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Scooter rider nursing leg injuries after vehicular collision

A scooter rider is nursing injuries following a vehicular accident on the main island of Tortola on Wednesday, July 17.

“The scooter rider sustained injuries to what appeared to be his left leg and is being treated at Peebles Hospital,” Police Information Officer Akia Thomas told BVI News on Thursday.

Police said the accident involved the motor scooter and two other vehicles.

Images of the collision that have been circulating on local social media suggest that the accident occurred on or around the Little Dix Hill Road on the eastern end of the island.

Police have not revealed the identities of the persons involved in the crash but said investigations are ongoing.

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  1. eventually says:

    I will like to start off by saying i have never see a car in the hospital or in Plaster of Paris, these young idiots love to ride with no helmet so i feel no remorse when you chose to play Evil Kenevil. This Government want to increase the CC for motorbike, you may want to re-visit the law to make full face Helmets mandatory.

    Now my pet peeve is the Babylon don’t even look into half these kids riding these motorbikes, you can just look at them and see mothers milk “pon dem face” come on man better than dat.

    Parents i sometimes wonder are you really doing your job, when you see your child with a motorbike do you question where and how they acquired it? All i can say is at the rate they going the expats won’t have to worry about fast tracking there papers or bornhere, they younger stupid generation killing off themselves.

    “How it ah look” I feel sorry for them imagine the system have to drop the pass mark in order for them to feel like they are successful or accomplish something, when they can’t even string a proper sentence together. All they need is proper parenting one that will make sure their school work is done and have respect for elders.

    What can i say thumbs up, lets see how the Next 4years turn out. To the parent of this Kid, i don’t know that to tell you shoulda coulda but didn’t, lets see if the other youngsters wise up and learn from this which i doubt.

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    • Heyyyy says:

      I would love to shake your hand for that comment. I also hope the police do something about scooter riders who don’t wear helmets and also for those who are wearing masks/bandanas on their faces while riding ….I am warning the government before something serious happen.

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      • Police says:

        The police dont do enuff to keep these illegal scooters off the streets because they are afraid of these little punks..when the Cayman police were here those little punks were under control,I saw them get rough up and cry like babies.. officers do your jobs and stop harassing good people about seat belts and cell phones.

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        • Ssss says:

          When the police try to enforce the families of the violators make noise and tell the police that they harassing the youth man and reminds expat cops that they aren’t from this neck of the woods

    • Rubber Duck says:

      They need to be banned completely as they once were.

      Increasing the engine size is madness

      Maybe electric scooters could be allowed

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  2. Meh Son says:

    Im wondering how soon before the bigger bikes will become legal. The Govt needs to hurry up and bring them in.

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    • DWL says:

      this is a hilarious response

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    • Blah says:

      Scooters and cars can go a whole lot faster than the riders and driver normally go. Just because bigger bike become legal doesn’t mean that people will suddenly be speeding at 150mph everywhere and every time.

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  3. Hear you says:

    How many fatal car accidents have you heard of umm to many mention I guess right, stop the foolish bashing talking bout never seen a car in hospitalM. Some of you drivers don’t care about the riders an intentionally accelerating more to prevent them from passing when they have the chance to

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    • Me again says:

      @ Hear you You might be correct with some of what you are saying , but be Honest ; Some riders Do FOOLISH things .
      Passing to go where ? Passing on the Left side( inside)!Overtaking with out blowing their horn. Passing between two vehicles side by side ? Now da mek sense ?
      A car stop to let out some one ; bike man pass as soon as door opens . Riders need to be more Careful and Cautious for Ssfety reasons

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  4. mark my words says:

    when the VIP increase the horse power size the death toll will rise along with the lawlessness and noise level

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  5. Wise Up says:

    Almost everyday this week, a scooter has sped through my vehicle and another beside me coming out of nowhere without warning.

    In other instances, a police vehicle was in the vicinity and did nothing.

    Scooter riders, when you do this you alarm the vehicle drivers and can cause them to make an unexpected turn that can lead to accidents.

    When will you ever learn

  6. ??? says:

    I want to know when the Police will “attempt” to do something about these nuisances. I don’t want to know when they will do something, I want to know when they will even make an attempt. Why is such non policing being allowed by our leaders? Is it law that a helmet must be worn? If it is, why isn’t it being enforced? Is breaking the law an accepted practice in this country/territory??

  7. Me again says:

    @ ???
    The Police appears to being Nothing because of the Judicatory System and the “ Born Here Mentality” where even when they do traffic “ stops/checks” the public CRY out. SO. It seems easier / safer to let them “ self destruct “
    Have you ever thought WHY the minister would of even CONSIDER raising the CC on engine power importation of motor bikes ?
    I think there is a GREATER PLAN ( that they haven’t spoken about ) ;
    They drop the “passmark” in school AND raise the “ horsepower” on death traps ??‍♂️
    There is TOOO much going on in the Marine Industry for SO many young men to. NOT have any thing to do

  8. What!!! says:

    Bigger bikes??? Should nor happen!!

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