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School administrators report significant drop in uniform violations at ESHS this year

Following the official start of the academic year for Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS), administrators are reporting a significant drop in uniform violations among senior students.

Donna Clyne-Thomas, the school’s Pastoral Principal responsible for student life and teacher organisation told BVI News the infractions observed during a student inspection session on Tuesday were also found to be minor compared to previous years.

“Despite the complaints out in the public, the students were very well dressed today. You’re talking about over 500 senior students and you have a list of about 25 students in violation. Some of those skirts, if you just drop the hem, you’re good. We are hoping that they will drop the hem. The socks — the girls were a little too tricky with. They have to wear the socks that come up to the calf and then roll it down and they were wearing anklets and we don’t want that,” Clyne-Thomas said.

She also commended male students, most of whom she said were surprisingly not in violation of the school’s uniform code.

“Only a handful with the afros. We can count them on one hand. We had them comb it properly and pet it neater and we’re encouraging them to trim. If we can’t take it then we’ll put our foot down a little more. But we’ll give them a little time to get themselves together,” the senior educator said.

More time from classes; teachers and students excited

ESHS now comprises two campuses — the newly renovated L-shaped building in Road Town where 740 junior students are situated, and the former CTL building in Pasea Estate where 540 senior students are temporarily housed.

BVI News visited both locations on Tuesday and school principal Vanessa Garraway said students were excited and ready to start the new school year now that the shift system has ended.

“Teachers are happy that they are able now to get the full length of time with their students and more learning can now take place,” Garraway stated.

She added: “The students were quite excited to be going into that building and even the new Grade 7 students were excited despite the little frustrating for some of them because they didn’t know where to go. But of course, we put in place systems to help them find where they were going much easier and so they were back to their old selves of being excited and ready to go.”

ESHS, as well as the Bregado Flax Education Centre on Virgin Gorda, had been operating on a shift system since 2017 when their campuses were ravaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

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