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Second man was at Smith’s home during gun find

Terry Smith previously leaving the Magistrate’s Court

Members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force have mentioned Kareem Durante’s name in the gun case against Terry Smith.

Durante is not charged in the matter.

But officers Richard Francis and Esau Andrews testified that they met Durante at Smith’s Butu Mountain residence on the day they found the weapon.

The lawmen further told the court that, at the time, Durante was searched and then allowed to leave the said residence.

Durante is already serving time in prison for guns. But that sentence is not linked to the case that is now being heard before the court.


Meanwhile, the police officers yesterday testified that, when they found the loaded gun, Smith had told them: “It ain’t mines. Fingerprint it, mines ain’t on it.”

When authorities later tested the weapon for DNA, the results were ‘inconclusive’. In other words, there wasn’t a firm conclusion or result.

It is said that a mix of three persons’ DNA had been found on the gun.

Police officer Andrews told the court that he was not aware of the said DNA result.

Responding to questions from defence attorney Stephen Daniels, Officer Andrews then stated that he would not have been prompted to conduct further investigation regarding whose DNA was on the weapon.

One of the accused, Smith, in the meantime, told the court yesterday that he will testify on his own behalf when he returns to court today, May 30.

He made the statement after the prosecution closed its case.

Police allegedly found the gun while they investigated the circumstances under which Smith was shot and wounded in Road Town on April 23, 2015.

Allegations are that he was attacked by a group of gunmen wearing dark clothes and masks.

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