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Senhouse finally reaches court for 2013 incident

Marlon Senhouse

Roughly four years after he allegedly committed various offences against members of the police force, Marlon Senhouse finally has been called before the Magistrate’s Court to answer the eight charges.

Senhouse pleaded not guilty to failing to stop at the sound of a siren, using threatening language, disorderly conduct, reckless and negligent act endangering human life, resisting arrest, indecent language, failing to comply with orders given by police, and driving without a seatbelt.

Allegations are that a member of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force was on mobile patrol in Road Town on the afternoon of June 15, 2013 when he allegedly noticed Senhouse driving without seatbelt.

The cop signalled Senhouse to stop, but the accused man reportedly continued to drive.

The police officer followed Sehhouse into a parking lot.

Allegations are that Senhouse tried to force himself back into traffic, but he could not do so. He abandoned his vehicle and started to walk away.

The lawman instructed Senhouse to remain where he was, but the accused allegedly ran behind Bolo’s store and disappeared.

The cop sought assistance from another police officer.

They then spotted the accused man running back to his vehicle.

When instructed to stop, Senhouse allegedly told the police officers: “F*** you, I’m not stopping.”

It is further alleged that he tried to mow down one of the cops, who had to jump out of the way to avoid being struck.

While Senhouse reportedly tried to abscond, his vehicle wheels got stuck among some electrical pipes. He tried to reverse, but could not do so.

The police then held the accused man, who allegedly began to put up a resistance.

“Let me the f*** go. Why don’t you go catch them murderers?” Senhouse reportedly told the police.

It is also alleged that he threatened the police, saying: “I going to kill one of all you mother s***t.”

Senhouse was eventually subdued and charged. It is not clear why the matter is only now being mentioned in the court. Senhouse’s next court date is July 14.

Previous case

It is not the first time Senhouse is appearing before the court in relation to an incident involving police.

In 2014, then Magistrate Velon John found him not guilty of assaulting a police officer. But he was found guilty of giving false name to police, using insulting language, and resisting arrest during an incident in the Brandywine Bay area in September 2012.

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