going to increase the public service, please. But it means those who are there going to get their worth. That’s a government working for you, the people of the Virgin Islands.”

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  1. don't mind he says:

    Just like how he promised ayo increments

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    • Hmmm says:

      Looks like the F** is trying to buy votes to stay in power. Trying to keep the government workers happy. The only problem is there is no money. Going to have to layoff people not give increases. The man is a f**l. He thinks the whole world is stupid and he’s the only smart one. We’ll see how smart he is from a …

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    • Don’t be Fooled says:

      This is only to get people to shut up and say nothing during the Commission of Inquiry

    • Review will be down says:

      The Govt can’t afford its monthly wage bill (except for the $16k for the Overspend) and salaries will be going down not up!

    • Dunce says:

      Read people just learn to read. The Premier said review not increase. God almighty you NDP bloggers. Take a break Cindy and Marlon.

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      • @ Dunce says:

        Read Dunce and for goodness sake try to comprehend.

        A review with the intent to increase salaries.

        The bloggers are rightfully commenting.

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    • Doh says:


      COI – nuff said

      Carry on

    • Facts says:

      Or the risk pay for law enforcement (customs and immigration)during early covid.

  2. Tsunami says:

    A mint for the minions!! Wait for it….nothing is gonna come from this distraction tactic; but good diversionary ploy!!

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  3. We see you.... says:

    One term for you still.

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    This is exactly why you do not put people in charge who have no experience. Premier, if you owned a business would you give your workers a raise at a time like this. The worse economic period that the world has seen since the great depression? Would you do that with your own money?
    I am not saying that the public servants do not deserve an increase but based on the government’s declining revenue stream it CANNOT afford it. You are going to run the country into bankruptcy. I get it, you are trying to get the public officers support in time for next election but when are we going to put our country first? When?
    This is carelessness and the quicker we get rid of you and your gang of the intellectual challenged the better off our country would be.

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    • Observer says:

      @ Carelessness. While you are entitled to your views, as well as those who liked your comment, it would be good to take a look at the history i.e. when last was a salary review done? Yes, you may say that this is not a good time. As a former civil servant, I have first-hand knowledge that it is very long overdue. If I recall correctly,Salary Reviews use to be conducted every five years. The truth is, if this was adhered to civil servants would have already received salary increases at least 5 years before the pandemic…so you see, this matter is not a political matter as a number of you are opining. My advise is that instead of being critical and party-partial, do your research before being hasty to post.

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  5. Life says:

    Nice and commendable
    but u giving raise to the persons who already have a higher salary than persons working on minimum wage(work permit holders)
    Who has no voice and just has to take what is handed out to them..
    But say what?.if I dont like it just leave right?
    Isn’t it possible to raise the minimum wage..cause it’s what the majority of permit holders work for $6 hr..
    What can people do with $6.smh..
    Say what

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  6. Trickery says:

    This defies all logic. If I didn’t know any better I would say that this is an attempt to silence public officers.

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  7. Utter nonsense says:

    This is the type of nonsense that will make the UK take back the ministry of finance. This is crap. Who does this in the middle of a crisis with no revenue coming in? Stop
    Playing politics and run the country properly. You are trying to get in the good graces of the public officers while killing the country. What is the financial base case for an increase at this time? Tell the country.

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  8. He need Christ says:

    Hoping maybe if the public officers get their share they wouldn’t talk about your share. More deception again. Our Orenier needs serious help. Something is not right with him.

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  9. Lookeeeee here says:

    So Social security was literally harassed for the 40 million dollars like you were going to dead if you didn’t get it and now you turn around and promise a raise to all the civil servants. If the country can’t see through Andrew by now then we deserve whatever comes to us.

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    • @loookkeeee here says:

      Learn to read with understanding people. The man said review. It is one step closer to an increase. Read people read with understanding. How would you like to know your boss hasn’t even review your damn pay. Everything doesn’t have to be politics folks.

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      • @loookkeeee says:

        Ok then now is not the time to b doing a review to raise public workers salary..concentrate on other things for how do I fix this mess here of a country? How do I turn this struggling economy around..

  10. West says:

    Ocean lier, that does not hush me up from telling the truth to the COI!!

  11. We not buying it says:

    You cant buy my vote.

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  12. think we is moo moo says:

    Not next year! We want it now! You think we stupid? We still ain’t get all the increment yet that you promised.
    The Commission of Inquiry will be done in 6 months so you want to hush us up from talking and after we shut up you don’t give us no raise a year later?
    All of us ain’t stupid Andrew Fahie. Bring our raise now or we will talk the truth about what we know.

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  13. shameful says:

    This man is a national disgrace!

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  14. awa says:


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  15. Schups says:

    Pure political F**KRY!!!!!! I don’t give him wrong anyway, when you are dealing with short sighted lemmings this is the best way to keep them on your side.

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  16. SMH says:

    This is all tied in to the COI. 6-12 months and once the COI touches on anything major he will say the UK is trying to take away the local civil servants money. This is all a ploy to get people on his side.

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  17. Wait!!! says:

    BVIPA, a Government statutory body proposed a 400% increase in fees effective March 2021 and their rationale for doing such an increase all at once was because of commitments and their current financial issues. Now here comes the Government who is facing a massive shortfall in revenue as well, promising civil servants a raise? Are the BVI people this foolish and small minded to be so quiet and fall for such nonsense? I get a headache every time this man or his Ministers speak.

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  18. Andy Knows. says:

    His days as Premier are numbered.

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  19. Faith base raise says:

    Just a few months ago he asked the civil servants if they preferred their increments or their jobs. Remember? Now a few months later, in the middle of a COI, he now announces a raise for all civil servants. If you couldn’t pay one how will you pay two?
    This is what we get when we do not choose competent people to run our affairs. It’s like whatever come to their minds they say. So we are giving a raise on faith according to the Premier. If it wasn’t this serious I would laugh at the folly.

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  20. WTF says:

    Great. The treasury will be empty in no time, and then this government will be gone.

  21. Joshua says:

    Thank you Mr Premier will greatly appreciate. But please know that we will not support you until we get an increase and review.

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  22. itstime says:

    That’s a government working for who they want.

    Where is the money coming from?

  23. @Lokeeee here says:


  24. Hmmm says:

    So thats why they added more fees for expat who are renewing their permit and also no reduction of the cost for 2020 work permits that could not be renewed because this govt department was under lock down too like the rest of the bvi.

  25. Hmmm says:

    At a time when confidence in this administration is at an all time low they trying to buy votes. Our public servants are smarter than this.

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  26. Water boy says:

    Let’s make the public aware what everyone in government civil service actually earns. Transparency Mr Premier.

  27. SMH says:

    When things doesn’t happen please note it’ the negativity of the minds of people. People don’t know how powerful their minds are. No matter how sincere a person can be people will always find a negative reasons to be negative. What’s so wrong I’m actually having a positive in-ratchet mindset for just 24 hours? A lot of you’ll makes a dog sick! Hope all those who are negative get what they deserve…

  28. Hmmm says:

    Sad truth. C****Y have a lot of you’ll f$@k! There’s no actual future with that kinda mindset

  29. Idiot says:

    This guy is a m***n. Absolute m***n. People with nothing and pay raises for gubmint? Incredible arrogance,greed and stupidity.

  30. Seriously says:

    what they need to do is raise minimum wage, $6 an hour is a disgrace especially here when the cost of living is so expensive. Disgusting and fine the business owners for non payment of tax, social security and NHI which is deducted from our salaries and NEVER paid, yes once again we are the ones penalized when the time comes as we have NO pensions, no health benefits. Fix the problems rather than pay increases for people who sit in government air conditioned offices playing solitaire !!!

    • Voter says:

      Well said.

      Locals complain about their slavery past but are happy to use the power of work permits to enslave cheap labour. Then not to pay SSB and NHI contributions? Do the laws of the BVI not apply to all?

      Are these the same people who claim to be Christian?

  31. What!!! says:

    It would seem to me that probably the least popular premier in our history is just trying to buy votes and silence critics.I believe that most of us are smart enough to not fall for this nonsense.

  32. My take says:

    Good move Premier. You and your Government are being proactive.

  33. Accountant Generalist says:

    2016 increment- not paid
    2017 increment- not paid
    2018 increment- not paid
    2019 increment- not paid
    2020 increment- not paid
    We are in 2021 in case we forgot
    Will the salary increase be based on what’s outstanding for those five years or will it be worked out like… two for me and f*/k the four others

  34. Poor we says:

    Don’t forget Airport Authority. We on Beef Island suffering in isolation

    • @poor we says:

      Is ayo vote for them so let B***s and P***y deal with ayo out in the bushes. Take what you get and shut up.

      • @@Poor We says:

        I agree. They voted them in and all of us have to live with the consequences. All they are doing is making their rich cronies richer. Don’t forget B…s and P…y loaded and still bilking the little we have left in the Government coffers. The lil man can’t sit on boards or maybe don’t need to eat? Rich getting richer. I thought they campaign against this on the NDP. Same sh.t, different day. In fact worse sh.t different day. But God will help us. He never fails.

  35. Salary Review says:

    Actually, it the review is done properly there may be many terminations and salary reductions. A true review is an evaluation of the data. Normally, market salaries are compared and performance is considered. If our statistics department has updated data the market comparison will show many salary deductions in the last year. That is the trend everywhere. Thus showing that the Government workers are grossly overpaid in this time. Overstaffing if evaluated may be proven in the analysis.

    Does he already know that and is just using fancy words in a ploy to take the attention off of himself?

    • Agree says:

      Your comment is on point. A proper review probably should be done, and then he may get answers he might not like. Like a bloated public service that needs to be cut.

      Here we are where a lot of businesses can barely pay their staff but this leader of ours talking about raises?!! These guys have no idea how to run a government. Spewing unrealistic nonsense in the air, who amongst us can give or get a raise knowing that government revenue is down?? Where will the money come from to pay if even a 1000 Civil Servants a raise!?? How? When? Why?? What a pathetic set of Ministers we have.

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  36. teachers says:

    not all need a raise.. some are already well paid.. look at teachers those are the once with poor salary…

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