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Seeking $25K | Crash victim in critical condition at hospital as he turns 30

Traffic crash victim Keron Andrews.

Keron Andrews, the young man who was involved in a near-fatal accident in Paraquita Bay late last Friday is now soliciting the assistance of crowdfunding to foot his hospital bills that have amounted to $25,000.

The St Vincenti native who resides in Diamond Estate, Tortola, was one of two major accident victims which occurred hours apart.

The other victim, Guyanese Reon Stephen, succumbed to the injuries he sustained along the James Walter Francis Highway (dual carriageway) in the wee hours of Saturday, February 1.

Go Fund Me

In light of his injuries, a GoFundMe account was organised for Andrews on Tuesday, February 4.

It said: “Keron Andrews is a kind soul who was involved in a terrible car accident on January 31, 2020. He has been fighting for his life in the Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital, Tortola, BVI and was able to be airlifted to Southern Medical in Trinidad on February 4, 2020.”

It continued: “February 5, 2020, is Keron’s 30th birthday. Keron is a good man, a son, and a friend to so many, but the financial burden of this long road will be too much for him and his family to overcome alone. Please consider donating any amount you are able. Your help will allow Keron to come out of this stronger and able to return to a life he was just beginning. He continues to fight for his life and has a long process of surgeries ahead of him before he can begin to recover.”

Up to press time, some 20 persons collectively donated $3,260 to the cause.

Although the extent of his injuries and the medical operations that would be required for Andrews was not revealed, Andrews is said to need a “life-saving surgery”.

To donate, follow this Andrews’ GoFundMe page.

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  1. Caribbean Diaspora says:

    Time to give what we can to help out.

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  2. Really says:

    The good Christian territory of the BVI are not going to come to the assistance of a fellow offspring of slaves? No help your your fellow man? The good hospital is going to let the man die? If he’s from another island and working here he should have the farce called NHI. You people sicken me. Where is the auto insurance. Are they hiding and refusing to pay like during the hurricanes?

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    • Bruce says:

      This has nothing to do with slaves. We are all slaves to these greedy corrupt politicians. Everything else that you say is true. And we need to help this young man.

  3. Me says:

    The family needs to say what his injuries are so people can know how to assist. There may be surgeons willing to do pro bono surgery (for no cost) but what is his condition? At this point if you are seeking public assistance then give the public information.

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  4. Bruce says:

    What is NHI for?

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    • Love for my Country says:

      NHI can only be applicable id he is insured with it. Can you confirm if he was insured with NHI?

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    • Anonymous says:

      That’s why NHI broke, the cost of something like this is way more than the current lifetime contributions. Then it’s no guarantee that anybody will live out the rest of their days in the BVI to contribute to minimize the losses or make a profit. With a small population like ours it has an even bigger negative effect.

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  5. Christian Community says:

    Where are the churches when people need help. I guess the church offerings collected are just for the pastors and first ladies to use at their own disposable to go on cruises and trips when some of their own members are struggling financially. Additionally, where is the ST. Vincent association ????

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    • MIgoman says:

      Well said, we have in excess of 30 churches all over the territory. At 800 dollars a piece, theres your 25k

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      • Hmm says:

        You will be surprised… that’s exactly how the churches think. We have 50 members if each give a donation of $5 each we will have enough money to pay off this debt… problem solved! To God be the Glory! Some pass around collections twice!

    • Soo says:

      My opinion is if this young lad did not go to church when he was on his feet to give a weekly or monthly contribution why should the church financially assist. All churches are function by monitory contributions and donations.

      No one should sit and say what and how much the churches should give.

  6. Well says:

    Don’t talk about our churches. I struggle to attend. They are a disappointment. Here is a suggestion church leaders: if you have a council which I think you do. You need to organize a foundation where a portion of your tides and offerings (10 percent) go and persons in the community in need can apply for assistance.

    If that means driving smaller generic cars, building more modest homes to live in, taking less trips, building smaller churches, or receiving no salaries then make that sacrifice.

    Many of us are in violation of Gods Words:

    But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? brethren, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:17-18

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  7. ??? says:

    Am not saying the churches should not help. STOP IT. Only when it is financial help. When the churches have revivals why not make a plea and ask the people to attend to help the most important part of their life (SOUL)

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