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Seek help, Tittle urges persons thinking suicide

Henderson Tittle

Henderson Tittle

The schoolboy who recently was admitted to Peebles Hospital for a number of days following a suicide attempt has been released from the medical facility located in Road Town.

The youngster tried to take his life after reportedly having a fallout with a female friend.

Meanwhile, commenting on the general issue of suicide, religious minister and president of a well-known mentorship group called MALE, Henderson Tittle, urged persons who feel suicidal to understand that there is always help available.

He added that parents should ensure they develop a close relationship with their children.

“I want to say to the parents, please pay attention. Pay attention and try to develop a good relationship with your son or your daughter. By doing so, firstly, when they are struggling, if you are paying attention, you would recognize it because you will see their moods and different habits start to develop and change. Then you begin to question it. Pay attention.”

“Secondly, that relationship will help the children to feel free to come and talk to you. Most of the times when young folks do stuff like this (attempt suicide) it is because they are looking for a sense. Because they cannot find that sense, they find other alternatives. Paying attention doesn’t mean being your child’s best friend, because that’s not your place. But try and develop a friendship – try and develop a relationship with your child,” added Tittle, who is a minister at the New Life Baptist Church.

Turning to persons who may be contemplating suicide, the founder of MALE (Mentoring Anointed Leaders Everywhere) noted that there are various ways in which persons can have their problems ventilated and solved.

“Find someone who you respect and admire, and there are role models who you can try to adopt some of their ways, and find out from them how they deal with situations.”

“I remember when my first girlfriend left me, I cried. I was just turning 19 at that time. Then I said, ‘OK this will pass’. I am glad it happened then, because now I have my wife of 22 years. And, if my girlfriend at that time didn’t leave me, then I would not have looked for an alternative. Sometimes some things happen for the best. So, find someone who you can talk to and let them know what you are going through. Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t die in silence. Find someone who you can talk to,” Tittle further advised.

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