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Search on for Dom Rep citizen who escaped quarantine

A section of Tortola. (BVI News photo)

BVI News has received information about a Dominican Republic citizen who has escaped quarantine in the BVI.

Information about the alleged escape is making its rounds in local social media circles.

The man was reportedly refused entry at the airport and placed under quarantine at Lambert Beach. BVI News hasn’t determined the reason Immigration authoriyies denied him entry.

Our news centre understands that transportation was arranged for him to be taken to the airport and leave the territory on December 21.

However, the authorities did not see him when they checked his room. He is allegedly still at large at this time.

This alleged escape comes just days after it was revealed that a traveller who tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in the BVI, left the quarantine area without approval and put more than 16 persons at risk of contracting the virus.

The BVI has increased penalties for breaking COVID-19 rules. Those who contravene the protocols and guidelines may face a fine of $10,000.

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  1. Rene says:

    How about a picture BVI news? That would be helpful.

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  2. Nonsense says:

    “Denied entry” but was taken to a hotel with no security. Sounds like he was allowed entry to me.

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  3. Becareful says:


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  4. in the name of humanity says:

    Before anyone starts to spout off around calling out someone’s ethnic background or country of origin think first!!!

    stop dividing and start uniting

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    • well says:

      its thatvery community thatwould be hiding him, hope once caught if anyone was hiding him for more than 2 days gets fined $100,000.00 or better still 10 years in prison as a wake up call and yes he comes from the DR

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  5. Shame says:

    Shame on the government we done tell ayo stop letting in them island people in here santos ain’t so bad but them from down the island Chille run when you see them buddy

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  6. Wondering says:

    Wondering why I am confused? Does he have Covid?

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  7. smh says:

    SHUT IT DOWN… More coming~

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  8. Doh says:


    We are idiots. We let someone in for whatever reason, do not deport them, and yet place them into quarantine without a guard. So illegal entry, quarantine breaker, and idiot government officials.

    We are idiots.

    But carry on

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    • @Doh says:

      Strupes. Ya’ll quick to blame “GOVERNMENT” for everything. While government sets policies, it’s the relevant department’s duty to effectively and efficiently execute!!!! Doesn’t the scope of the duty fall under the immigration department?? So you mean to tell me the elected officials needed to specifically tell them how to handle the matter?? Or they could’ve used their discretion?? STRUPESSSSS…

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      • @@doh says:

        Isn’t the Immigration Department part of Government?!

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        • BuzzBvi says:

          Isn’t that under the Governor. Then c o. s-c af and mr s could blame it on him. If it isn’t looks like it is time to put Immigration under the Governors office and get the Territory back on the right track.

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      • Doh says:

        Don’t be stupid…

        All of the agencies created and the employees hired were done so by people and organizations within the government. Sorry you don’t see that.

        So if the government cannot train an employee, nor effectively plan for contingencies, nor react quickly to situations, it has failed in its purpose to provide that service to the people.

        Wake up

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  9. Smh says:

    Ndp would’ve never let that happened

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  10. Clears throat__- says:

    Something I don’t get ..If HE was DENIED entry Why let him stay. .

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  11. Lodger says:

    He is from DR. Photo on messenger.

  12. Father Time says:

    Not “escaped” lol.

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  13. TruDat! says:

    Government and police should be issuing passport picture, all points bulletins and a nice cash reward – $5k would be nice for Xmas and we would soon bring this chicken home to roost.

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  14. Chosen says:

    Shame you are really a shame for real try going back to pre school and learn something santo Domingo is not an island haha

  15. Sea Cows Bay says:

    Please post his picture in the event he come this way. He broke quarantine and I sure don’t want him in our Community.

  16. Where? says:

    Tell me where u hear of someone being denied entry to a country and not placed under police or immigration custody until their departure? Where? He was suppose to be placed in a holding cell for the night or placed with security….WOW u wud think that this is rocket science. And worse not letting the public kno whether he is Covid positive or not. SMH im just…

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  17. Spanish man Playing says:

    a lil Spanish man Playing hide and seek with alyou

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    • Hogwash says:

      He’s not Spanish. That’s what you
      call someone from Spain. His language is Spanish, not him.
      Otherwise we are all English.

  18. Scandal says:

    That they released his passport information is an absolute scandal! Regardless of how bad it is that the guy escaped releasing someone’s passport information is highly illegal under any type of law.

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    • Bvi government says:

      This is to the BVI government, we the people of these islands have done everything they asked of us and they are not doing their part to protect us and stop the spread of the virus . The only thing they good at is curfew.

  19. Boo says:

    Whoever is harboring,needs to be charged as well.

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  20. YBM says:

    Soooooo he’s denied access and he’s allowed to leave the airport to go to a hotel room unsupervised, Wow to see all the “down island” slander so often I honestly don’t think any other SOUTHERN Caribbean Island would allow such they would keep him there or make sure someone was looking after him. Somebody should lose their job over this

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  21. TIME says:

    Its only a matter of time before these inept clowns release covid full blown into the community. I can just imagine the stress level of many residents this is so unfair after all the sacrifice and hard word that has been put in. Immigration minister please advise the department what the procedure should be to avoid this comedy corner turning deadly for innocent people.

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  22. Quarantine says:

    Everyone has to quarantine on arrival….

  23. Here's my bet says:

    He’s already on his way to the USVI. BVI is just a transit point because there are flights from Santo Domingo. Also, why did the airline let him on the plane if he didn’t have a valid visa?

  24. On a more serious note says:

    On this note has the immigration department closed off entries to the BVI from England. There is a newly mitategd form of tbe virus which could be potentially contagious. EU borders are closed to England.

  25. Streetman says:

    Check on the Rock (St. Thomas) I sure he done make his escape

  26. What a thing says:

    So he was denied entry put him in the detention center balo until the next flight is available please give common sense a chance some dunce came up with the idea to let him go up Lambert as a matter the system is corruptjust maybe he came for his only God knows what.think people open your head and think.

  27. Corruption says:

    He maybe already have a BVÍ passport by now. The system is corrupt.

    • @corruption says:

      you need is whom you are friends with to get passport, don’t have to stay here for 20 yrs, don’t have to do public service, just start licking some big ones foot and get anything

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