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School putting on fundraiser for excursion to Jamaica

A section of the Pelican Gate School campus in West End.

The Pelican Gate School in West End is seeking to raise funds for an excursion to Jamaica.

Principal Lois Freeman-Augustine said the school will be raffling a 2018 Toyota Yaris to raise funds for the trip.

More than 50 students, teachers, and parents are slated to embark on the week-long excursion.

Organisers have not finalized dates for the trip but hope to visit Jamaica early next academic year.

An all-inclusive fee of $2,000 is needed for each student who will embark on the trip.

Exciting experience 

Students will explore Jamaica’s tourist attractions as well as the island’s factories.

Freeman-Augustine said one of the benefits of the excursion is to ‘bring the school’s curriculum to life’.

“It is adding to the curriculum in a meaningful way, to help the students to understand why we cover such things. And once we cover the why, the image is a lot easier for them to learn and retain the information,” she said.

“Children will be able to manipulate a lot of the information that we study in school. I think it is going to be such an awesome experience for them on many levels. So we are really working hard to see this come through for the students,” she added.

Car raffle

The raffle began in June last year. However, it was halted because of the September hurricanes.

Now that the raffle has resumed, persons can source raffle tickets from parents of students at Pelican Gate.

The raffle ticket draw will take place on April 15 at The Moorings on Tortola.

Virgin Islands Motors donated the prize vehicle.

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  1. VICKIE says:

    The raffle should be doing to help rebuild the place we call home. There is still a lot of people struggling after the hurricanes. It is just my two cents. I which I was in position to help we do not have the best government but every little we can do is a help the government cannot do it alone.

    • @Vickie says:

      Maybe you need to rebuild your mind. They are not begging for a hand out. Educational trips are the best learning experience for a child. When I visited the UK for the first time, i was able to gain a better appreciation for the things i could only read in a book.

      Yes, we are going through a difficult time. But we should not short change our children’s learning no matter the circumstance.

      • Gumption. Officail says:

        I fully acknowledge your comment to Vicky and your so right. We can’t keep using Irma as a reason to not expose our youths to learning. I fully support getting the children, teachers and parents to Jamaica so they can learn while being inspired.

  2. Happy For The Children says:

    With all the struggles everyone went through after the hurricane I think this is a wonderful experience for the children.On Sunday the school had a bingo event which was wonderful.And even me who is not a parent went out to support the children.

  3. Sam the Man says:

    This would be a great experience for many kids I agree but why is the cost so high for only one week?

    • vi says:

      A ticket to Jamaica is almost $1000.00. Add hotel accommodations, ground transportation and meals for one week. The cost could well exceed $2000

      • Sam the man says:

        Thanks V.I hadn’t appreciated a ticket to Jamaica was so expensive cheaper to fly to Australia from America which seems kind of crazy…

    • Hmmm says:

      Sam the jackass strikes again!! You think they’re going to sleep on the airport floor, walk where they’re going, eat grass and drink their p-ss?

  4. hmm says:

    conversion from 2,000 US to JA $251,162.35.

    • Irrelevant says:

      In case you didn’t know, US currency is used in Jamaica especially in the different areas they are going to visit so doing a conversion is pointless

  5. PRICE? says:

    How much for a ticket?

  6. Drone says:

    Better to raise more funds and send them to Africa. Ghana on the west or Kenya on the East. Despite European interference those countries are rising fast and should be our models.

    Jamaica had all their chances post independence and squandered them. During west indies federation days they behaved like Trump and said the small islands will flood Jamaica and steal their “wealth”.They have been on a downward spiral ever since.

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