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Select categories of riders exempt from policy banning bikes after 5pm

The three-week ‘5 pm to 5 am’ ban placed on local bikes will not apply to a select category of riders while they are travelling to or from work.

This was the indication outlined in the Road Traffic (Restriction of Use of Motor Cycle) Regulations published in government’s official newsletter, the Gazette, on Thursday, June 4.

These categories of riders include security guards employed by a private security service provider, Customs and Immigration officers, as well as persons employed in the essential services.

Section 2 of the Virgin Islands Labour Code defines ‘essential services’ as workers employed in the police service, prison service, Water & Sewerage services, Fire & Rescue Service, electricity generation & distribution services, telecommunication services, healthcare providers, transportation services, and port services.

Penalty of up to $3K

In the meantime, the specific biking regulation states that “no person shall, between the hours of 5 pm to 5 am daily, drive a motorcycle on any road.”

The gazetted document further said persons who contravene this regulation “commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction (a conviction in the Magistrate’s Court) to a fine not exceeding $3,000”.

In a statement on Wednesday, Premier Andrew Fahie said the move is “for the safety and convenience” of the bikers and the wider public.

Mixed reactions

Since the announcement of the ban, there have been mixed reactions from the public. Some have condemned the decision while others have applauded the government but said the life of the policy was too short.

The ban will cease to apply on June 25, 2020.

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  1. Jim says:

    Good! I am glad. They are just up and down breaking traffic laws, making noise, it is so annoying. Leave the Ban on please.

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    • The Bee says:

      Just listened to some wanker race up and down through West End on a very, very, loud motorbike for ten minutes – after 5pm.
      No weeping if these were banned entirely. None. They earned what they got and more

  2. Town says:

    I never realize what real peace feel like in years, was so used to the noise

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  3. BuzzBvi says:

    Finally a step towards a civilised society. A step in the right direction.

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  4. Here goes... says:

    Seems they are also exempt from helmets by the look of the pictures…

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  5. THINK says:

    I think the ban should be for the noisy Bikes only.

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  6. Belonger says:

    Good move Andrew. Next move should be to remove all those bikes that have been modified to terrorize neighborhoods.

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    • Thor says:

      Just remove the bikes that have a muffler. My bike has less noise than many cars. I use my bike for normal transportation and I drive responsible.

      • Observer says:

        I assume you meant remove the bikes that “DONT” have a muffler; in which case I could agree with you

  7. Haycraft says:

    I was able to sleep like a baby last night. Let it be a permanent nightly ban. Thanks VIP. Good looking out.

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  8. Believe me ... says:

    Wow what peace of mind I had last night. What a peaceful evening. This just shows us one thing. The modified mufflers need to be remove from all bike. For this of us who have traveled to other counties where the use of motor bike are prevalent. Do you realize the noise problem is only common here in the BVI. I have not seen or heard this in any other country. Why can’t we get the problem under control. Why can’t a gov official serious address this problem?

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  9. Online Now says:

    I’m sure a ban won’t be possible long term but laws must start to be followed and those breaking them punished. Of the 3 photos above, 2 riders aren’t wearing helmets. Prosecute them! Install CCTV at the lights and prosecute those running red signals.

    Also, deal with those that have modified to make the bikes noisier. Let’s take the Territory back from these noisy trouble makers whilst allowing the responsible riders to carry on in peace.

  10. Fire says:

    Chief, yo boi needs to wear a helmet

  11. Thor says:

    Banning things has never worked. This is ridiculous!

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