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Scrub ready to reopen! Guests have the whole island to themselves

Scrub Island. (Photo provided)

With the reopening of the territory’s borders to tourists less than two weeks away, Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina has announced that they have resumed taking reservations for overnight guests and marina visitors in anticipation of the December 1 date.

General Manager of the luxury resort, Michael Schoonewagen said in a media release that Scrub Island had completed extensive preparations to safely welcome back guests.

He said the resort had also reactivated their online reservation system.

“We’ve been working diligently to comply with the travel protocols laid out by the BVI government, and to make sure the return of our guests is as safe as possible so they can relax and enjoy this fabulous island retreat,” Schoonewagen stated.

“Our resort guests have the entire island to themselves with ample space to spread out and enjoy the stunning natural Caribbean beauty in complete privacy. And the marina is perfect for those who want to venture out on a wide variety of land and sea excursions that still meet health and safety measures,” he added.

In the release, the resort also warned that all guests must adhere to the COVID-19 measures which have been put in place by the government.

“As a member of Marriott’s prestigious Autograph Collection, the resort also follows the brand’s commitment to clean program, providing a safe environment for guests and staff,” it added.

Among the many features of the resort are 52 guest accommodations consisting of suites with gourmet kitchens, spacious living areas and private or oversized balconies, as well as a collection of two to six-bedroom villas.

The resort also has two private beaches, a waterfront infinity pool, an intimate spa, world-class dining, and on-site access to dive and sailing charters.

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  1. Heckler says:

    Good News!

  2. Styles. says:

    Pretty much everybody is ready, the hotels, the apartments, the restaurants, the ferry companies, the airlines, the workforce, the tourists. Everybody.

    Oh, wait everybody is ready… except for the government who had 8 months to prepare and made sure they have to do a rush job in the last few weeks.

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    • Matter says:

      Doesn’t matter if it’s up and working. Nobody is coming. There hasn’t even been any inquires. People have made their holiday plans elsewhere. With some US states closing down my guess is that there won’t be a Dec 1 opening for tourism.

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      • Not true. says:

        I want to travel to the BVI. But I can’t book until I know I can actually come.

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        • Exactly says:

          Exactly the point. If they can’t get the portal operating think what will happen with monitoring and testing. Ready to bet your life on the BVIslander? Wish you luck.

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    The Portal is still not working.

    How much have the government already paid this bunch of incompetents?

    It’s plane time all over again.

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  4. Obama says:

    Great your ready… NOBODY is coming! The web sit to enter is not and has not ever worked. Our Government is peeing on us and telling us its raining. 12 days to go….”Coming soon, check back later”

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  5. Is that so says:

    First off Mr. Shoonewagen, Scrub Island does not have two private beaches. They only have one beach which is on the other side of the island, the one on the dock is a small matchbox that does not meet the criteria to be called a beach and FYI, not a single beach in the bvi is private.
    Secondly, Scrub Island does not have any world class dining, because you do not have any world class chefs nor world class servers.
    Thirdly, the resort continuously brags about being a member of the Marriott brand but the resort does not even have a fraction of the prestigious service that Marriott is known for.
    Please do not come with your sweet lies, it is not necessary.

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    • Trip advisor says:

      Scrub Island is not top rated on Trip Advisor. It has four and a half stars. Three resorts in BVI have 5 stars , Anagada Beach Club, Guana Island and The Sugar Mill.

  6. The Hammer will fall says:

    The new Governor is going to send a whole lot of you to jail. That is the punishment for every one of you INEPT NON LISTENING NON THINKING JACK***ES.

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  7. Excellent News ...We progressing.. says:

    I was a cretic of the Government because I didn’t like their first plan.. But there revised plan is very good and visitor friendly, put our opening 2nd interms of visitors less stress and friendliness behind St Vinent.I think St Vincent has has the best visitor friendly and less stress plan. All of our yachters and visitors are cancelling moving to st vincent and the Grenadines..They will soon come back to us, because we have nicer waters and beaches, also better Resorts

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  8. Mad Max says:

    Would be interested in knowing what level of bookings Scrub etc have?

  9. Just a question says:

    Will they be rehiring old staff????? People need their jobs back ?

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    • Hmmm says:

      Scrub island on me slave out them workers and it’s really not a nice place to worker when u want to get stress out just apply for a job at scrub.I don’t know why the owner don’t sell out and leave u guys don’t make a different to the island at all.

  10. Sad says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when an article like this has that many disparaging comments below it. Not to say anyone is wrong, just that it’s so evident how much the people here are suffering. I have been pressed to find a positive outlook anywhere. Sigh, better days are ahead y’all. Keep holding on.

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  11. Jamie says:

    You should be happy that Scrub Island and every other business that has been closed due to Covid-19 is reopening!
    This means jobs, revenue and a return to business for our Country!…I really don’t understand how this is not accepted as GREAT news!!

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    • The reality is. says:

      People are happy they are reopening BUT there is hardly anyone coming due to the complete and utter screw up by the Government to release a concise well organised plan of opening. They didn’t communicate with the other 80% of the industry that isn’t private islands and resorts and possibly on purpose managed to drive away nearly all previous bookings. There will actually be very little improvement in jobs or revenue as many will have to run on skeleton staff or run at a loss. Many staff who are on reduced hours are not getting more hours……
      A LOT of customers who were repeat are going elsewhere or not bothering. The 2021 season will be very poor because as Spring 2021 hits and vaccines hit / rates drop due to better weather, people will be vacationing in their summer places and then come August we are into H season. We will not get anywhere near the same numbers until Nov 2021 or more likely later. This is not just the past 9 months but it will be a 18 month or more down turn in revenue and business for the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Unfortunately our Government does not seem to see the writing on the wall and the fact that they will need to do another set of Stimulus / Grants in Feb 2021, which going by the past ones means people may actually get help by April or May 2021. That or they want people to go bust.

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