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Seabed at Norman Island is gov’t property, Willy T told

Google Image of Norman Island.

The government has responded to the ongoing controversy over the Willy T floating bar and restaurant, which is being booted from its usual location at Norman Island.

In a statement issued late Friday, the government said the vessel must relocate if the business is to continue.

“The seabed surrounding Norman Island is the property of the Crown,”the government said.

“The Government of the Virgin Islands has no objection to the continued operation of the business of the Willy T at an alternate location, provided that all the necessary requirements for licensing, the mooring of the vessel, environmental protection, and the safe operation of the business are satisfied.”

The statement further said the Willy T has been operating under an annual seabed licence which expired in February 2018.

The government confirmed that talks have been ongoing with the vessel owners “about a number of environmental and other operational issues, including new development plans for the area which would require the vessel to relocate.”

Those talks were said to be ongoing since the earlier part of 2017. But, Willy T owner Ewan Anderson said there were no further talks on the matter since the initial discussions.

Anderson said he is willing to legally fight for the vessel to remain at the location.

The new Willy T arrived in the British Virgin Islands on Thursday (May 10) from the United States to replace the previous vessel which had been destroyed during the September hurricanes.

However, upon arrival, the government informed the owners that the vessel will no longer be allowed to moor at Norman Island.

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  1. really says:

    but the re issued the lease to the seabed in the Bight off Norman in April 2018 so The Willy T has the seabed license to moor at the bight.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, BVI news missed that one; on another news site is a photo of a 2018 mooring license issued by the National Parks Trust to the William Thornton on 4 April, 2018. To be clear, the license does not state place of mooring, but it HAS been issued.

    Some of our highest government officials are currently in the UK in an attempt to work out an agreement for an situation that is being imposed on the Territory unjustly with obfuscation by the UK government. This is a much smaller issue, but is being dealt with in a similar manner by our own government and that’s a big issue.

    The question is- do we want our VI government dealing with it’s citizens in the same manner as our parent country deals with us?

  3. Objection to Rape says:

    Stop the pollution, destruction of the sea bed, sea life and other natural and organic life by greedy money hounds.

    If they wish to pollute and destroy our and nature’s paradise in their pursuit of money, make them pay dearly through great taxes to do so.

    • The Visitor says:

      The Willy T is equipped with a full US Coast guard sanitry holding and punpout system and has a contract for weekly service. The Willy T is also the first establishment in the BVI to ban the use of plastic straws and made other efforts in the past few years to limit its environmental impact.

      • MillyZ says:

        Willy T can also contribute to bring more tourist to spend money in the BVIs. The people who makes it to Willy T, also rent boats, hotel rooms, pay to captains, food & beverage, airlines, souvenirs, rent cars, taxis, etc ect. Like any other Tourist attraction; Willy T is an important and traditional attraction must needed now more than ever to help inyect money into the BVIs Tourist Industry, an economy!!!!

  4. Cudjo says:

    So this business,named in honour of a slaveowner at the expense of the dignity to the descendants of slaves,owned and operated by a non descendent of slaves,had been granted permission on a yearly bass for 34+ years( his youth,middle age,old age) the right to a specific location Now relocation to a different location with his instrument and message of affront and environmental pollution intact is an international issue and cause for disrespect to our elected and descendants of slaves Government? Is there anywhere on this Planet Earth that is unaffected by the flagrant,calculated, deliberate mistreatment chaos and disruptive actions of these historic oppressors.

    • *** says:

      Why dont you ask white man that is paying off your leaders to distroy this same land. The —— is being used as a puppet for a white mans personal gain.
      At least the owner of Willy T contributes to local businesses and keeps the money here. Continue to enjoy these shackles of colonialism while the money made here is shipped straight back to the white man in New York and your leaders continue to distroy your country for their personal gain.

      • Cudjo says:

        Identify and name the ” white man that is paying off your leaders to destroy this same land” and I will do as you ask. OF curse you do have evidence of your assertions. This would be worse than Billy advertising and selling contempt for the dignity of the local descendants of slaves 24 seven during the course of Billy’s lifetime.
        Is there no evidence of said white man’s financial contributions, private and public volunteerism and community efforts either nor does he employ or purchase goods and services locally..
        And by the way, ” Willy keeps the money here”,really…. all or some?

      • Thanos "I hope they remember you" says:

        The fact that you typed “DISTROY” twice! I hope you don’t feel so well smh.

    • true says:

      L—– is the driving force behind this, — purchased N—– with a shell company for DJ, now she wants an eco-r—- for all the rich white folk to stay on and here you are supporting the slave masters taking over with the puppets they use … Think again about your statements as to who really gains, because it isn’t the BVI.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Everyone’s ancestor was a slave at some point. British slaves in Rome etc. Stop living in the past and get a grip on the reality of the present.

  5. Mm says:

    Cant we all just get along..onelove

  6. Objection to Rape says:

    Right and truth Cudjo!! Speak out and teach up!

  7. Job says:

    It’s hard to imagine that the Willy T would do more damage than a new development… What’s up with the development, and why is that a good thing for the BVI??

  8. Smiling says:

    i refuse to commenton BVI NEWS because they took away the likes and dislikes. Find me on the other here news sitethatposts all comments and you can like or dislike. bye bye BVI NEWS

  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Is it possible to buy a government though charity work.?

  10. Snuffer says:

    Wait for development to be placed. U worry bout waist? Just wait. You will get your waist….

  11. Road Runner says:

    Environmental concern’s?? look around the BVI, just how concerned are our leaders? and for slavery to be dragged kicking a screaming back into view, is absolutely ridiculous. Fact – nobody here remembers slavery first hand, just like their fathers before them. Fact – slavery, including child slavery, is still practiced in parts of Africa – why are we less concerned about the present? and so very hung up on the past?

  12. Objection to Rape says:

    The Jews are never asked to forget their past. Today, they are equal to their N—- exterminators relative to oppression and extermination of a people whose land they have confiscated.

    Why do some so desperately ask and desire the Black African to forget his…..when he is still being hated, oppressed and discriminated against in all aspects of his existence?

    Perhaps they are suffering from subconscious guilt? or they wish to see him back in servitude?

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