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Security guard allegedly stores 172 bricks of cocaine for friend

The Magistrate’s Court in John’s Hole, Tortola.

A local government security officer allegedly caught with 172 bricks of cocaine has claimed he was holding it for a friend.

Charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another is 43-year-old and father of five, Stacy Smith of Hope Hill.

He was not made to plead when he appeared before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer on Thursday, October 21.


The court was informed that on October 19, 2021, the police received a tip that Smith was storing cocaine at his residence so the law enforcers executed a search warrant at the location.

It is alleged that when the police arrived at the premises, the accused indicated to them he was in possession of illegal drugs. When the officers searched the garage, they found seven bags containing bricks of a white powdery substance.

The accused was questioned as to the exact content of the bags and he allegedly told the officers he believed it was cocaine.

The court was informed that the 43-year-old defendant told police officers one of his friends called and asked him to collect and secure the package for him (the friend).

The accused reportedly said he obliged and knowingly stored the bags of cocaine in his home for the friend. The friend in question remains unidentified.

Smith was subsequently arrested and the cocaine was weighed and amounted to 188.04 kilograms. The street value of the substance of the drugs is $19 million.


During today’s court appearance, Magistrate Palmer offered Smith bail at $80,000 with a $15,000 cash component and one surety. As a condition of bail, Smith must surrender all his travel documents and report to the Road Town Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6 am and 12 pm.

The case was adjourned until November 30, at which time the accused is expected to answer to the charge.

Defence attorney Valerie Stephens-Gordon represents the accused.


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  1. Observer says:

    It seems the BVI is powder country……….Forget go green like the rest of the world states, it seems in the BVI the slogan is go white……..

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    • He says:

      He gone. $15k and get out of jail. No wonder the drugs continue in the BVI. His bail should have been $2mil. 10% of the value of the drugs

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      • Hope says:

        Stacey would have still post bail if it was 10% of 2 mil

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        • Nobody says:

          Nobody said it should be 10%. Only in the BVI is a percentage paid. In the US if your bail is $2mil then you put up cash or a bond. If it’s a bond there has to be at least $2nil in value. This is why drugs are trafficked through the BVI. No worries mon.

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      • Bill says:

        You is a clown suppose it was your own clown ass dude

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    • John says:

      UK & USA more powdery than BVI

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      • Guest says:

        Per Capita guess again BVI like Usain Bolt right now

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      • @John says:

        And what else do you see I the US and UK? Eyes in the sky la la la

      • @ John says:

        Why are some people so averted to truth? There is no doubt your statement is correct, and the whole world knows it, yet there is set of people who would put thumbs down to the most factual statements.

        Moreover, depending upon the whetherthey like or dislikee a comment, one would see and unsual amount of likes or dislike. It seems like some one in admin just suffers from a major mental disorder.

    • Doh says:

      BVI love

      Third pillar of the economy and government employs the drug smugglers

  2. friend says:

    That most be a really good friend who you give up your freedom for and wouldnt call his name. He probably going bail you. He sleep in his bed while you take the fall. The kind of friend I want mehson

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  3. Bail says:


    Only in the BWI!

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  4. Some friend ! says:

    criminal 1 “Hey buddy can you pick up these packages for me and keep them at your house for me ”

    sucka 2 “what is it”

    criminal 1 “its beauty product man” “if she is really ugly this will make her look better ”

    sucka 2 “no problem i’ll do it for no reason or money too”

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  5. Anonymous says:

    S.S. how you get in that? When will people live within their means and say no to the wrong things

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Remember he once work in de sation

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  7. Lol says:

    Not “his friend” asked him to hold 172 keys. Like who’s your friend Pablo Escobar? This gets funnier and funnier. At this point just let these ppl push weight and boost the economy.

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  8. Outrageous!! says:

    $19 million worth of cocaine discovered in a mans house and he gets $80K bail? Outrageous!

    IMO, with this low balled bail, the magistrate had not appreciated the seriously of this matter.

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  9. Government says:

    Minimum wage isn’t increasing your pay checks are now shortened prices going up high and nothing is being said.People have to go the easy way to sustain and feed their families.

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  10. you said it says:

    This is another reason there is a COI in the BVI.

    As Jaspert suspected!

    the BVI law is tooooo loose

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    • Bumpy says:

      @ you said it
      Wtf $80,000 after being caught with cocaine valued at $19 million dollars? Can’t make this s**t up. Only in the BVI. Then some is wondering why the COI? God save this little 20sq miles island. I can’t wait to hear his lawyer’s defense lol

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  11. LB says:

    From these comments it is clear that you all are clueless. 1. Bvi economy thrives based on this underground economy. Nobody uses the dope here. We are only a transshipment port. Without this industry, many busineses and our overall economy would fall flat. 2. Many of the successful business people that yall look up to got their start from picking up or dropping off dope. 3. People who are less suspicious hold dope for the real runners all the time for a fee of 500-1k per kilo. 4. It is a non violent crime so yes he should get ball. 5. The valuation the court and police put on drugs is ridiculous and highly inflated to get a shocking response from the public when you read it in the news. To buy that shipment is 688k. To sell that shipment here is just over $2m. To sell that shipment in Georgia and Florida is a lil over $4m. How in the world these law enforcement come to 19m??? Nonsense.

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    • Interesting says:

      You speak as if you have full knowledge of how the drug trade works or is a part of it.

      I couldn’t disagree with you more that being in possession of 172 bricks of cocaine regardless of valuation is somehow “a non violent crime”.

      That’s ridiculous.

      Tell that to all the people whose health could have been destroyed by consuming that amount of cocaine.

      Someone may pay violently for that much cocaine being lost to law enforcement. It may be just a matter of time as that is an inherent risk that goes with this illicit activity.

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    • Hmmm says:

      500-1k to store that is crazy,……hmm…….do they have a business card????? Not for me mind you 🤣😂

  12. SMH says:

    The police and DPP need to stop over rating the value of these bust. If a kilo was worth $101,064 in the BVI, everyone might of been into it. If drugs was caught in the BVI, why are the police and the DPP hype these cases with the top world value? Will these cases be prosecuted in these countries where they are getting these street values from? No!!

  13. Not happy WS says:

    Maybe the smiths will not be happy. Man in power

  14. 172? says:

    What im wondering is where are the other 28 bricks? Who move 172? Had to have been 200 and now 28 missing…

  15. Sam says:

    Everybody who commenting yuh moda is ah bad thinggg!!!!!

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  16. Maybe says:

    Let him go. This is typical island behavior, accepting stuff you know nothing about from a friend. Look at the number of consultancies gov’t hands out. People who get them have no idea what they are or what they should do, they just take them from friends that give it to them and don’t even question the money they get for doing nothing. Ask CSC, old pro right there.

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