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Scabies cases discovered at HMP, outbreak contained

Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut.

Four cases of scabies have broken out at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam’s Ghut.

These cases of scabies – which is a contagious skin disease marked by itching and small raised red spots caused by tiny mites – was discovered inside the male section of the local penitentiary last week.

Superintendent of Prison Verne Garde told BVI News on Monday that authorities were able to act swiftly and to contain the outbreak.

“This is an area where correctional services usually plan and prepare for … The problem is no more because the individuals have gotten treatment and we’ve also gone through the proper decontamination process of all the items that were necessary to be discarded.”

He further said the issue was not a matter that medical personnel attached to the prison could not handle.

Garde told BVI News that the occasional outbreak of communicable and infectious diseases is not uncommon in prisons and lockups.

He told BVI News that prison authorities are also seeking to update its policies in relation to infectious disease.

“All of the policies at the facility are currently under review,” the prison boss said.

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  1. Ausar says:

    Could it be that these cases are directly linked to the migratory patterns of prisoners most recently to the island of St. Lucia?

    Perhaps, all prisoners and visiting families should also be screened as well.

    So much for off-island “prison retention” agencies!

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    • Shame on you says:

      How can you say that or suggest it when you don’t know who the prisoners are and whether any of them were in St. Lucia? Is Scabies a St. Lucian disease? Could it not be possible that they got it here? It is these types of reckless and not well thought out comments that have our country in disarray. You went from 0-100 without any facts or sufficient information from the article to form such a conclusion. Shame on you!

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  2. Have some sense says:

    Scabies can be contacted anywhere same as bed lice. I would not say the prisoners that were in St.Lucia bought it back. It could have been bought into the prison by an employee or a visitor.

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  3. Huh says:

    Them have the person to nasty them don’t care about the people who living there all them care about is them self. Look how them have the prisoners living just look I was up there and them ain’t getting no kind of air the walk way is moldy and dirty some prison take time to try clean out there place good but others don’t care if there are say mosquitoes can cause this them lying this some something come from beddding etc. Way our tax money going them doing all kind of thing so the prisoners don’t escape but not studying them health that not good

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