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Saturday’s success: Another massive turnout as Popcaan rocks festival village

Organisers of this year’s emancipation festivities have dubbed Saturday night’s leg of the celebrations a huge success considering the strong turnout of patrons and the equally strong acts that performed inside the festival village in Road Town.

Chief among those acts was dancehall star, Popcaan, who was the headliner of the evening’s events.

The Jamaican entertainer never missed a beat as he kept the crowd responsive; faithfully singing along word-for-word as he reeled several hits such as Family, Firm & Strong, We Pray, Unruly, and Ova Dweet.

Describing the event as successful, Chairman of the Festival & Fairs Committee Carnel Clyne told BVI News the huge turnout of patrons was of no surprise.

“We had anticipated that kind of crowd because the presold tickets did really well and even at the gates, folks were just coming non-stop. So [Staurday] night was a huge success and Popcaan, like I said, the headliner, gave the crowd their monies worth — not to discredit our local acts ABM, VIBE band, Monea, Olatunji and Tennyson John. They all delivered so it worked out to be a perfect marriage between the artistes and the committee,” Clyne stated.

“[Staurday] night was the first time I’ve seen so many people on the first weekend of festival. Normally you get this type of crowd the last night on the next weekend so that’s one of the major changes that I saw that worked in our favour,” he added.

Chairman Clyne also said the overall response from patrons will help to shape plans for next year’s chain of festivities.

“We definitely have to look headliners instead of one or two maybe three headliners pretty early; one for probably this night and then one for the next week — the Friday and Saturday – and advertise them year-round. Coming down to the festival, we’d then put the finishing pieces with local and regional acts,” Clyne said.

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  1. oh mannn says:

    It was a good nite…. looking forward to the other nights…..

  2. Hmm says:

    Them bringing so much island people performing here

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    • @HMM says:

      This Vilander says STF UP stupid A>>. The most Ignant, yes IGNANT crap is hearing people from an Island calling other people from larger Islands Island people as an insult!!!


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    • off island people says:

      You need to shut yo stupid c++t. Eeverything you all complaining about. Foolish people.

  3. O please says:

    Them bring island people to make money darling because if it was local alone the village wouldn’t go on so stop chat crap. Not even local would turn out if it was only locals performing come on get over it. This continent is full of island people so them have to please the crowd or get left behind.

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  4. Music and Artistic Devolution. says:

    Look what music has regressed to in the BVI.

    Music, its aesthetics and philosophy demonstrate the cultural practices of the present. However, the question must be raised, is it art? If so, how does the current music and aesthetics transcend the human spirit?

    Art by definition says, this is beautiful and this is valuable. Is what is being portrayed today as music really music or art, is beautiful or valuable? And what is the philosophy behind that music?

    Is a philosophy of music creation important? And where is this taught? Does a music education exist only for the performance of a concert?

    Indeed, it is for the folklorist, the intellectual and the music artist to create a philosophy and bring the facts of cultural history in focus with the cultural practices of the present.

    If the current music practices are a reflection of our current cultural philosophy, then it is fair to conclude that we are a culture that has regressed, is regressing, is artistically at a stand still and is not evolving.

    If this country does not find a way to improve its human path and create a deeper sense of life, all of us are going the same drain.

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  5. Ausar says:

    If BVIslander’ bands are to succeed internationally, it’s imperative that they get as much support from it’s citizens!

    In the US Virgin Islands, we supported our homies(bands), EVEN WHEN THEY PLAYED AND SANG OFF KEY!

    Eddie and the Movements(Jam Band),Imagi,Cool Sessions,17-plus, and all of the other soloistes; we gave our homies our fullest support!

    When will Virgin Islanders begin to render such for their own, I will not know.

    But know for sure that as long as you guys hate your homies, expect to see less and less of them at our Carnival line-ups.

    The Carnival Committees of the US Virgin Islands are in attendance to many of your homies’ performances. And they pay close attention to the crowds in attendance!



  6. Anonymous says:

    Shut up,

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