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Security changes to Peebles Hospital now in effect, enhanced services expected

Peebles Hospital

The new security services that were promised at the state-owned Peebles Hospital in Road Town has now been implemented.

Security operations at the medical facility are now being managed by an external firm known as FLR Enterprises.

The company signed a one-year contract, the conditions of which came into effect on New Year’s Day.

The firm, which now replaces the 16 internal security officers who are to be sacked from that post at Peebles Hospital, is expected to provide what the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) describe as ‘improved security services’ not only at the hospital but also at BVIHSA offices and clinics.

CEO of the BVIHSA, Dr Ronald Georges, said the contract with the security firm will allow for ‘effective monitoring’ at Peebles and quicker responses to any security concern that may arise at the facility.

“The health services houses a lot of sensitive information, areas, and patients who may be in a vulnerable state … [and] during any kind of emergency, disaster, or mass casualty, the need for enhanced security at a facility like these becomes very apparent.  Other situations may arise, for example, gunshot victims, release of hazardous material, bomb threat, multiple casualties, which will all require an enhanced security response.  The hospital and health facilities need to be prepared for a myriad of issues which can pose significant security threats,” Dr Georges told BVI News.

More security officers now available to hospital

He also said this new security arrangement will facilitate an improved relationship between the BVIHSA and stakeholders such as the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, the Fire & Rescue Services, and Her Majesty’s Prison,” added the CEO, who said the contract will allow for a ‘more targeted concentration on the security’.

He did not disclose the value of the contract.

Dr Georges, in the meantime, told or news centre that the security firm will provide for more security officers becoming available to the hospital.

“The staff complement will vary depending on need and circumstances but will include enhanced coverage over and above the previous internal arrangements.  Currently, during the transition period, they are surpassing our previous staff complement.  It is expected [that], once the transition is completed, the staffing will continue to be flexible based on the requirements of the situation but will still be at a higher level than the Authority previously sustained.  Essentially, FLR’s entire capacity will be available as required to the BVIHSA to scale up a response as required,” Dr Georges said in an interview with BVI News on Wednesday.

As for the security officers who are to be sacked from the post, the BVIHSA said they have been given the option to receive a severance package or to be relocated to units that required additional staff.

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  1. What a Ting says:

    Looking all dressed up is one thing and being professional, helpful and knowing the organizational mandates, core values, mission and vision statements of the company you that you are outsoursed to is another. It’s not about a dress up party. It’s about effectiveness and efficiency. And remember, Peebles Hospital is still in control and responsible for any human rights breaches, abuse of authority or assaults against the public. Looking good don’t cut it.. You are not a private police force, you are just another client!

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    • TurtleDove says:

      2019….can we at least give them a chance? I wish them luck and much success. I am sure they understand what they need to do…..especially with a one year contract.

    • @What says:

      That’s pure hatred spewing out of your post. I don’t know the guys personally but from what I have seen them conduct themselves at places where they provide services, I would say that they’re probably the only real security firm on island. The others are bell hops with badges.

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      • Agree says:

        The people in Tortola is never satisfied with anything. The new security for the hospital is not even on the job a good week and the negative has started.

    • hmmm says:

      Why are u so bitter u have to be a staff give the ppl a chance

    • hmmm @what says:

      Why are u so bitter u have to be a staff give the ppl a chance

    • Future says:

      I must Agree here. you get a government contract you should make sure you have knowledge of officers that understand and can display a professional attitude. You should know who your ministers are and know how to respectfully speak to them. This is based off of experience with these same officers. Some of them need training.

  2. Boom says:

    We need to do this in more sectors so that people can step their game up. What was occurring at the hospital is that we had watch men, we never had security there. FLR is a real security company unlike these flashlight watch men we have around here. Go to CTL and other places where they operate and you see the difference right away.

  3. Listen says:

    Tortola do not give people chances!!!

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  4. yolo says:

    they didn’t get sack they got transfer

  5. Listen @What says:

    Like you taking it personal!! So I guess saying that this company is the best and the others are bell hops is better. Lol.
    The amount of nepotism and cronism going on in this place makes your head spin. So much government workers from other departments working in that company. And when the police do it it’s called moon lighting. So no body taking that!! Customs, Immigration,Fire. My goodness makes you wonder. Don’t say I say.
    Some employers believe being cocky and their foot too good to touch the ground and their heads through the clouds. It’s not always about show it’s about HUMILITY!!!

    • RR says:

      Those “government” workers who are “moonlighting” as you call it are well qualified for the job, as their requirements for their Government position and their training for Security Guards are on par with international standards.

  6. Address Other Areas says:

    Management needs to ensure that the staff are treated well. Many persons are overworked, doing 3 persons workload. There is no consideration for people in that place. Hire more staff if you need. Understand that your human resources is your most valuable resource.

    Its ridiculous what happens there!

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